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Soap Opera, Vaccine & Fed up with Lockdowns

Thank You for Speaking on Our Lady

Dr. Marian Horvat (from YouTube),

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success - Part II

Thank you so much for speaking about Our Lady of Good Success. Blessed is She among all women, all creation.

I have read the two volumes of “The Admirable Life of Mother Marianna” written by Fr.Pereira(1790) that you so wonderfully translated for us, Her sons and daughters. Her statue is otherworldly, Her dresses so Heavenly modest.

I thank you for the books and the prayer and novena cards. One card is always with me as is my Rosary of the unborn.




Converting Soap Opera Actors

Dear Marian,

Merry Christmas!

I thank God for the evening I had last month in conversing with you - a beautiful memory. In these times of Orwellian insanity it must be acknowledged when one steps into an oasis and has a surprise encounter with someone he respects as I do you. To hear the voice that enlightened me about our beautiful Lady of Good Success over the phone was a blessing. Additionally, I must thank you for the articles you sent me by Prof Plinio (here and here), they were more than edifying.

Interestingly, the CDs I purchased of your talks have been given to a recent convert. I told her about you and it ignited a spark apparently. She’s ordering more materials from TIA. By the Grace of God, I helped bring her husband into the faith a while ago and she came in recently. They were both soap opera actors and now she’s a hostess on QVC. Their two daughters are my Godchildren so I have a great responsibility and your CDs should be a great help.

I hope all is good with you and please know that you’re in my Rosary. I’m going to be ordering your books on Marianna soon and can’t wait to delve into them.

I’ll send a few photos of some paintings I did. God bless you and your family.

     Ave Maria,



France Resists Vaccine

Dear TIA,

Here is some good and unexpected news.

In one week France vaccinated just 516 of its 36 million 'citizens'. They are all saying "NON' to the Covid vaccine because they don't trust the government, are afraid of side effects and most of all, fear the vaccine itself. (Read here)

Also they obviously don't trust Francis, who is saying not to receive the vaccine is sinful, and encourages everyone to get the vaccine that uses abortion cell lines. So, for Francis, this atrocity is morally acceptable; to refuse the vaccine is not...

Well, it is a good start in France to 2021.

I hope the US will wake up and follow suit and not line up like sheep for this very dangerous vaccine!



God Bless America, God Bless Scotland!


God bless my family and friends in Scotland and America! Pray God that 2021 A.D. will see the survival of what's left of a Free America UNDER God and the President who defends her!

God bless and save America and Scotland!

     Garry Morella


From the UK, Fed up with Lockdowns

Dear TIA,

We here in England (as well as the rest of the UK) are going into our third national lockdown (actually our fifth in reality). We are told dogmatically that we just NEED to lockdown to protect our National Health Service (NHS) and save lives. But what lives are we saving? It’s clearly not those who suffer from actual killer diseases like cancer! I read a story about a 27 year old father who died from TREATABLE cancer because the hospitals turned him down for treatment due to Covid The Magic Virus. The sick are expected to sacrifice themselves for the NHS, like its some god who needs oblation.

Prior to our new National Imprisonment, we were under a Tier system. Most of the country was under Tier 4 (the highest tier) just before we entered this new lockdown. Under the Tier 4 rules, children were banned from playing with their friends outside of school, but could play with them at school. We’re told that the banning of children playing with friends outside of school was to protect them from Covid. Yet, they were allowed to play with their friends AT school. Am I the only person with enough reason to see this a whopping contradiction?!

Plus, we see these “Karens” who will walk right up to your face and tell you that you’re a murderer for not wearing a mask. Again, am I the only one who sees the contradiction? If people were infected with a deadly disease, why do these said “Karens” walk right up to their faces meaning that the “infected” person is breathing on their faces?! Shouldn’t they be running a mile from them? Er, hello, they’re supposed to be infected with the Black Death 2.0 in your opinion, why aren’t you running?!

We are also told that we can’t visit any relatives in care homes. Last year a nurse tried to remove her elderly mother from a care home to take care of her at home, and she was apprehended by police, and her mother taken back to the care home. Not only this an assault on the liberties of our nation, laid down in our Constitution (which, for the benefit of non-Brits is not a written Constitution), it is also murder, since we know that these same care homes are epicentres of Covid! So, that poor elderly mother was condemned to death by being sent back to her care home. Thus, the elderly are being targeted.

Next, the new vaccines that have been rolled out here contain the cells of an “aborted fetus”, or more correctly, a murdered unborn girl. These vaccines haven’t been properly tested so we don’t know what on earth they will do, and the our government has approved for the mixing of vaccines on top of that. Next to that, persons of “ethnic background” are also being deliberately targeted as well. This is clear eugenics! And Bergoglio in Rome is also promoting it, but that’s no surprise to me!

And this incessant adoration of the NHS is sickening. During the first lockdown in March-July 2020 we were expected to stand at our front doors at 8pm every Thursday and “clap for the NHS”. And many did. People in the shops just suddenly stopped what they were doing and just started clapping, like some religious ritual. If only we Brits stopped at 12pm every day to kneel down and pray the Angelus!

I think in our churches we will be expected to profess the Covid Creed or something. I imagine the last third of it will go something like this:

I believe in the Holy National Health Service, the Lord and Giver of life, who proceeds from the government and from the people, who together with the government and the people is adored and glorified; who has spoken through the doctors. I believe in one, holy, universal and National Health Service. I confess one vaccination for the remission of Covid, and I look forward to the Great Reset and the life of the lockdowns to come. Amen

These lockdowns haven’t affected me personally (except our churches being closed every other lockdown. This lockdown, like the one we had in November, the Government has graciously permitted public worship. In Scotland, their devolved parliament has closed churches for this lockdown, again). I work for a parcel company and they’ve never had it so good, so I’ve been working non-stop throughout 2020. I’m an introvert and live alone, so going shopping during the day and finding the shops are practically empty is perfect for me.

I don’t have any grandparents or parents to worry about, nor any wife/girlfriend or children to worry about either. However, even I wouldn’t mandate all this?! Even I recognise that we need human interaction, and all these mandates are a way for the Satanic Elite to isolate people to make them go mad. British youth are committing suicide because they don’t see a reason to continue living and they see their future as bleak, or non-existent. As a 27 year old, that’s a bit hurtful knowing my own generation is killing itself off (if it wasn’t already doing so with the whole LGBT madness making them all sterile and insane).

I could write an essay on the illogical nature of the Coviet Commandments, but I’ll leave it here. I am sure many of your readers understand and can fill in their own descriptions of insanity.

I wish everyone at TIA and their readers a blessed, holy Christmastide and coming Ephipanytide, and I pray God grant you all a new year filled with grace and every benediction. To those who will enter eternity this year, may Almighty God show them mercy and may they die in the bosom and Sacraments of our Holy Mother Church.

     Kind regards,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 5, 2021

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