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Viganò, Terrorist BLM & Illegal Masks

Bishop Vigano

Dear Mr. Guimaraes,

Re: Is Bishop Vigano a sedevacantist?

Does not the following answer this question? Since he calls himself Bishop Vigano, it follows that he accepts the ordination of Pope John Paul II as Bishop. So he must accept that John Paul II was Pope. He was ordained a priest just under the wire in the old rite, but the Bishop ordination was under the new rite.

However, the validity of a bishop ordination lies in the laying on of hands and, presumably, the understanding of what a Catholic bishop is. Since Bishop Vigano had both, even if Pope John Paul II had not the right idea of what a Catholic bishop is, it would still be a valid ordination, (though preferably, in my opinion, he should be conditionally ordained, just to cast away all doubt) since Bishop Vigano had the correct idea of what a Catholic bishop is. Or at least he does, now. And that would make his ordination valid at the time that he did understand.

"Viganò was ordained a priest in 1968 and spent most of his career working in a diplomatic capacity for the Holy See. As a priest, he served on a number of diplomatic missions before being consecrated a bishop by Pope John Paul II in 1992". Carlo Maria Viganò - Wikipedia

Please correct me if I am wrong in this.

     God Bless,


The Editor responds:

Dear E.H.,

I believe that your considerations are valid hypotheses regarding what Arch. Viganò could think on that topic. But they are not direct answers to the questions I asked him.


     A.S. Guimarães


Were Your Questions Answered?

Hello Dr. Guimaraes,

Re: Two Questions to Arch. Viganò

Do you think perhaps Archbishop Vigano was responding to your questions in the interview he gave to Phil Lawler in his most recent communication?

It seems to me that he was answering your questions when he said that errors began with the Council, beginning right with the Popes of the Council. He seems to be blaming all the Popes, and calls them all Popes, without just mentioning Francis like most of the false rights do. He also seems to include Francis in those Popes because he makes no exceptions. He also suggests that some future Pope will have to pick up where the others went astray - that is, before Vatican II.

Also he uses one of the terms from your book In the Murky Waters - the spirit of the Council - which I haven't seen any other conservative Prelates use in the same way you do, which he seems to do. [An excerpt of Vigano's interview follows]

Tradition tells us that the Prince of the Apostles had two furrows on his cheeks for the rest of his days, as a result of the tears which he copiously shed, repenting of his betrayal. It will be for one of his Successors, the Vicar of Christ, in the fullness of his apostolic power, to rejoin the thread of Tradition there where it was cut off. This will not be a defeat but an act of truth, humility, and courage. The authority and infallibility of the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles will emerge intact and reconfirmed. In fact, they were not deliberately called into question at Vatican II, but ironically they would be on a future day in which a Pontiff would correct the errors that that Council permitted, playing jests with the equivocation of an authority it officially denied having but that the faithful were surreptitiously allowed to understand that it did have by the entire Hierarchy, beginning right with the Popes of the Council.

I wish to recall that for some people what is expressed above may sound excessive, because it would seem to call into question the authority of the Church and of the Roman Pontiffs. And yet, no scruple impeded the violation of Saint Pius V’s Bull Quo primum tempore, abolishing the entire Roman Liturgy from one day to the next, the venerable millenary treasure of the doctrine and spirituality of the traditional Mass, the immense patrimony of Gregorian chant and sacred music, the beauty of the rites and sacred vestments, disfiguring architectural harmony even in the most distinguished basilicas, removing balustrades, monumental altars, and tabernacles: everything was sacrificed on the conciliar renewal’s altar of coram populo, with the aggravating circumstance of having done it only because that Liturgy was admirably Catholic and irreconcilable with the spirit of Vatican II.

What did you think of this latest communiqué? Do you think he was answering your questions?

Thanks for your insights. They help me to align my thinking in these confused times.

     In Jesu et Maria,


The Editor responds:

Hello J.S.,

Thank you for the consideration you reveal for my work.

I believe that the answers Arch. Viganò gave to Phil Lawler are very interesting and reveal his intention to continue the fight that he is engaged in.

I agree that the expression “the Popes of the Council” is close to “Conciliar Popes” that I used in my questions to him. However, the coincidence in the use of this expression is not decisive to show that he is responding to my questions.

The expression “spirit of the Council” is not mine. It is habitually used to refer to the Council and its interpretation by post-Council.

Since Arch. Viganò is a quite direct man in his public statements, I believe that if he were to answer my questions, he would say so straightforwardly, not in indirect or tortuous ways.


     A.S. Guimarães


Founder of BLM Was Terrorist


Please, read this news report [titled" Black Lives Matter Founder Mentored by Ex-Domestic Terrorist Who Worked with Bill Ayers]."

In it you will find that one of the founders of Black Life Matters, Patrisse Cullors, confessed her Marxist training and terrorist links.

     God bless,



Judge Napolitano: Governors Cannot Impose Masks


Interestingly ex-New Jersey Supreme Court Judge Andrew Napolitano affirms that State governors have no authority to impose the use of masks on their citizens unless they are in buildings belonging to the State.

You can listen to him in this interview.

So, the conclusion is clear: All the governors who impose masks can answer to violating the law and should be prosecuted for that.

Minus the glorious five or six States that did not have lockdowns or impose masks, all the other governors should be taken to court and face the due penal consequences.



Posted June 30, 2020

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