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Rites, Laws & Ivermectin Cures

Restoring Rites & Canon Law

Dear Friends in Christ,

When you say on your homepage, " restore the Mass of Ages, but also to restore the ensemble of Catholic doctrine as well as the fundamental principles of Catholic Civilization," shouldn't we also adhere to the traditional sacramental rites, 1917 Code of Canon Law, and other traditional laws and disciplines of the Church?

     Ave Maria!


TIA responds:

Dear D.W.,

We certainly desire and pray that the Novus Ordo Mass be abolished and the Church return to the Tridentine Mass as the only option for the Latin Rite.

We also pray for a day to come when all the concessions made in the 1983 Code of Canon Law will be abolished and we will return to the 1917 Code of Canon Law, which was the codification of all the traditional laws of the Church until 1983.

We only attend Traditional Masses and try to regulate our lives by the doctrine that inspired the 1917 Code of Canon Law.

In these points you and we are on the same page.

But now some details need to be considered.

TIA is composed of a group of lay persons. As such, the fields in which Catholic lay persons can properly act, besides Catholic Culture and Civilization, are the terrains of Faith and Morals, because these arenas are the patrimony of the learning Church as well as of the Hierarchy, the teaching Church.

In the fields of Liturgy and Canon Law, however, we can only express our longings because we do not have conditions to change them. This prerogative belongs only to the Hierarchy. In order to return to the Liturgy and Canon Law of the past, we need to wait for a traditional Pope to come.

The statement on our home page reads: "Tradition In Action is committed to defend the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church and Catholic traditions. TIA also works for a restoration of Christian Civilization, adapted to contemporary historical circumstances."

If we were to publicly state that we are committed to restore the Liturgical Rites and Canon Law, we would be implying that we have the authority to do so, which would be to set ourselves outside of our proper place.

These are the reasons why we have not included those topics in the public goals of TIA.


     TIA correspondence desk


Ivermectin Cures Covid


Please, read the following comments I received from friends written by Dr. Meryl Nass and Attorney Francis Boyle on the unethical character of the present covid vaccine campaign.

Stay away from these shots from Hell.

     Gary Morella

Dear Friends,

One week ago the South African version of the FDA banned the importation of ivermectin - an anti-hookworm, anti-scabies, anti-heartworm drug, and an extremely successful drug for treating all stages of Covid-19.

Remember that in March and April Western governments applied restrictions on the prescribing and dispensing of chloroquine drugs for Covid, using false allegations of danger. The bans were effective and ~300 K Americans are dead.

So far, there had been no bans on the use of Ivermectin for treating Covid. Who dreamed the PTB thought they could get away with banning yet another effective Covid drug without being exposed for heartless manslaughter? Without public health agencies being exposed as agents of death?

Well, South Africa is first. The drug works well, is cheap (about $16 per course). It works early, late, and preventively. We must retain access to it! Two weeks ago the world’s second larges maker of HCQ active pharmaceutical ingredient *exploded* in Taiwan.

Please help me use our blogs, websites, social media and interviews to spread the word about this travesty before restrictions are imposed in more and more countries. Use the Marik, McCollough, Fareed or Zelenko protocols as early as possible for a successful Covid-19 result.

     Dr. Meryl Nass

Violating the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation

Thank you once again Doctor Nass. Yeah, it would pull out the rug from under PHARMA’s market for their Covid Frankenshots - more dangerous than useless but hyperprofitable. Ditto for HCQ.

People are certainly free to disagree with me in good faith, but the discovery of this new “mutation” is being used to panic everyone into getting PHARMA’s Frankenshots right away despite widespread reluctance to do so.

Doctor Nass is certainly free to correct me if I am wrong, as are any of you, and I have not looked into these figures for several years, but the last time we had the mass inoculation of experimental vaccines in violation of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation to deal with biowarfare agents were for anthrax and botulin in the run up to Gulf War I by Bush Sr in late 1990-1991. Of about 500,000 US Troops inoculated, 11,000 died and 100,000 were disabled. And those were healthy young men and women in US Armed Forces.

So you can extrapolate from there about what is going to happen here. To me the most surprising thing was that Precisely Only One Military Doctor had the courage, the integrity and the principles to refuse to give those Frankenshots: Captain Doctor Yolanda Huett-Vaughn, whom it was my honor and my pleasure to help defend at her Court-Martial. How many Medical Doctors are refusing to give these Frankenshots today in obedience to the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation and their relevant Codes of Professional Medical Ethics?

If you are following the Mainstream News Media all we are seeing is the Medical Establishment and the Scientific Establishment violating the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation by pushing these Frankenshots on the American People.

What does that say about the way we educate, train and qualify Medical Doctors and Scientists in this country? It seems to me that they have been Brainwashed into the Cult and Religion of Scientism without regard to ethics and morality. Of course I am not saying we do what we should be doing in the legal profession. But we do have a required course in all law schools in Legal Ethics.

And we do require all law students to pass a National Exam on Legal Ethics in order to get licensed to practice law anywhere. And all State Bar Associations do have an Ethics Committee where people can file Complaints that will be investigated and if so determined discipline will be administered to the lawyers involved for ethical improprieties.

I don’t see that in evidence today for the Medical Profession and the Scientific Profession in the Mainstream News Media that I have been following assiduously on this pandemic when it comes to their advocacy of PHARMA’s Covid Frankenshots.

     Francis A. Boyle


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 14, 2021

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