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Demonic Enemies & Dancing Nuns

Different Context

Dear TIA,

I recently read D.S's question regarding the Novus Ordo. I have struggled with this question myself, and I found your response to be thoughtful and well-written.

I would like to add that all Church documents must be properly contextualized. For instance, the quote from the Council of Trent was a response to Protestant "reformers" like Luther, who saw the Mass as inherently evil.

The quote was referring to the ceremonies of the Mass as they were that time, and no one could have foreseen the dramatic change that was the Novus Ordo. In fact, when Pope St. Pius V codified the Mass of the Ages (only a few years after the Council of Trent ended), he made it clear that this version of the liturgy would remain until the end of time.

     In Christ,



Good Success & Gloucester's Witches


Dear Dr. Horvat,

Several months ago I came across Tradition in Action’s YouTube channel and watched your videos about Our Lady of Quito, which were very interesting, very edifying and somewhat sobering.

Prinknash Abbey lies a few miles from the small city of Gloucester. In this part of England there are many witches, pagans, etc., for reasons known perhaps only to the pagans themselves, but anyone who has eyes to see and the will to perceive and to understand is aware that the witches and others are increasingly visible in the centre of Gloucester. Furthermore there are more and more businesses which profess to support and even celebrate the notorious phenomenon of, “Pride.” Neither Catholics not the local Anglican clergy take the matter seriously; their spiritual stupor is to me baffling.

I hesitate to write this letter as we have not met, nor are we ever likely to meet, but I would like to express my gratitude for your work and I hope that your attempts to teach the Church about Our Lady of Good Success will, Deo volente, help to save many souls. “Exhort one another every day, as long as it is called today.” (Heb. 3:13)

Please be assured of my prayers.

     In Christ,

     Br. M.J., OSB, England


Middle Ages & Organic Society

Dear TIA / to whom it may concern,

I am a traditional Catholic and I enjoy reading your articles especially those on the Middle ages topics.

I can see you have a section on your website on the topic of Organic Society; I am wondering please if you have any books/ hard cover copies on Organic Society / Middle Ages topics. If not, do you plan to publish anything on those topics in book form?

     Many thanks,

     K.F., Australia

TIA responds:

Dear K.F.,

Thank you for your support.

Aside from the some 100 articles on Organic Society, we have published a first study on the topic titled Society of Souls, which gives the fundaments for any Organic Society, either past or future. It is available to the public and can be downloaded at this link.

Since you are interested in Organic Society, you may benefit greatly from it.


     TIA correspondence desk


Battle against Demonic Enemies

Always remembered Mr. Atila,

I would like you to know the high consideration I have for your work. I picture it as a battle – not fictitious or imaginary, but real – with crusaders energetically swinging their swords here and there and cutting the necks of their demonic enemies. This is how I see the majority of TIA's postings.

Since I participate in several groups of WhatsApp and Telegram, I often receive videos, news and photos portraying the most shameless Satanism, with many people awaiting the physical coming of the Devil to adore him. It is impressive!

One of these days I watched an old video of Prof. Plinio and I left a comment expressing my gratitude for the exemplary life he led, from which I greatly benefited. And for the path of salvation to which he pointed me when he spoke of Our Lady as the Gate of Heaven.

Now, you speak of Our Lady of the Victory and TIA has taught the extraordinary devotion to Our Lady of Good Success. Thank you, Mr. Atila.

May she cover us with the mantle of the Mother of All Mercies.

     N.G.P., Brazil


Reactions to TIA's Videos on Civility

Below are two sets of reactions by people receiving our short videos on YouTube and Instagram.

S.B. - TIA Social Media

Re: Chapter 3: The Spirit of Order
  • I like it that Tradition in Action is taking care to attend to basic Christian Culture when everybody is stuck up on the Latin Mass Liturgy. Even though they have been accused of Anti-Clericalism (of which I think there is some truth), I think the whole Vatican II banner is old now. Whoever hasn't accepted that the Second Vatican Council is evil, is still fighting with the wind.

    The rest of the good people who are ready to move on should begin to reform their souls, bodies and societies around them with the graces they get from the True Mass, in making it more Christian, and to restore ALL things in Christ. Not just the Liturgy, but ALL things. I have learned a lot about normal basic Christian living from their articles on their website, which I had no idea of, being an African faced with pagan traditions.
    W.C.B. - YouTube

  • Perfect! Thank you! "Peace is the tranquility of order!" Saint Augustine
    A.S. - YouTube

  • Thank you for posting!
    A.N. - YouTube

  • This is true… I wish I’d learned as a child the real beauty and importance of order instead of just as an empty obligation that make me wanted to rebel… which I did, sadly… But is never too late to find truth again… thank you.
    D.S. - Instagram

Re: Chapter 7: The Smile and the Laugh
  • I don’t know, I have ADHD and I like to laugh a lot. If I govern every single aspect of my body language and etc that sounds more like a fake me than a respectful Catholic man.
    M.T.C. - Instagram

  • F.E. replies to M.T.C.
    Perhaps you have misunderstood the post. Laughter and smiles are a natural and lovely part of life, but, as with everything, we must exercise prudence and behave with dignity. Life is serious, and we must take it seriously instead of turning it into a joke.

  • M.T.C. replies to F.E.
    Oh, I agree then. I thought he was saying not to smile or laugh unless I’m in private.

  • F.E. replies to M.T.C.
    I see. I don’t think that was the message the post intended to convey


Nuns Required Learn Dance

Dear TIA,

The nuns pictured below are supposedly learning how to "socialize" with the congregation before professing their solemn vows. This learning to dance is allegedly required by their formation as a discipline, among many others. These and other data can be read on this news report by Eagle Online.

This recreation creates a worldly atmosphere for the religious life of these nuns, quite different from the life of suffering and sacrifice that used to characterize the lives of the Spouses of Christ before Vatican II.

I don’t understand how these nuns and most Catholics don't discern that this is a different religion that kidnapped the Catholic Church.

Watch the video here.


Dancing nuns


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 23, 2022

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