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catholic Please Explain the Magic in Narnia and Middle Earth
Read the books; do not watch the movies

catholic For Introductions, Who Takes the First Step, Man or Woman?
Follow the old rules & avoid the egalitarian dating game

catholic Are Talking Animals in Children's Books Good?
The important role of wholesome folklore and fairy tales

catholic To Read or Not to Read The Mystical City of God?
Never was a book so scrutinized and so firmly approved

catholic Three Questions about the Christ Child of Pichincha
A moving testimony by a reader

catholic How to Fight the 'Toy Mentality' with Babies at Mass?
Dealing with the tendency of adults to make babies the center of attention

catholic What to Do: A Daughter at Loyola & a Son at Home?
Suggestions for dealing with older children without a strong CR formation

catholic What are the links between Our Lady of Good Success in Quito & Madrid?
The same title given in the same time period, but some differences

catholic Where to Find Appropriate Counter-revolutionary Dress for Women?
It takes effort, but elegant, modest garments can be found

catholicWhat Statue Most Resembles Our Lady of Fatima?
Jacinta affirmed the closest similarity was Our Lady of Sameiro

catholicIs There a Prayer or Feast day for La Conquistadora?
A prayer, her novena of Masses, annual Festival, & large wardrobe

catholicShould Boys with Feminine Tendencies Be Corrected?
Correction is not only good but necessary for their proper formation

catholicIs the Blue Scapular Linked to the Conceptionists?
Our Lady gave it to Ven. Ursula Benincasa, founder of the Theatine nuns

catholic Could You Recommend Good Medieval History Books?
Suggestions for reading material on the Age of Faith

catholicAbout Monarchy and Democracy
Finding good Catholic history textbooks for your children

catholicHow Does a Mother Teach Obedience to Young Children?
On setting boundaries for your children

catholicAre Students Less Educated Today than 50 Years Ago?
About the decay of American education

catholicHow Should Deacons Be Addressed?
Addressing deacons and formal written closings for Prelates

catholicWho Should Learn Etiquette First: The Parents or the Children
A reader asks about a courtesy class for girls

catholicWhere Can I Find Stories that Teach Catechism?
Sources for exempla and other stories that teach catechism

catholicBoys and GI Joe Dolls
A mother questions her instinct to reject GI Joe-type dolls for her sons

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