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Queen Isabella, Blessed TV & Spring Time

I Agree


Re: Flaws of the Four Sisters in ‘Little Women’

Agreed! I rarely see a movie but was visiting eldest daughter.

She lives on Cape Cod. When she lived near Boston we visited the site of the family of Little Women so my daughter thought I would enjoy this movie.

They always corrupt what had good or at least more good in those days, but they were a progressive family even then; I thought, after seeing the heritage site.



That 'Drunken Sailor'

Dear TIA,

I have taught "What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?" to grammar school music classes for years. I have wondered if a principal would find out and put me in a long boat until I had stopped.

For mid-grammar school children, musically the song is fun. And it is full of vivid images of a world which is gone, a more charming, poetic world than today.

I enjoy TIA's Sunday morning musical tour very much.

     Salve Maria,



The Style of TIA

Dear TIA,

In recent times, my wife and I have been watching the incredible Agatha Christie mystery series Hercule Poirot.

We must say that the style of the brilliant detective reminds us of the impeccable dress of TIA leadership.

This, and the solving of many difficult mysteries, makes us remember you very fondly.

Please keep up the excellent work.

     And may Our Lady protect you. Ave Maria,

     D.& P.M.


Queen Isabella

Hello TIA,

I read William Thomas Walsh’s Queen Isabella, the Last Crusader and was very moved by the episode in her life when the little Prince Juan died.

I wrote this poem (if you like it please share it with your internet audience):

In Honor of the Queen

Isabella, Isabella, the world at your command,
And for your little angel, Prince Juan, a future, oh so grand.
Isabella, Isabella your heart so strong, so pure;
What difficulties you’ve surmounted, what trials you’ve endured.
A Queen for Spain, a Queen for God;
All surely would agree.
But all your earthly majesty in a moment seems to flee.
Isabella, Isabella, he’s gone forever more;
The pain is overwhelming, it has pierced you to the core.
The Queen of Queens hears your cry; she’s familiar with your loss.
When they took her Son she nearly died to see Him on that cross.
The Providence of God wills the world be attractive never more,
As He calls His little Queen to that far and distant shore.
There your bliss will never end, true joy goes on and on…
And in the presence of His Majesty you’ll regain your little Juan.

     Best regards,

     Dan O’Connell


JPII: 'Blessed Is Television!'


It should be “Cursed is television!” Keep your children away from TV if you want to maintain their innocence!

While also considering the other media very important, it is right to observe that the very long pontificate of John Paul II coincided with the extraordinary development of television in the world. In a certain sense we can say that his was the first “television” pontificate, with the Pope's words and actions followed by Catholics and the peoples of the world through the medium of television. He was well aware of it. There is a precise episode that helps to understand it and that has deeply marked those who participated in it.

It was the evening of March 15, 2003. In Paul VI Hall there was a Papal Prayer Vigil with European university students, and the Television Center team was tightly squeezed into its small van, managing with their hearts in their mouths the two-way satellite connections with six different European cities, concerned that they would falter or not work properly.

At one point the elderly pope spontaneously exclaimed: “This television is a wonderful institution! Now, as I find myself here in Rome, in this hall, I see the church of Saint Anne, in Krakow, which I know very well… and I see the students, who now have another cardinal, who lets himself be seen on television. So both of us can repeat: Behold, a blessed institution, this television! And the young people of Krakow, through television, they applaud too!”



Spring Time in the Church

Dear TIA,

Here it is for all to see and celebrate - the 'springtime of the Catholic Church' that Vatican II brought in.

I'm being sarcastic, of course.

Just look at the article below and tell me that me the 'new evangelization' was a success...


More than 60% of France’s 93 dioceses will not ordain a single priest in 2020

Xavier Le Normand

France - June 23, 2020 - The Catholic Church in France will ordain 126 new priests this year, one more than in 2019, but upwards of 60% of the country's 93 dioceses will have no ordinations at all.

Large and historically important local Churches -- such as the archdioceses of Tours, Rheims and Poitiers -- are among the 57 dioceses that will not be ordaining even a single presbyter this year, according to June 22 press release from the French Episcopal Conference (CEF). ...

In addition, there are 21 new religious order priests.

Six are from the Chemin-Neuf Community and four are members of the Community of Saint John.

The Assumptionists (who own the Bayard group, which publishes La Croix) will ordain three new priests, as will the Dominicans of the Toulouse Province.

The Dominicans of the French Province, the Discalced Carmelites and the Benedictines of Solesmes will each have one of its members ordained to the presbyterate.

The Jesuits in France have no new ordinations this year.

Finally, the CEF statement said five new priests were to be ordained in the Tridentine Rite, the pre-Vatican II ritual that Benedict XVI designated in 2007 as the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Three of these men are members of the Institute of the Good Shepherd. The other two belong to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

Original here

Posted July 2, 2020

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