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Cure for Virus, Anti-Italian Pope & Future

Perplexing Choice!


Re: Church sold to Buddhists in the Netherlands

I couldn't help being amazed at the ridiculous decision made in the Netherlands and the even more ridiculous decision of Catholics there who have traded in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary for... Buddha!!

Much like trading in a Rolls Royce for a broken skate board !!!



Incredible Gift


Salve Maria!

Your Holy Week page is just what I needed.

What an incredible gift!



Blessed Easter Greetings

This year Easter falls during the Covid-19 pandemic and many people are under stay at home orders and may not be able to attend Mass. We pray you are safe and well.

During this Holy Week we can offer our sorrows with the suffering of our Lord on the Cross with hope for healing and bringing a rekindling of faith and morals to all who have abandoned our Lord and the true Catholic faith.

We can pray the Rosary and wear the Brown Scapular. We can rejoice in the Resurrection of our Lord, with the hope of sharing in His glory because we have been faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

     He has risen! Alleluia!

     Bill Metallo
     President Shrine of Our Lady of La Sallette


Blessings of the Risen Lord

Dear President, Members of TIA, CA

Happy Easter!

May the choicest blessings of the Risen Lord envelop your lives.

In the love of Jesus & His Beloved Mother Mary



International Expert Puts Covid-19 in Perspective


If you have some time and want to be exorcized from the spell of the fake media news, watch these Qs & As with Professor Knut Wittkowski, who is an international expert on infectious diseases and also a statistics professional.

He explains quite well what the real danger of the pandemic is and the natural way to get rid of it. I highly recommend watching it.

     Keep up the good work,



Cure Effective on 699 Covid-19 Patients


The host of this program, Rudy Giuliani, is the former Mayor of New York City.

In this video, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a doctor of medicine in the USA, explains a $20 treatment which is saving 100% of his patients from death by coronavirus.



Italians Accuse Pope of Hating Italy


Pope Francis doesn’t miss an opportunity to push his radical progressive globalist agenda. Now, it seems, he’s gone so far that the people of Italy are lashing out.

Critics of the Progressive Pope are now accusing him of “hating Italy and Italians,” after it was revealed that Pope Francis wrote a warm-hearted letter of appreciation to a radical open-borders activist, letting him know that he’s always there for him.

Read here

     Gary Morella


Chasing Birds

Dear TIA,

Re: Flying with birds

Some thoughts to share with you about the video of people chasing birds in flight.

Most people, no doubt those who pass their time finding new toys such as flying machines to chase birds, do not realize the violent impact wireless technology now has on our birds, especially night migratory birds. Each year Audubon cites finding seven to eight million songbirds dead beneath cellphone towers.

Touching birds as they fly is egregiously stupid because humans are introducing foreign substances to the very delicate balance of the chemistry of birds’ feathers which God designed to suspend them in flight; even with gloves, on the birds feathers. They are highly susceptible to diseases carried by humans. Because they are in flight, they are not able to clean themselves until they land for rest before they resume their flight.

What are people thinking? How would they like it if a bird started flapping its wings at them while they were trying to swim, or jog, or started chasing them and pecking at their head while they were riding their bicycles?

When will we learn it is not our task to tamper with nature? Next it will be, because of this kind of self-centered stupidity, that the birds are spreading COVID-19.

If people spent the kind of energy on being entertained on getting to know Jesus Christ our world would be much better off, no doubt.





A Coming Gloomy Future

Dear TIA,

The dress rehearsal has worked... robotic global response was a true sign of all the mind control. Arresting anyone after 8 pm or a good priest seeking to administer the Holy Sacraments to the faithful will be arrested. The Lie of a New Flu Strain that will kill everyone until they find another "toxic" vaccine from the typical source, Gates, Soros, Medical Cartel etc.

The deployment of 5G worldwide, causing Oxygen Deprivation that appears as upper respiratory infection... all happening at the same time as a so-called new corona virus... is no coincidence.

The Game Changer, as in the past World Wars and later with 9/11, has brought further Control and Isolation by these 20th Century New World Order JDRockefeller/Rothchilds/ Technocrats successors. The world will be subjected to a Data system, with coerced vaccinations, and herded into Smart Cities under their surveillance.

Propaganda from fake news outlets that cover these bio-engineered viruses have bizarre stories, from HIV-AIDS pandemic, Gay man had contact with African that ate green monkey to Covid-19, Chinese man ate snake that ate a bat. The Medications invented are further enriching these wealthy Globalists that cause death counts to rise worldwide.

From Social engineering and Cell phones, with "Social Media" brought further, has created Hybrid Humans!

All of these internet and media elite crypto JEWS and FREEMASONS know the ONLY CHURCH that would STAND Against them was Holy Mother Church. The present modern Church has a more obvious Pagan worshipping Pope - who told us to "Call me Jorge" - has us all speculating if he's even the Pope! We need to pray harder than ever in these times we are in.

I drive by Lowes Home Improvement and Costco Wholesale, Dollar Stores, and see cars, people in and out… all open.

I go to pray the Rosary outside the closed empty Catholic Church, the young priest walks around the vacant grounds in civilian clothes, wearing shorts. Smiled and waved as he walked away!

God bless you TIA for all for your good reports and faithfulness!

     Prayfully in Jesus+Mary+St.Joseph,


Posted April 16, 2020

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