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catholicDr. Marian Horvat answers questions on using Catholic symbols in fashion

1.    What impact does the portrayal of religious imagery in fashion have on the Catholic Faith?
2.    Is the use of religious imagery for adornment purposes against the teachings of the Faith?
3.   Does the use of religious imagery in fashion have a negative or positive impact on society’s perception of the Faith?
4.    What age group of people would be most offended by the use of religious imagery in fashion?
5.    Could there be any positive outcomes from Catholic designers using their faith as inspiration behind their collections?
6.    Which is the stronger and more influential institution: religion or fashion? Why?
7.    Are pop icons like Madonna and Lady Gaga the way forward in spreading the beliefs and views of religion?
8.   What are your opinions on this Dolce and Gabbana ad campaign?

catholic The editor of Exposing Marxism in the Church interviews Dr. Carol Byrne on Dorothy Day

1.    Why do you contest the decision of the American Bishops to promote the canonization of Dorothy Day?
2.    What was the nature of her “flirtation” with the Communist Party?
3.   Why is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops a "little more than a left-wing coalition," as you say?
4.    What can and should Catholics do about the process of making Dorothy Day a saint?
5.    Could you name the conservatives who are ignoring the truth about Dorothy Day?
6.    Was Dorothy Day against abortion? Did she take any pro-life position?
7.    Is there anything Catholics can do about the political orientation of the Bishops’ Conference?

catholicThe editor of Catholic Family News interviews A. S. Guimarães on Will He Find Faith?

1.    Please tell us about your new book. How does it fits into your 11-volume Collection?
2.    Why didn't you publish volumes II and III?
3.    What do you mean when you say that the Faith was always an objective ensemble of truths, but since the Council it is considered subjective?
4.    What do you mean by the Faith now being relative rather than absolute?
5.    What about the universality of the Faith, valid for men rather than for particular situations?
6.    How has the expression of the Faith changed to being based on and adapted to history from being based on immutable dogma?
7.    Where in Vatican II are these errors put forward explicitly?
8.    Why did you devote a considerable section of the book to the development of Modern Philosophy?
9.    Could you explain the ambiguous phrase "theology of Communion"?
10.    Can you tell us the meaning of the title, Will He Find Faith? Also, the picture on the cover?

catholicAn interview with Marian T. Horvat about The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana

1.    What were some of the prophecies and have they been realized?
2.    Did Our Lady mention the Pope specifically with regard to the general apostasy of the Church in our times?
3.    Why do you think Our Lady said she would reserve knowledge for this revelation for the 20th century?
4.    Have the life and prophecies of Mother Mariana been studied by Church authorities?
5.    What do you think are the most impressive parts in this work by Fr. Manuel Pereira?
6.    Would you say some final words to readers of this interview?

catholicQuestions from readers on the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?
1.    Where are Volumes II and III of the 11-volume Collection?
2.    Why were the Special Editions added to the Collection?
3.    What about the two collaborative works We Reist You to the Face and An Urgent Plea: Do Not Change the Papacy. Are they part of the Collection?
4.    Are the published volumes available in hardback editions?
5.    How long did it take to write the Collection?
6.    What is the significance of the title Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?
7.    Would you list the unpublished titles of the Collection?
8.    What is the next edition to be released?
9.    Why is there a warning on your site about TAN and the publication of some of your books?

catholicBasic Questions on Our Lady of Good Success
1.    Is this a new apparitions? Has it been approved by the Church?
2.    What do these revelations talk about
3.    Who was Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, the nun who received those revelations?
4.    Why haven't I heard of these apparitions until recently?
5.    What is the origin of the invocation?
6.    How is the devotion spreading today?
7.    Why is the quality of the statue of the Infant Jesus different?
8.    Is this devotion the same as Our Lady of Sorrows in Quito?
9.    What is meant by the words "good success"?
10.    When is the miraculous statue on display to the public?

catholicKatolic Revue from the Czech Republic interviews A. S. Guimarães on Different Topics
1.   When did you begin your writing against Modernism and the situation in the Church?
2.   When did you begin to write the 11-volume Collection? Could you mention the theologians you interviewed and an example of the topics you discussed with them?
3.   Would you apply the words of Our Lady at Fatima "The dogma of faith will be preserved in Portugal" to the diocese of Campos in Brazil?"
4.   What do you think about the "reconciliation" of the Fraternity of St. Jean Marie Vianney with Rome?
5.   What do you think about the so-called “indult” given to traditionalist priests?
6.   What is your relationship with the SSPX?
7.   Do you think that the current crisis in the Catholic Church will be ended by the human factor?
8.   Could you explain what you mean by the terms conservative, traditionalist and counter-revolutionary?
9.   What do you think about the actions and works of Fr. Nicolas Gruner?

catholicThe editor of L.A. Mission interviews A. S. Guimarães on his book Quo Vadis, Petre?
1.   Did the October 1999 pan-religious meeting in any way encourage you to write Quo Vadis, Petre?
2.   Were your worries confirmed?
3.   Do you now have greater or less concern about the future of the Church's ecumenism?
4.   Is it clear that the "common martyrology" as proposed by the Pope is tantamount to canonization?
5.   What do you find wrong in the Pope's desire to make a "more just and honest portrait of Martin Luther?
6.   What is wrong with finding "points of convergence" between Protestants and Catholics?
7.   Does Vatican Council II really state that there is a possibility of salvation in the practice of innumerable religions?

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