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World Religion & Cured by Our Lady

Façade for the N.W.O.


Re: Italian church turned into vaccination center

Can it be any more obvious? The churches have become a façade for the New World Order false religion, devoid of all supernatural Faith!

The many that will go back to Church will be under the One World Religion, along with their Judas prelates, tragically!



40% of Marines Reject Vaccine


Please, pass on the report below to your readers.

Thank you for your good work.


Nearly 40% of Marines have rejected coronavirus vaccine as Dems call on Biden admin to make shots mandatory for troops – reports

Just shy of 40 percent of Marine Corps service members have refused to take the coronavirus jab, new data provided to the media shows. The revelation comes as Democratic lawmakers push to make the vaccine mandatory for soldiers.

Some 75,500 Marines have agreed to be vaccinated as of Thursday, while around 48,000 have declined the inoculation, CNN reported, citing numbers provided by the branch. That puts the rejection rate at 38.9%, slightly higher than the 33% rate for the whole military given by defense officials.

Marine spokeswoman Colonel Kelly Frushour explained that Marines may be refusing the shot for a number of reasons, including allowing others in more vulnerable groups to take it first, allergies to the vaccine or obtaining it by other, non-military means.

Read more here.


OLGS Cured Me of My 20-Year Nervous Disorder

Dear TIA,

I want to share with you a “good success” that Our Lady worked in my life, by helping me with my nervous disorder.

When I was 9-years-old, I got hair lice from some of the other girls at school. I remember my mother combing/cleaning my hair out, and her pulling out one hair, and the sensation of intense relief that it gave me. At that time, I was going through some sexual abuse at the hands of a family member, and the general nervous upbringing did not help my mental state.

After that one hair incident, I quickly got rid of the lice, but I developed a nervous disorder known as trichotillomania, (I think it is sometimes classified as an obsessive compulsive disorder), where the person pulls their hair out. It sounds terrible and even crazy, but it became something quite “normal” for me. I wouldn’t pull all my hair out, just one hair at a time (the hairs that “felt the best” to pull out, usually in two particular sections of my head). I would control myself from doing it in public (I was extremely ashamed of it), but at home it was something common for me.

I quickly developed large bald spots, and the habit became a point of contention in my family. My father didn’t know what to do, and my siblings would get extremely frustrated with me because of it. When my family members would tell me “stop”, I would feel a stronger urge to pull. It became almost uncontrollable.

Fast forward through high school and college, and the situation continued. I tried all manner of hiding my bald spots, so I could live a “normal” life, hiding my secret from people. I cut my hair very short to manage it, and the short hair might have helped for a time, but the habit would always restart, particularly during stressful times (which seemed to be quite often for me). The disorder became a huge source of shame for me, destroying any confidence I had and making me feel like I had no femininity because I was “forced” to cut my hair short to somewhat manage the disorder. I felt like a monster, damaged goods, useless.

I saw therapists, took medications (anti-depressants), but nothing seemed to help the “trich” (as they call the disorder). It was an uphill battle - sometimes I would be able to stop, but only for a few weeks, at most maybe a month or two. But it would always restart, and my frustration and desperation with myself would only grow.

I learned about Our Lady of Good Success, and I decided to pray the long novena with the specific intention for Our Lady to heal me of my disorder. I also had a good friend go to Quito, and asked my friend to take my rosary to touch it to the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success. This friend brought the rosary back after their trip, and I finished the novena. Every night I would touch my rosary to my head, asking Our Lady to please heal me from my trich, or at least for me to have the strength of will to stop.

To make a long story short, it has been two years and two months that I have not pulled, and the bald spots are gone. After I finished the novena two years ago, I was definitely tempted to pull, and would sometimes play with my hair like before (even though I would try to quickly tell myself to stop). Once I was playing with it and a hair accidentally came out (it was not intentional). But after that I got scared and promised I wouldn’t allow myself to even play with it, since that was how it would start. Since then, I have not pulled any hair out.

I consider this to be significant, considering I had been pulling my hair consistently throughout my life, that is, for twenty whole years, and I was never able to stop pulling for more than a month or two at the absolute maximum. I pray that I can continue like this for the rest of my life - I never want to pull again, and after this time without pulling, I can say the compulsive urge to pull seems to have gone away, something that is quite astonishing for me.

I don’t know if this could be a miracle, or if Our Lady simply made me want a miracle so badly that I somehow mustered the strength of will to stop... you can come to your own conclusions. But in any case, I believe Our Lady helped me.

I think it would be ungrateful if I were not to share this with you, so I am sharing it now. I pray that you gain something from my story, and I also pray that people learn to trust her and have confidence in her, since she is our Mother who loves and always cares for us, even in our little needs and miseries.

Thank you for all you do to spread devotion to Our Lady of Good Success.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 4, 2021

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