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Perverting Toddlers, Insane Bill & Kolbe

Corrupting Toddlers


What Toddlers are being taught about being WOKE!

Watch here.

Oh my word (no pun intended). I think they ment 'kinki' rather than 'kiki.' Most of those words are concepts that a young person wouldn't even know, but indoctrinating them that way is very clever, but evil!!

Why does a toddler need to know this? Had to look up “voguing.”
Is this what our children and grandchildren are being taught? I hope not.



H.R. 3755 – It is Deadly & Insane


You have got to actually see this insane bill in print to believe it.

It’s currently before the House Rules Committee which will be in session by 12 noon today, September 21, 2021.

It’s refers to “person” or “persons” when addressing “women” and states further:

However, access to abortion services is critical to the health of every person capable of becoming pregnant. This Act is intended to protect all people with the capacity for pregnancy — cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender, and others — who are unjustly harmed by restrictions on abortion services.

The same House Rules Committee will be taking up the Registration of Women for the Draft Bill which we alerted you about earlier in a U.S. Coalition for Life emergency memo.

Note that H.R. 3755 has over 125 sponsors who uphold abortion till birth.

I fell upon H.R. 3755 when trying to find the House schedule for the Registration of Women for the Military Draft measure also before the Rules Committee which I hope you have already acted upon.

     Many thanks,

     Randy Engel, USCL


Are Clerics Supposed to Be Comics?

Dear Tradition in Action,

After my report on Irmã Greice Maria, I have since stumbled upon a Novus Ordo transitional deacon, Brother Gerardo of Orcutt, California who makes Tik Tok videos and posts on social media.

Like the “Media Nun” plague (religious women who use social media to blog their lives and/or “evangelize”), there are many priests, seminarians, and religious men (not just Novus Ordo!) who are active on social media.

I am sharing about Brother Gerardo today because he provides a typical example of a young Novus Ordo [to-be] priest on social media. He seems to have effeminate and homosexual tendencies, which are illustrated well by his Instagram page (@brothergerardo).

Brother Gerardo

Brother Gerardo from his Instagram posts (7/28/21 & 9/10/21). He is wearing a “hoodie” at left

As demonstrated below, his Instagram page (@brothergerardo) is a mixture of photos and videos from his personal life and from his life as a Novus Ordo deacon and to-be priest.

Brother Gerardo

Posts from Brother Gerardo’s Instagram (6/7/21, 7/25/21, & 3/19/21)

Brother Gerardo also has several “Catholic” memes on his Instagram (see below) and he generally lacks seriousness.

Brother Gerardo's Memes

Two of the many memes from Brother Gerardo's Instagram (4/22/21 & 2/23/21)

I will end by sharing just one of his many horrible clips from Tik Tok: click here. I believe this is part of a trend, or at least the music is.

If men like Brother Gerardo are supposed to be our “shepherds,” no wonder most people do not take the Church seriously! With men like these as our “priests,” I believe it is a miracle every time someone converts and does not abandon the Church today.

Thank you once again for all the work you do for Our Lady and the Counter-Revolution!

     In Jesu et Maria,



Maximilian Kolbe, a Model to be Followed

Dear Tradition in Action,

A poem I composed on the great Maximilian Kolbe, a model for our times.

     Kind regards,


No Greater Love.

No more for him, the joys of spring,
Or summer's gentle breeze,
Or autumn's hue, first winter's snow,
And elegant leafless trees.

Or to sit and watch the setting sun,
The Galaxies a- glow,
The Great Bear, Plough, the Milky Way,
Nature's star studded show.

No more the blackbird"s song to thrill,
Soothing, serene, forlorn,
The fox away, the bunny at play,
In a field of golden corn.

Nor to hear the cry of the infant babe,
As the cleansing water is poured,
Or young love's boast, on their wedding day toast,
To a future, where dreams are all stored.

No more the wisdom that comes with age,
With trials, happiness, and tears,
Golden memories of day's that are gone,
From hearts that are still young in years.

No more the Sacred Host to raise,
The greatest trial of all,
Heaven and earth in sweet embrace,
Creation bows in awe.

Auschwitz, death camp, '41
Maximilian Kolbe, his freedom gone,
Francis Gajowniczek, beside him stands,
Their future now, in the tyrant's hands.

From among the rows of those pityfull souls,
Pounding hearts came through,
As the surly guards walked swiftly past,
"You, and you, and you".

Francis stepped out, a desolate wretch,
For now he sensed the end,
But through his tears, he glimpsed again,
Maximilian, a forever friend.

He took his sentence upon himself,
His gift was total and free,
Amid the despair, St. Kolbe gave hope,
To Gajowniczek, and humanity.

Christy Bracken.

Posted September 28, 2021

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