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Judas, Masks vs Cancer & France’s Vocation

Rehabilitating Judas

Dear TIA,

Re: Church of Judas

Rehabilitating Judas is a theme for the current Vatican.

I thought of that poor unfortunate when I read the Collect for Holy Thursday: “O God, from whom Judas received the punishment of his guilt, the thief, the reward of his confession...” Clearly the Church here in a liturgical prayer considers Judas to be lost.

And Acts 1:25 “Judas fell away to go to his own place.” Frightening!

Both the early Church and the Church of last Thursday evening believe that Judas was lost. Now Rome gives us the “Church of Judas,” as you wrote.



Masks Produce Lung Cancer

Dear TIA,

A new scientific study was released proving that prolonged mask use can cause lung cancer and immuno-deficiency.

You may check it for yourself here.



Trafficking Children


A ship had a malfunction in the Suez Canal and closed the Canal; the President of Egypt was suspicious of some wrongdoing in that ship and called the American Navy Seals. They went and found thousands of children being trafficked. They were locked down in containers as if they were merchandise...

A smoking gun of a major macabre network...

For what purpose are these children being sold? To be killed and have their organs sold? For prostitution?

Let us see if there will be due investigation to find the guilty ones.

Read more here.



The Counter-Revolution


Are you ready to be a counter-revolutionary? The progressivist revolution in the Church and our society is proceeding at a more rapid pace, especially under the usurped government of the USA. Strangely, however, everything around us seems peaceful, compared to the rioting of not so long ago.

But don't forget this teaching of Padre Pio: “Remember this: if the devil makes noise, it is a sign that he is still outside and not yet within. That which must terrify us is his peace and concord with the human soul. That which comes from Satan begins with calmness and ends in storm, indifference and apathy.”

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (d. 1995) was a Catholic traditionalist, activist, and writer of many books including Revolution and Counter-Revolution, and was a first-hand witness of the Vatican II revolution. With the understanding of an expert, he wrote the following, an extract from an article on the Tradition in Action site.

“Indeed, we live in a time that is in the full darkness of night. We know that the Catholic Church is immortal but, humanly speaking the traditional Church has disappeared. Further, in almost every sphere of human activity, we only see corruption and misery. All around us immorality, revolt, abjection, egoism, ambition, fraud and despair reign. Everything attests to the almost complete death of Christian Civilization.

“There is, however, a vessel of election, a vessel that Our Lady chose to be one of glory and honor, a vessel of chastity and fidelity. In this vessel Our Lady collected the Catholic sense of the past, devotion to her, love for all the Catholic traditions abandoned by others. She also placed in this vessel the hope and certainty of her Reign. It is the vessel of the Counter-Revolution. In this terrible night, through the blessings of Our Lady, the soul of the counter-revolutionary is a link between the past and the future.

“One who belongs to this remnant believes in her promise. He has the certainty that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. This certainty gives him tranquility amid the greatest sufferings, which is a position of soul similar to the one Our Lady had on Holy Saturday.

“Until the Reign of Mary comes, we are living a long Holy Saturday where everything that we love lies in the sepulcher - despised, hated and completely abandoned. Nonetheless, we have the certainty that the victory will be ours. She chose us, her counter-revolutionaries, to repeat and imitate her fidelity in our sad times.

“This is the prayer we could say to her on Saturdays: O Immaculate and Wise Heart of Mary, make my heart like unto thine. When everything around me affirms the opposite, when the world seems to collapse, the stars fall from the sky and the columns of earth cave in, even in such calamity, give me the serenity, patience, apostolic zeal and courage to affirm: In the end thy Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

     Frank M. Rega


Vocation of France


St. Remi, the Apostle of the Francs, prophetically declared at Clovis’ baptism, “Know that the kingdom of France is predestined by God for the defense of the Roman Church, which is the only true Church of Christ… This Kingdom shall one day be great among all others. It will include the limits of the Roman Empire and will submit all peoples to its scepter … It will endure until the end of time. It will be victorious and prosper as long as it is faithful to the Roman faith, but it will be severely chastised whenever it is unfaithful to its vocation.”

He ended with these words: “May from this race arise kings and emperors who, confirmed in truth and justice now and in the future according to the Lord’s will for the extension of Holy Church, will reign and increase daily in power, thus deserving to sit on the throne of David in the heavenly Jerusalem, where they will reign with the Lord throughout eternity. Amen” Excerpted from The Sixth Trumpet by Solange Hertz. (pp. 65-66)

St. Pius X, during a Cardinalate elevation ceremony on November 29, 1911, prophesied that “the people that made an alliance with God at the baptismal font in Reims will repent and return to her original vocation…Her faults will not go unpunished, but she shall never perish…” Ibid. p. 68

Solange Hertz states that the French Monarchy very well may continue through Louis XVI’s son Dauphin, who was never proven to have died but may in fact have many descendants today.

So, it would seem that there may yet again be a French Monarch; possibly in the not too distant future.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 6, 2021

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