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Eliot, Naked Prince & Conservative Nuns

Eliot Was Right…

Dear TIA,

I want to share with you this excerpt of T.S. Elliot, which applies very much to our decadent society.

Culture and refinement are an acquired taste, just like it is work to lift the soul to higher things, also it is work to lift the culture to higher things like fine dining and art appreciation; once you move to the higher things, you can not go back to the lower things.

There is this mocking going around right now about "clown world" that this is a clown world (you may have seen the memes). I have been calling it a clown world for a long time, the way people dress is so out there, these big red or bright orange giant shoes, nothing matches, everybody looks ridiculous... I always say, when did we all start dressing and acting like clowns?


The more highly industrialized the country, the more easily a materialistic philosophy will flourish in it, and the more deadly that philosophy will be… the tendency of unlimited industrialization is to create bodies of men and women – of all classes – detached from tradition, alienated from religion and susceptible to mass suggestion: in other words, a mob. And a mob will be no less a mob if it is well fed, well clothed, well housed and well disciplined.

     T.S. Eliot, The Idea of a Christian Society


Joseph of Anchieta

Dear TIA team,

My name is V.G. and I am from Brazil. I am aware that you have a section on your website to keep a record of modernist and akin documents.

 Earlier today, I found this pronouncement from Brazil's Santuário Nacional de São José de Anchieta (National Sanctuary of St Joseph of Anchieta, Espirito Santo). It is a protest against the cause to promote St. Joseph de Anchieta to be the patron of Brazilian education. This movement wants to replace the current patron, Paulo Freire, an open communist, with São José de Anchieta, the great 16th century missionary and miracle worker.

The Jesuits at the Sanctuary want to keep the communist as patron of education, and even go so far as to set the Saint on par with that infamous communist pedagogue whose ideas had a devastating effect on Brazilian education. This is yet another sad episode in the Revolution that's been going on for decades.

Here is the link to the original Facebook post.

I am also sending you as an attachment the letter in image format in case they delete the original posting due to bad repercussions or what-not.

      In Our Lord Jesus Christ,


Editor’s Note: Shortly TIA will post the above mentioned document with a translation to English in our section Progressivist Document of the Week. A.S.G.


Semi-Naked Prince Raises Controversy

An American Reader Objects:

Re: Brazilian Royalty with Indians

TIA, (from Facebook)

What’s wrong with hanging out with some natives? They aren’t less dignified just because they’re shirtless... that’s their culture.

He wanted to make them feel that he was embracing their culture while being with them. That’s the respectable thing to do as long as the culture isn’t inherently sinful and being shirtless is not inherently sinful.

     T.G., from the U.S.

An Ecuadorian Reader Responds:


It is unfortunate that today no one has the sense of virtue. Modesty and decorum are virtues that consist in a man respecting his own body and covering it, and only showing it in intimacy to his spouse to whom he is united in marriage.

It is false and hypocritical to believe that to be naked does not provoke interior movements. If one is indifferent to seeing nudity like this, it is because he lost the virtue of innocence.

This is the reason why today there are rivers of impurity producing the loss of the virtue of modesty, since these displays constantly are exciting the passions. And when one loses one single virtue – since all they are sisters – he ends by losing all moral boundaries.

     G.C.L., Ecuador

A Brazilian Reader Concurs:


Your words were quite precise. The loss of innocence leads to nudity.

It will not take long before there will be people telling us that there is nothing wrong with returning to eat human flesh as the Brazilian Indians used to do before they were colonized by the Portuguese.

     L.C., Brazil

The Ecuadorian Reader Replies:


That's it. They will use the same strategy they always use, which consists in publishing studies about customs; then, they will say that to eat human flesh is a characteristic of that culture; next, good and evil disappear in the face of that “culture”; then, they will praise the advantages and benefits of eating human flesh.

At the end of the process, it will become acceptable to eat human flesh and it may even become an imposed fashion. This is how being a cannibal shall become a new social paradigm.

     G.C.L., Ecuador


Vatican Closes another Conservative Order


Comrade Bergoglio is doing the work of the devil!

Accordingly, he and his Vatican followers must be RESISTED TO THEIR FACES for the eternity's sake of us Catholics. He is trying to destroy the Church from within by making it unrecognizable as Catholic!

Read the article below.

     Gary Morella

Vatican all but wipes out conservative order of nuns for ‘too much prayer’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

June 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews.com) — All but five of the 39 Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, a conservative French religious order, have been relieved of their vows by the Vatican after refusing to submit to a group of Vatican-appointed commissioners led by a habitless liberal nun who wanted to impose “modern orientations” on the group, in the sister’s words.

The 34 nuns, who dress in traditional habits and care for the disabled and elderly in four different nursing homes, have been asked to relinquish their facilities and their religious dress now that they are no longer considered members of their institute. The fate of the nursing homes and their residents is now in question.

The ruling comes from the Holy See’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, which oversees religious orders and institutes, led by Cardinal João Braz de Aviz. Previous attempts by the sisters to overturn the congregation’s rulings against them by appealing to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura have failed, with the court reportedly dismissing their case without allowing them to fully present their arguments.

The support association says the decision to relieve the sisters of their vows instead of working out a solution with them came at the behest of Sr. Geneviève Médevielle, the principal apostolic commissioner named by the Vatican. Médevielle is a religious sister who dresses in lay clothing and wears a short haircut without a head covering. She is a professor of ethics at the Catholic Institute of Paris and the author of the recently published book Migrants, Francis, and us. Médevielle writes in defense of Amoris Laetitia against “conservatives and traditionalists” who criticize it.

The nuns were also reportedly under attack by the archbishop of Toulouse, Robert Le Gall, who prohibited one of the nuns’ houses from attending their more traditional form of Mass in their community chapel, apparently following their refusal to participate in Le Gall’s mass at the nursing home chapel due to their rejection of his liturgical practices.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 11, 2019


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