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Do I Owe Blind Obedience to the Pope?

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Dear TIA,

I have been making my way from the Novus Ordo to the Traditional Mass and Faith. As with most folks, it has not been a smooth transition, especially within my family. We keep coming back to endless discussions on obedience to Christ’s Vicar on earth, and what to do in these confusing times. When I try to explain that I see conflict between the consistent teaching of the pre-Conciliar popes, and what has come from Rome since Vatican II, and that we don’t owe blind obedience on all matters unless declared infallibly, I am told that it is not my place to question the pope, since I am not a theologian.

The discussion gets further heated when it is pointed out that my questioning of Christ’s Vicar borders on questioning the Divine Providence of God, and is slippery slope to Protestantism, since we are to believe all things are from God, if man doesn’t understand it at present. Even as the Imitation of Christ exhorts us, we are not to question the ways of God, Who handles all things when He pleases, and as He pleases.

Can someone help me get some clarity over this very troubling question? Am I just to work on my own salvation, and not worry about all these other issues of confusion in modern Church?

     Sincerely in Christ,


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Fr. Stephen Somerville responds:

Dear J.P.,

The Editor of TIA website found my answer to you as being worthy of posting in another section. So, please, click here to read it.

     In Christ Jesus,

     Fr. Stephen Somerville

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 1, 2006

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