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Agreda, Sheep’s Smell & Time Zones

Booklet on Mary of Agreda Featured in Tao News

Dear TIA,

I thought you'd like to know Margaret Galitzin's booklet on Mary of Agreda was featured in Taos News (Taos, NM).

As a big fan of The City of God, I am glad to see Ven. Mary of Agreda getting some attention. She is part of the Catholic history of our nation, much more important than the Puritans. She was preparing the Indians for conversion and the Spanish missionaries. The great providence of God at work in this simple Conceptionist nun!

Interesting, both Ven. Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres and Ven. Mother Mary of Agreda were Conceptionist sisters - in the New Spain (America) at approximately the same time, one bi-locating from Spain to the Southwest U.S. to the benefit of the apostolate with the Indians, the other in a convent in Quito suffering for the future. No coincidences with God.

It seems the Conceptionists will have a role in the future Reign of Mary.

     In Maria,



Amusement Park Anglican Churches

Dear TIA,

Even though they have long abandoned their Catholic roots, the Anglicans in England are experiencing similar difficulties as the Catholic Church with church attendance.

Apparently, the attendance is so poor, that they have had to build fair attractions inside the cathedrals. It is truly appalling to see such a thing.

What once were magnificent cathedrals offering glory and sacrifice to God in the Middle Ages have become amusement parks with a carnival slide and a put-put golf course.

See pictures below


Anglican churches transforme in amusement parks


Smelling Like Sheep


Another novelty in the Pop Conciliar Church: the confessions on the go…

The pretext is to follow Francis who told priests they should smell like sheep.

Read below.


Priest Offers Golf Cart “Confessions On-The-Go” on College Campus

Confessions on the go
This is so cool!

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church pastor Fr. Patrick Baikauskas, O.P, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana offers confessions in a new, original way.

The campus ministry pastor created “the confession to-go cart.” He drives a go-cart with the sign “confessions to-go,” offering confessions right on the college campus.

“If this is a really important sacrament, then let’s show it,” Fr. Patrick told WLFI News 18. “Let’s get out where the people are–where the students are–take this golf cart out [and] do confessions on-the-go.” “Pope Francis said we’re supposed to smell like the sheep,” Fr. Patrick said. “Smelling like the sheep means you’re not going to stay in that church and wait for all the people to come to us.

“Pope Francis wants us to go out to the people and experience them right where they are.”

Original here


Feast Days in Different Time Areas

Dear TIA,

I suppose you realize that not everyone in the world has the pleasure, or problem, of living in America, though many Americans seem to assume it.

So I thought I should let you know about the dates.

When I looked at my emails first thing this morning (about 7.30 am), your site informed me that it was a Feast Day, September 19 – Our Lady of La Salette.

Presumably it was September 19 in some part of America when this was posted.

But for me, and perhaps thousands of other readers, the date was already September 20.

The world is a large globe with an invisible line, the date line, down the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

People in Australia, New Zealand, some Pacific Islands and Eastern Asian countries are, by convention, the first to greet the new day.

This I did, only to find that I had missed the Feast Day, because of the time difference.

America itself has time zones.

I am sure that you were ready to post your item much earlier than you did, so, for the benefit of many of your readers, I suggest that you arrange the technology to correct this problem.

This is not the first time I have missed your feast day announcements for this reason! It is happening all the time!

Americans tend to assume also that everyone lives in the northern hemisphere. December = winter, a white Christmas. Our southern hemisphere Christmas, strange though it may seem, is in summer, beach weather.

I read a Catholic book a few years ago in which the author used a couple of pages to say how wonderful it is, and how appropriate, and God-given, that Easter is celebrated in the spring.

To us un the southern hemisphere, it is in the autumn.

I hope these points will be useful to you at TIA.

     V.O.R., Australia


TIA responds:

Dear V.O.R.,

Thank you for being a regular reader of our website.

We are very sorry to learn that some of our postings arrive late to you in Australia, like the one of Our Lady of La Salette.

Since we have a heavy schedule of work to prepare the articles and other daily postings, we can only start to lay them out at 6:00 pm, Pacific Time, to go online.

We would like to have a much larger staff to prepare and lay out the postings earlier, so that readers from other countries could benefit from them on the same day. But so far this has not been possible.

To avoid other cases like the one you mentioned, we suggest you to check the list of the Saints of the Day in advance, so you will not miss out on some important Feast Days.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 26, 2019

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