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Slipping a Mickey & Devil Out of Mass

Is This Not the Chastisement?


Re: TIA Mail - NSA, Murky Synod & Bodybuilders

So I know about Quito, LaSallette, Fatima. I keep hearing about a chastisement.

So, Roncalli thru Francis, new mass, Vatican II, covid depopulation/ enslavement plan...

That hasn't done it?

What more is coming? The Middle Ages look better all the time.



Slipping a Mickey


In reading today's entry about Dr. Mercola's article on damage from covid booster shots, it put me in mind of an old saying we used in years gone by.

Whenever someone drank something which tasted odd, he would say, "I think someone slipped me a Mickey". A Mickey Finn (or simply Mickey) is a slang term for a drink laced with a drug (especially chloral hydrate) given to someone without their knowledge in order to incapacitate them. Serving someone a Mickey Finn is most commonly referred to as slipping a mickey, sometimes spelled "slipping a mickie".

So, is this what Big Pharma and their cohorts have done to millions around the world? Slipped us all a 'Mickey' ? I am fortunate not to be among the vaccinated and I think we need to pray for those who have been.



Original Divine Mercy Image

Dear TIA,

After Daily Mass, some members of our Parish say the Rosary followed by the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

My wife and I stay for the Rosary but leave after it has been said as we do not support the devotion of Divine Mercy, mainly due to your excellent articles on problems associated with excerpts from Sr. Faustina's lengthy tome.

This may have been pointed out before but perhaps bears repeating:

The original painting of Our Lord per this devotion does NOT have wounds in His hands; His feet are partially covered, but there is NO sign of the wound in His side. Lack of His wounds undercuts His death for our salvation, negating the Truth that His suffering gives life to those who follow His commands.

Another reason illustrating that this devotion is not from Heaven.

     In Our Lady,



Crucial Video on Covid Vaccines

Dear Friends,

This video with Dr. Peter McCullough is crucial and authoritative to help us survive by avoiding the Covid vaccine.

Please distribute it widely.

     Sincerely in Christ,



Donating Body for Science


I'm writing to you from France and I hope my English isn't too bad.

I've been following your site for a long time and I need a Catholic opinion.

After my death I'm thinking of donating my body to science for teaching and research purposes. Do you think this is possible or is it the same as organ donation which I'm not considering?

Thank you in advance for your answer; thank you for your work.

     Best regards.


TIA responds:


Thank you for being a long time reader.

We believe that to donate your body for science is not a good idea.

We know cases where the bodies in such donations end in a Medicine School, and there they are used by students to train surgery techniques. The corpses in these surgery rooms are not treated with respect. Quite the opposite: they are brought to the surgical tables as mere pieces of anatomy. Their organs and members are cut and sawn at will by the professors, practitioners and students.

We believe the dead human body should be an object of respect and treated with dignity as it awaits the resurrection at the Final Judgment when it will be rejoined to its soul forever in eternal life.

We hope you will reconsider your idea.


     TIA correspondence desk


No Mention of the Devil in the Mass

Dear TIA,

I recently listened to a talk by Fr. Gregory Hesse found here, in which he stated that the table used in the Novus Ordo is officially called the "Altar of Man" by the Pope.

He also claimed that Pope Paul VI removed every mention of the Devil from the changeable parts of the Novus Ordo, but of course, this would not include the Gospel and Epistle readings.

Are both these claims correct?

When did the table first replace the high altar officially?

     In Mother Mary,


Dr. Byrne responds:

Dear M.R.,

I have never come across any evidence of the Novus Ordo table being called the "Altar of Man," although it does make perfect sense in the circumstances of Paul VI's Reform.

Paul VI did remove references to the Devil and Hell from the Propers of the Mass. Whether this was done comprehensively I could not guarantee. A frequent example is the reference to the diabolica contagia (defilements of the Devil). We had that one recently in the Collect of the 17th Sunday after Pentecost.

Another example is the feast of St Camillus of Lellis which mentions the "enemy" as a synonym for Satan (the adversary).

The feast of St Nicholas mentions the fires of Hell, as does the Dies Irae - both were "sanitized" in the Novus Ordo reform.

There is also the example of the suppression of the Leonine prayers after Mass which mention the "wickedness and snares of the Devil," and St. Michael himself who combats and overcomes the Devil.

I'm sure there must be more, but I at this moment I cannot give an exhaustive list.

As for the introduction of the table to replace the high altar, the rubrics are ambiguous on this. Bugnini issued an Instruction in 1964 to say that permission was given for this to take place to facilitate Mass facing the people. The General Instruction of 1969/70 says the same. But whether and when it was officially mandated is not clear. "Officially" seems to mean anything the Bishops want to happen.

     With kind regards,

     Carol Byrne, Ph.D.

Posted October 12, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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