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Cremation, Communion & Pro-Vaccine Priests

Better in Purgatory than on Earth


Re: A Resurrected Man Chooses to Return to Purgatory

Wow, what an article! That's so cool! Hey, I think I agree with the soul in Purgatory who chose to return to make penance for his sins there rather than return to life.

I don't think I would want to return to this world after leaving it - too dangerous especially in this time of porn everywhere, gays becoming leaders, impurity, Novus disorder, I would stay in Purgatory.



God's Justice on Judas

Dear TIA,

Re: God's Justice and Judas - Part I by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

This needs to be put up on the site again. In view of Francis's take on Judas, this must be read.




Dear Atila and Marian and all,

Thank you for publishing this article on cremation.

It is a good reminder of Catholic facts on this topic.

I enjoy your wonderful topics and sharing true Catholic doctrine, faith, hope and charity.

     In Our Lady,



Right Time for Communion

Hello TIA,

What is the traditional Catholic teaching on when we should leave pew to go up receive Holy Communion during Mass?



TIA responds:

Hello K.B.,

After the priest from the altar turns to the pews and shows the Consecrated Host, saying the words: Ecce Agnus Dei, Ecce Qui tollis peccata mundi, those who are in conditions to receive Communion – that is, in the state of grace and observing the fasting time – can approach the Communion rail to kneel and receive Our Lord.

Regarding the moment to leave the pew to go to the Communion rail there are two different schools:
  1. In Latin countries the faithful approach without any particular order. They make a line in the center without a specific order regarding who should go first. As the line moves along, persons from different pews enter it as they wish. This system has the advantage of making those who do not go to Communion less visible and, therefore, it protects them from speculations of others about why they did not receive Communion.

  2. In Anglo-Saxon and German countries, the faithful approach the Communion rail orderly, pew by pew. In principle it is more organized than the first system, but it has the disadvantage of making it very obvious to all who is and who is not going to receive Communion. This system puts those persons who do not receive in the uncomfortable position of being the object of gazes and speculations.

    So, in some places the faithful have an understanding with the priest: When they are afraid others will consider them to be in mortal sin, they approach the Communion rail and kneel as if they were to receive Communion. But when the priest reaches them to give them the Host, they cross their arms over their chests to indicate that they cannot receive. The priest then goes on to the next person. This way only the priest knows those who are not in conditions to receive Communion.
We hope these explanations answer your question.


     TIA correspondence desk


Prophets of Doom & Gloom


I believe you would profit from reading the following comments by Vox Cantoris on a recent declaration by Canadian Priests for "Life" who aggressively endorse abortion-tainted "vaccines" and call those who oppose the vaccine "prophets of doom and gloom."


Priests for Life Aggressively Endorse the Vaccine

Vox Cantoris

With all due respect to Father Tom Lynch and the priests behind Priests for Life Canada, they've set a pretty low bar, no? I mean, how holy does one need to be, to be a priest for "Life?" Isn't every priest, everywhere, all the time, for "Life?" Father Frank Pavone's "Priests for Life" links to this Canadian organization on its web page. How are they associated?

Since they are for "Life" they advise you to take the CCP Virus genetic therapy to protect your "Life." They engaged in Jesuitical debate on the ethics of these experimental injections tested on or containing the stem cells of an aborted child in the same manner as the theological debate on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. How many twists has Father Pretzel put himself through to come to his conclusions? They are for "Life" but they discount the life of the baby murdered whose cells have been developed and used in testing or contained within these injections.

Those of us who have through our conscience, whom these same clerical cretins declare as supreme, and I must not sin against my conscience, after all; have been called by this Priest for Life, "prophets of doom and gloom," and that we "deny the reality of a worldwide pandemic," (not true) and the "gift of the newfound vaccine." We are accused of "manipulating the truth."

The pressure coming from Bergoglio, his Toronto minion Thomas Collins and these other so-called "theologians" to take these injections is straight out of Hell. They are forcing you to violate your conscience, a conscience they demand is supreme. They twist and turn so that you do not concern yourself with the abortion connection.

I am a simple man and I think using simple logic and I come to conclusions doing so. These clerics can opine that the "vaccines" are "remote cooperation with evil," or so distant from abortion, that it does not matter. This is a lie. Cooperation with evil is evil, even if it is, "remote." Why would I want to knowingly derive direct benefit from the murder of a child? - even putting all the associated issues that may result from the injection, aside.

A conversation with a friend last night is relevant here. He will take the shot on Sunday and berated me for not taking it. "Are you not afraid to die?" "You will end up in ICU!" I do not want to die before it is my time which God has already marked out. I will not be in ICU with the SARS-CoV-2, the CCP Virus because I will not go. I have already told Fox nearly a year ago, "If I get this and I am to die, I will die at home." The fact is, I am 99,9% certain that I already had it in December 2019. Vitamins, minerals, clean and organic food, common sense - a mask when necessary, washing, staying away from sick people, that is enough for me. I thought about something else said by another colleague, "What about your piece of mind that you will be safe? I responded. "My peace of mind would be greatly disturbed by what might happen from the injection more than the virus."

I have many sins in my life suitably shriven. Yet, I may have missed a few or may commit some again. At my particular judgment, the LORD will hold me to account for them but I will not have that little child stand there and tell Our sweet Jesus that I benefited directly and with full knowledge from her murder.

Priests for Life would call me a "Prophet of doom and gloom."

"So let it be written, so let it be done."

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 13, 2021

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