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Cheating Prelates, Immigrant Sculpture & Angels

Cheating Prelates

Dear TIA,

I would like to ask you first if you can give me the webpage link where we can find the list of all the prelates that tried to cheat on peoples, like for instance you spoke of Cardinal Zen about the Novus Ordo (here and here), some others like Cardinal Muller (here and here), etc. Do you have a dedicated page where we can find the list of all the critical actions done?

I saw justly that you did a page in this way about the Revolution in the Church and on many other topics like about Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

If you don't know Chateau-Jobert's book about this latter, I urge you to get it quite soon because it's highly likely the best on this topic.

I thank you for your attention,




TIA responds:

Dear D.M.,

We thank you for your request. No, we do not have such a page on suspect Prelates. But your question acts as a good suggestion to introduce such a page in the future.

There are websites that specialize on Bishops' Accountability on pedophilia, such as here and here.

We also thank you for indicating a useful book to read on the topic of Counter-Revolution. We will order it.


     TIA correspondence desk


Immigrants Sculpture at the Vatican

Dear TIA,

Re: Artist says new sculpture in St. Peter's Square blends history and current events

For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, Pope Francis has set the course of the bark of Peter to the lowest level of any of the other Conciliar Popes. To be sure he is walking in the footsteps of his predecessors.

This sculpture is another example of the "humanist" direction he is leading so many to. With this in mind there are still many Catholics who continue to defend his actions and words.

I want to thank Tradition in Action for being at the forefront of the Counter-Revolution. If anyone wants to understand how we got to where we are today, then go no further than reading Mr. Guimarāes' collection "Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani" and Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

Rest assured of my continued prayers and support for all of you at TIA.

     Viva Cristo Rey y La Virgen de Guadalupe


angels unaware

Francis gives strong support to immigration with a prestigious unveiling at the Vatican of the massive statue titled 'Angels Unawares'

vatican immigrant sculpture


Eating Babies


It is not surprising that the ecological frenzy is getting out of control: One craziness leads to the other.

Check out this woman at an AOC town hall meeting urging that babies be eaten...



Angels & Prayers


My question has a few parts. I was thinking about the communication of angels with each other. Do angels maintain private thoughts and choose what they will to communicate with each other?

I understand that God must certainly know the thoughts of every creature.

Will men, after this earthly life maintain private thoughts? What can spiritual communication consist of separated from the flesh? Does this have an impact on our prayer in this life?

I hope I don’t seem foolish or obtuse. In this life, we make a specific act, an act of prayer, thoughts we purposely extend towards God and our friends and benefactors, the saints. Ideally, we would live in a state of continual recollection. Perhaps in that state we would extend all our thoughts towards God. Not very likely in our fallen situation.

However, it couldn’t be that the angels (or men) communicate their entire being, because this would cause a loss of the distinction between individuals.

I hope you can see what I am getting at.




TIA responds:


As far as we know without having time for an extensive research, each Angel by nature keeps his personal thoughts for himself as much as he wishes. Only when he desires does he communicate what he understands of God and His created universe to other Angels, and this is the essence of what is called the locutio angelorum, the conversation of the Angels in Heaven.

After the happiness of seeing God face-to-face, the next highest happiness the Angels have is to communicate what they understood of God to others. This interchange of contemplations is one of the characteristics of Heaven.

If each Angel were not capable of individual thoughts and wishes kept in the secret of his heart, everyone else in Heaven would see what he knows and desires, which would be a sort of invasion of privacy leading to a type of communist thinking and will of all Angels, which positively does not exist. For each Angel to grow in his love of God, which is a private matter between him and God, he needs to have his individual thoughts and desires.

With humans, the Blessed who are in Heaven act similarly. They have first and foremost a personal contact with God by seeing Him face-to-face. After this contemplation which produces an overwhelmingly private happiness, they feel the need to communicate their thoughts and love of God to other men. Again, this collateral communication with other men entails one of the characteristics of Heaven.

There is, however, a fundamental difference between the locutio Angelorum and the human convivium that men have in Heaven. Each Angel has its own nature, while all men have just one nature. So, after the completion of each man in the Absolute – God – he feels the need to communicate his happiness collaterally to others as a request of his instinct of sociability. Indeed, human nature in its whole needs these contributions to be completed.

For the Angels it does not work the same way. Since each one has his private complete nature, when he communicates his thoughts and love of God to others, it is not by a need of nature, but rather by an act of munificence of his will, since bonum est diffusivum sui, the good is diffusive by its nature.

Angels and men communicate in Heaven among themselves, which implies different types of relationships, with the corresponding fulfillments of their respective natures. But, since this lies outside of the concerns you expressed, let us leave this topic for another time.

The prayers of men in Heaven have characteristics different from our prayers on Earth. In fact, since those who are in Heaven do not have any substantial need that is not provided for by God, their prayers of petition will no longer be for themselves, but for others who are still on Earth. In Heaven their personal prayers will maintain the other characteristics – adoration, reparation and thanksgiving. After the Final Judgment and the resurrection of the body, heavenly prayer will be only that of adoration and thanksgiving.

You mention that men in Heaven are in a continuous state of recollection. It is true if you understand recollection as a profound seriousness and consideration for God. However, if you understand recollection as a state of private contemplation, this state should alternate in Heaven with one of interaction with others – Our Lord, Our Lady, the Angels and Saints. There is a balance between contemplation and communication with others that will vary with regard to the different vocation each one received from God.

You are correct when you say that the Angels do not communicate their being. If this were the case, it would constitute a kind of Pantheism.

We hope these considerations will show you that there is nothing foolish about discussing such topics. On the contrary, some prophecies say that in the Reign of Mary the communication of men with the Angels will increase enormously. Your questions are an incentive to think more about them and, consequently, pave the way to a greater inter-action with them.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October  22, 2019

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