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1992 Bishops, Zuckerberg & Reign of Mary

Bishops already Pro-Homo in 1992

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I recently came across this warning made by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira about a coming crisis caused by the homosexual revolution inside the Holy Church.

What is interesting is that this was in 1992 – before the explosion that took place in 2001 when The Washington Post published the first series on sodomite crimes inside the Church.

Prof. Plinio was commenting on an article about a Vatican letter to the American Bishops asking them to oppose Gay Rights Laws.

He pointed out that the resistance of the Bishops to condemn homosexuality was a symptom. He commented on the significance of that resistance:

“It represents a gradual, intelligent, well-done preparation to accustom a growing number of Catholics to making the problem of homosexuality a topic of free-choice.”

He continued analyzing the general and universal soft resistance to homosexuality inside the Church further on:

“And the adversary, the homosexual offensive – which today is already a chapter of the R-CR fight – is advancing, quite certain that nothing will happen to it stop it. Because in this climate of fearful impunity, of ineffective impunity, something may happen to us if we take a strong stance against homosexuality, but nothing will happen to homosexuals.”

These were forewarnings, but no one was paying attention; especially those Prelates INSIDE the Church.

     P.H., Brazil


No to Rigid Ideological Positions

Dear TIA,

In his Christmas speech to the officials of the Roman Curia, Francis instructed the Cardinals that “rigid ideological positions” can be an obstacle to “moving forward.”

I heard that it is fear of the pope (and therefore, advancement in his career – he’s still waiting for the red hat) that was the underlying reasons of the Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez to take the Latin Mass from the Norbertines. Last I heard, there will be no more daily Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul, and those committed to it are being driven “underground.”

The Underground Church today is no longer only in China, it is around the world, and I think it is going to get worse as the V2 Church “moves forward.”


Pope Francis with Cardinals

Francis addressing the Prelates of the Roman Curia


Zuckerberg Is Building a $270M Bunker in Hawaii


I keep in my memory this phrase of a seer, whose name I have forgotten:

“The enemies of God will hide in the mountains, but God will laugh at them.”

It came to my mind when I read this news report – “Mark Zuckerburg Is Reportedly Building Himself a $270 Million Survivalist Compound in Hawaii” – which tells us that the plans for the prepper-ready property, called Koolau Ranch, include two mansions joined by a tunnel that leads to an underground bunker.

There is still another article on the same subject matter, here

Should we consider this as a symptom of the gravity of the international situation? Perhaps. If it were it would make sense. A WWIII would be coming and the rats are abandoning the ship.

At any rate, I thought TIA would like to know about it.

     In Jesu et Maria,



What about Sede-Vacantism?


Good evening, my name is F.F. and I am writing from Italy. I would like to know what you think about sedevacantism.

Thank you,


TIA responds:


We are against sede-vacantism, which is an ally of Progressivism.

TIA has an entire section on our site dedicated to answering and refuting the main tenets of sede-vacantism. You can peruse it here.

Our position is one of resistance, which you can also read about here.

We hope this answers your question.


     TIA correspondence desk


Death Preparation


Re: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Huge! When I read the Words of Her, I was taken aback. I was deprived of Catholic formation by satan. Except for what I got from 1st grade Sister, Dad, Grandma. I knew and believed all dogmas on Mary.

But, I had no extent of Her influence, power. And how in the world could She know anything about me, except the bare minimum. I mean she is the Queen of Heaven, Saints, Angels and 6 billion, 20% Catholic. I mean, how would She know anything substantive about me?

Her words to appease the fear of Juan Diego immediately changed that.



Mystical City of God Predicts the Reign of Mary

Dear TIA,

This morning, I was reading The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mother Maria of Agreda (Volume 2, Book 1, Chapter 28) and encountered a marvelous passage that seems to predict the coming of the Reign of Mary:

“I have been informed of a great mystery, which affords us consolation in this conflict of the holy Church against her wicked enemies. Namely, on account of this triumph of most holy Mary [against the devil] and on account of another, which She gained over the demons after the Ascension of our Lord, the Almighty, in reward of her battles, decreed, that through her intercession and virtue all the heresies and sects of the world against the holy church were to be destroyed and extinguished. The time appointed for this blessing was not made known to me; probably, the fulfillment of this decree is dependent upon some tacit and unknown condition.

“Yet I am sure, that if the Catholic princes and their subjects would seek to please this great Queen of heaven and betake themselves to her intercession as being their especial Patroness and Protectress, and if they would direct all their influence and riches, all their power and sovereignty toward the exaltation of the faith and the honor of God and of purest Mary (for this may perhaps be the condition imposed), they would be as it were the instruments, by which the infidels would be refuted and vanquished, the sects and errors infesting the world would be repressed, and the splendid and magnificent victories would be gained for the Catholic truth”

I believe there must be a connection between Our Lady’s revelations to Venerable Mary of Agreda and those given to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres. Just as Our Lady of Good Success promised, there will be an era of peace, when heresies and false sects will be destroyed. As this passage mentions, Our Lady has already triumphed against the devils and secured victory for us.

Unfortunately, we no longer have Catholic princes who are fighting to repress error. However, those of us in the Counter-Revolution should take this as an opportunity to pray for Our Lady’s glorious intercession.

     In Maria,

Posted December 26, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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