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Masks, Women Deacons & No More Masses

Masks Don’t Work, Scientist Says

Dear TIA,

A must see short video if you really want to understand the true nature of the Democrat and World Health inspired ongoing Wear Mask, Distancing and Lock Down Policies of some of our glorious leaders... both Religious and Political.

Click here.

     R.H., Ph.D


Books to Form Children


Re: A Banal Approach to Our Lady’s Apparitions

Thank you for responding in such depth and beauty to my question. I and several of my friends genuinely loved the review.

There are several of us moms who are going through our kids book shelves and getting rid of books. We have started ordering books with beautiful images that were mentioned on your post.

We look forward to reading more books for children. This is something I and my friends look for regularly on TIA - for a big list of kids books we must have!! This will definitely be helpful!

     Much obliged,



The Gates of Hell

Dear TIA,

“Amongst the other vices, there are four which send most souls to Hell, and on this earth bring upon men the scourges of God; and these four are, HATRED, BLASPHEMY, THEFT and IMPURITY.” – St. Alphonsus

Excerpts from Nine Discourses for times of Calamity, Fourth Discourse – The Four Principal Gates of Hell, by St. Alphonsus Liguori.

For more click here.

     Frank M. Rega


Good vs Decadent Music

Dear TIA,

Re: A True Roman: Morricone on Gregorian Chant

Mixing the sacred with the profane may be the most fundamental definition of the modernist/progressivist heresy.

In all walks of life, in all men, there is a foundational attraction to truth, beauty and the Author of life and the order of creation. “To be” is to seek the source of being, the great I AM. If we don’t know “who we are”, everything else is a lie, and from the father of lies.

Indeed, out of all the arts, music is somewhat odd in that its history begins in the West not with the classical period of Greece and Rome, but with the early medievals and the Church. This is mostly because very little ancient music has been preserved.

Music may be the only remnant of art or culture from the rise of Western Civilization around the medieval Church that was not covered up by Greek or Roman “carpeting” in the [so-called] reformation.

So, perhaps the decadent “modern” music led the destruction of our heritage in this age of modernism. We have the Psalms, but not the instruments and tones of the ancient Jews in the temple. Neither do we have the "joyful noise” of the early Christians in the catacombs.

Pray we are given this music to sustain our hearts in the Counter-Revolution.

FSSP doesn’t fight, but they do appreciate sacred art and preserve the sacred Mass. Hence, I submit this article to you, even though the title “A True Roman” may be misleading.

     In His peace,



No More Sunday Mass Obligation in England


Well, the Revolutionaries in the Church used Covid-19 to get what they wanted - or rather, to get rid of what they don't want. The Sunday obligation to attend Mass in England will not be reintroduced when public worship resumes on 4 July, the Metropolitan Archbishop said today in a statement outlining the “new normal” for liturgies as lockdown eases.

Other messages to Catholics from Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminister: Social distancing and limits on number of persons allowed "to attend" services.

Many churches will not reopen because they can't enforce regulations.

No singing and Mass will be shorter (how could it get shorter?). Of course, continued virtual Masses with life-streaming.

They are, in their own words, "rebuilding what it means to be Eucharistic communities."

The end of what's left of the Catholic Church in England. Only Our Lady's intervention can restore to health the putrid state of things there - and everywhere.



Among Anglicans, Women Deacons Outnumber Men


If this is any indication, we can expect the same in the Catholic Church if we allow women deacons.

They will rush to take the spots and move forward the feminization of the Church.

Thought you'd like to see the numbers.


For the first time, women deacons outnumber men in Church of England

Women made up just over a half, or 51% of the new deacon ordinations in 2019

Female deacons at Lambeth

Anglicans at Lambeth Palace celebrating 25 years of women's ordination

June 29, 2020 - The Church of England had more women deacon ordinations in 2019, making it the first time that women outnumbered men in that ministry, according to new statistics.

A total of 570 deacons were ordained in 2019. Women made up just over a half, or 51% of the new ordinations, The Church of England reported.

Deacons are the first of three orders of ordained ministry. While all clergy continue as deacons throughout, the majority are also ordained as priests at the end of their first year of ministry.

Statistics show that women made up some 32% of the 20,000 active clergy last year. A growing proportion of senior posts such as bishops, archdeacons and cathedral deans, were occupied by women, from 25% in 2018 to 27% last year.

"Women were in the majority starting training for ordained ministry for the third year running, with equal numbers of men and women sponsored to train for 'incumbent' posts – such as rector or vicar - over the last two years," the report said.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 9, 2020

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