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‘62 Mass at Risk & Sweden’s Example

‘62 Mass Jeopardized

Dear TIA,

A friend sent me an open letter by Fr. Andrea Grillo, an Italian theologian who runs the website Come Se Non. This open letter (March 27, 2020) is directed to all of the world’s Bishops asking for the end of the “extraordinary rite,” that is, the Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missal approved by John XXIII.

Obviously, Grillo intends to have the Bishops ask the Vatican and the Pope to end it. Below, I copied the letter's final paragraphs.

It speaks a lot about what can be behind the questionnaire Pope Francis more recently sent to the world’s Bishops about the fruits of Summorum Pontificum in their dioceses.

If the Jesuit Pope is using these demands as a pretext, it seems that we will not have the “extraordinary rite” for very long…



A “state of exception” is also taking place today on the civil level, in its harsh necessity, and this fact allows us greater ecclesial foresight. To return to an ecclesial normality, we must overcome the state of liturgical exception established 13 years ago by Summorum pontificum in another world, under other conditions and with other hopes.

It no longer makes sense to deprive diocesan bishops of their liturgical powers; neither does it make sense to have an Ecclesia Dei Commission (which has in fact already been suppressed), or a Section of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that takes away authority from diocesan Bishops and the Congregation of Divine Worship. It no longer makes sense to enact decrees to “reform” a rite that is closed in the historical past, inert and crystallized, lifeless and without vigor. There can be no resuscitation for it.

The double regime is over; the noble intention of SP has waned; the Lefebvrians keep raising the bar higher and higher and then run away, insulting the Second Vatican Council and the present pope along with all three of his predecessors. Continuing to nourish a “state of liturgical exception” – one that was born to unite but does nothing but divide – only leads to the shattering, privatization and distortion of the worship of the Church.

On the basis of these considerations, we resolve together to request that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith immediately withdraw the two decrees of 25/03/2020 and restore all powers concerning the liturgy to the diocesan Bishops and the Congregation for Divine Worship. Obviously, we ask this without prejudice to the powers that this Congregation retains in doctrinal matters.

Full text here


Luminous Mysteries in Latin

To whom it may concerned,

I really like your website and the Latin prayers for the rosary with accent marks. Very clear and concise.

I noticed the Luminous Mysteries are missing. Can you please include those with Latin translation and accent marks? I will be really grateful!

Thank you so much! It makes a huge difference in my Latin learning!



TIA responds:


Thank you for your compliments on our website.

If you read our analysis of the Luminous Mysteries you will see the reason why we do not recommend the prayer of those mysteries or include them in our prayer of the Rosary. Consequently, we did not translate them to Latin.

We are following the centuries-old tradition of praying the Rosary as given by Our Lady to St. Dominic, blessed by countless Popes and followed by Catholics around the world.

As you will see, this addition of the Luminous Mysteries made by John Paul II on a personal whim was neither beneficial for the Church nor for the devotees of Our Lady's Holy Rosary.


     TIA correspondence desk


St. Gerard Majella, Companion of St. Alphonsus


St. Gerard was a lay-brother in the Redemptorist Order recently founded by St. Alphonsus. He is the patron saint of mothers, motherhood, expectant mothers, childbirth, children, pregnant women, unborn children, the pro-life movement, the falsely accused, good confessions and lay brothers.

The following story of Gerard's exemplary life in the Order is from the classic 1700-page biography of St. Alphonsus by Austin Berthe. He died from tuberculosis on October 16, 1755 at 29 years of age.

     Frank M. Rega


Why Not Follow the Example of Sweden?

Dear TIA,

Sweden never shut down its schools, never locked down the economy, restaurants remained open, moderate social distancing was recommended.

Sweden’s chief epidemiologist announced this week that their strategy appears to be working and that “herd immunity” could be reached in the capital Stockholm in a matter of weeks.

And on Wednesday Swedish Health Minister Anders Tegnell told the world their living model is working!

The curve is flat in Sweden and there has been no rises in Stockholm.

Trump needs to dump Fauci and Birx and hire this hero of the civilized world!


Sweden Shatters Lock-down Model As Curves Stay Flat

Celia Farber

The press conference was on the website of the Swedish Health Ministry, posted April 22, and ran just over 45 minutes.

The “controversial” health minister of Sweden, Anders Tegnell, and colleagues revealed the latest results of the Sweden Covid model which—as we all know— did not lockdown, did not quarantine.

What made it “riveting” was this: There is no crisis, no death spikes, no national emergency, no shortage of hospital beds. Listening to the press conference, (twice) and transcribing every word was like watching paint dry. And with each passing moment, the story became clearer and clearer to me:

Sweden can save the world right now.

It’s not easy to get the real story out of Sweden. You will see many histrionic headlines from international media claiming Sweden is headed straight over a cliff, led by a maniacal health minister, Anders Tegnell, from Folkhalsomyndigheten, (FHM.) (The People’s Health Authority.) Call these voices “Corona Davidians.” A kind of secular doomsday cult.

Sweden, led by Tegnell and his colleagues at FHM, went its own way, to the shock of the world, and created its own model to achieve national herd immunity. Moderate social distancing was advised (but not enforced) and the focus was on protecting the elderly. Businesses were advised to limit density of crowds, schools were not closed—life went on. It’s working.

“The curve is very flat, really since the beginning of April and that’s very good news,” Tegnell said. “It’s very good news, there’s no rise in cases in Stockholm, at all.”

This comes on the heels of 22 formidable doctors from Europe, opposing the engulfing Covid model and propaganda.

One of them, renowned German infectious disease expert Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, called his government’s anti-Covid measures “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous. The life expectancy of millions is being shattered.” Referring to the impact on the world economy as “horrifying,” Bhakdi really did not mince words:

“All these measures are leading to self destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but a spook.”

Read the rest here.

Posted April 28, 2020

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