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Deaths Numbers & Lenten Clothing

Interesting Numbers

Dear TIA,

I found these numbers interesting.


As reported by the CDC ... Here are the US deaths by year and the change from the previous year.

Year 2017: 2,818,503 Americans died
Year 2018: 2,839,205 deaths (20,702 more than the previous year 2017)
Year 2019: 2,855,000 deaths (16,300 more than the previous year 2018)
The year of the pandemic...
Year 2020: 2,913,144 deaths (57,641 more than the previous year 2019)

BUT WAIT: There were zero deaths from Covid-19 during 2018, and 2019 and the jump from 2019 was only 57,641?

I’ve been told that COVID is responsible now for 400,000 + deaths. Shouldn’t the 2020 number be a lot higher?

So the question becomes: How many people died of COVID and How many died (of other causes) WITH COVID?

Now read below:

Food for thought.

A very well-orchestrated plan, or an unimaginable set of events that just fell into place with the United States front and center. You tell me!

Scare people with a virus, force them to wear masks and place them in quarantine.

Count the number of dead every second of every day, in every News Headline.

By the way, 99.8% of the people who get the virus, recover. About 0.1 to 0.2% who get the virus, die. Most all of them have other medical problems. Did you catch that? Less than 1/2 of a percent die.

Close businesses = 35,000,000+ instantly unemployed.

Remove entertainment and prohibit recreation, Closing parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports.

No dating. No touching. Isolate people. Dehumanize them.

Close Temples and Churches – prohibit worship. Create a vacuum and let depression, anxiety, hopelessness., and desperation set in.

Then... ignite hatred and civil unrest, creating Civil War.

Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals.

Send in Antifa and BLM to vandalize property, as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law. Riot, Loot and Attack all Law Enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down.

Then... defund Law Enforcement and abolish Police.

We are all being played by those who want to destroy America! This is how you destroy a Nation from within, and in very short order.

Will it work? I guess that depends on you and me.

I did not write this... but it needs to be shared. I just did. Your turn, now. Makes you wonder...


‘Mary Is God’


The Our Lady is God site has been taken down – sounds crazy anyway. Mary is NOT God.

I enjoy your newsletters.

Can I reference any of this for my Little Way of Mary Blog? I would like permission to do so.


TIA responds:

Hello J.W.L.,

Yes, you may refer our site to whomever you want.


     TIA correspondence desk


Appropriate Lenten Clothing

Dear Tradition in Action,

I am wondering about what types of penances are okay for Lent, particularly for women.

Some Lenten penances I’ve heard for laywomen include giving up jewelry, choosing only simple hairstyles, limiting your wardrobe to around 5 simple outfits, and choosing to wear only black and darker colors for the whole of Lent to mourn Our Lord’s passion.

Are any of these penances appropriate for laywomen?

Thank you for your time!

God bless and Mary keep you,



Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear I.C.,

It is good to hear from you. Your questions are always intelligent and well-phrased.

TIA posted a question similar to your inquiry regarding Lenten penance in general. If you read the advice, I believe you can apply it to your question regarding dress.

That is to say, if your tendency is toward vanity in dress, then it would be good to do the things you suggest to try to concentrate less on your clothing and appearance and more on the Passion of Christ during Lent.

If, however, your tendency is toward sloppiness in dress, or wearing plain “prairie” clothing for reasons of comfort and convenience, it would be good to try to take more care and appear more feminine and refined in your daily clothing as a Lenten penance.

There used to be prescriptions for the Church in some regions or countries of Europe for dress during Lent: e.g. dark clothing, no jewelry, etc.

With guidelines lacking, it seems opportune to me to use Lent as an opportunity to correct one’s revolutionary behavior and habits.

I hope this is of help to you,

     In Maria,

     Dr. Marian Horvat


TV’s Role


How true, how true! !




Great Reset = Marxism

Friends of LifeTree,

The lead story in the news is about signing up for the COVID vaccination. Why are they pushing something that has NOT been thoroughly tested when the alternative is to ride it out for herd immunity or actually get coronavirus-19 for which there are now good and inexpensive treatments.

They are playing a numbers game with us – scare tactics to get us to take this vaccine. If you wonder why this is happening then you should know that we are experiencing the “Great Reset” driven by the elites who are building up a global marxist economy.

For the sake of your family and friends, please watch Dr. Ten Penny’s video at the “brighten” link in the middle of the page.

Dr. TenPenny describes why the first phase of vaccinations is the calm before the storm. Her video explains (30 min) why there will be catastrophic reactions to the vaccines for millions which will appear about 3 to 6 months after getting vaccinated. Not all vaccines will be equally deadly, but she explains scientifically why a large portion of the population will die from adverse reactions to the m-RNA shots. Others will be left with chronic conditions making it very difficult to function. Oh yes, Dianne has just sent another email about blood clots, brain inflammation and heart attacks caused by Pfizer and Moderna Vacs.

Don’t be duped by the cry of conspiracy theory. No way are we a conspiracy. We seek to inform.

Once vaccinated there is no turning back! We have been seeking the truth at LifeTree for over 20 years about the threats to life. As Dianne says, “WAKE UP, AMERICA!”

I would add, “Pray to God for his mercy.”

     Prayers to the Holy Ghost,

     Elizabeth D. Wickham, Ph.D.

Posted February 16, 2021

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