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Anti-Masonic Books & ‘Hero’ John McCain

Effeminate Soccer Priest


Please, check this crazy-effeminate priest Don Bruno Maggioni officiating at a wedding.

Is it a requirement today for priests to graduate from acting school so they can “entertain” the cattle?



A Slippery Cupich


Chicago Cardinal: Global Warming, Migrants Are ‘Bigger Agenda’ than Sex Abuse

In the following 2 minute interview on NBC, watch Cupich angrily shift the issue from sexual crimes to "climate change" and "(illegal) immigration," finally using the phony race card.

With leaders like him, is it any wonder the Church is in shambles?



Anti-Masonic Books Recommended

Hello dear friends of Tradition in Action,

I want to know more in depth about our enemy the Masonry, that Gnostic and mafia-style sect behind so many evils in the modern world and specially in the Catholic Church, even before Vatican 2.

I am looking for a complete and deep study based on a truly Catholic point of view. It is very hard to find something like that. I don’t know any bibliographical references, and on the internet, information abounds but is very confused, biased, contradictory, not presented from a truly Catholic point of view; in many cases it is crazy conspiracy theories.

Please, can you point me to some serious bibliographical references or websites with complete and concentrated information and analyses about Masonry in a truly Catholic point of view, preferably in Portuguese or English.

     I am very grateful for your attention.

     F.T., Brazil


TIA responds:

Dear F.T.,

Thank you for your consideration.

If you search our website with the words: Freemasonry, Masonry and Secret Societies you may find some three or four hundreds entries analyzing these organizations from a counter-revolutionary point of view.
  • In Portuguese we recommend you to read Revolução e Contra-Revolução by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (Revolution and Counter-Revolution in English). It is the inspiring handbook of the present-day counter-revolutionary.

  • Papal encyclicals against Freemasonry such as Humanum genus by Pope Leo XIII, should not be difficult to find in Portuguese. They are a must read if you want to understand the Catholic position on the subject.

  • In English we recommend the translated books of French author Leon de Poncins, which can easily be found. He is a well-oriented author who maintained a Catholic perspective and did not compromise with the false right in the fights against Freemasonry and Judaism.

  • Although not specifically anti-Masonic, the book Liberalism is a Sin by Fr. Sarda Y Salvany is recommended reading for any counter-revolutionary Catholic.

  • In French the main work we recommend is the masterpiece of Msgr. Henri Delassus, La Conjuration Anti-Chrètienne, analyzing the goals of the Revolution being achieved by both Judaism and Freemasonry.

  • Delassus’ L’Americanisme is also a remarkable work. At the time the book was written, Modernism was in gestation and had surfaced here and there under other names. Americanism was one of them. Thus, this book gives the reader good arguments against both liberal Catholics or pre-modernist Catholics and Judaism-Freemasonry.

  • We also recommend the works of Msgr. Ernest Jouin. Besides his book Le Péril Judeo-Maçonique, he directed the Revue Internationales des Societés Secrètes, which was an excellent journal. Some of its issues still can be found in French on the Internet.
Here you have some works that may point you in the right direction in your study.


     TIA correspondence desk


McCain, the Other Side of the Story


I'm in an aviation group with mostly retired military pilots. Probably 60% are Navy. Several guys knew McCain personally, or they have friends they trust and respect who knew him. I have heard many stories from these guys that mirror the article below. Most of them had no respect for McCain, none whatsoever.


The Aircraft Carrier Forrestal in flames caused by pilot John McCain - Death toll: 133 sailors

From one of McCain’s contemporaries

In honor of John “Songbird” McCain I give this man his fitting eulogy!

Before John McCain dies and the ridiculous "tributes" to the man make me vomit, let's remember what McCain's real legacy is: His father was the Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet prosecuting the war in Vietnam Nam.

Because of this McCain got preferential treatment in the Navy. He was allowed to become a Navy pilot. But he was a terrible pilot. McCain crashed two navy Jets in his early career. Then while aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal, McCain got angry because he had to wait in line to take off on a bombing run.

He shut off his engines, opened the cockpit, and in his haste to exit the aircraft to chew someone out about his having to "wait", he hit the button that released his live bombs onto the deck of the Forrestal. He took off running, as the bombs exploded, which set off a chain reaction of bombs from adjacent aircraft, and the ensuing explosions and fires killed 133 sailors aboard the Forrestal.

While his fellow sailors were fighting the fire, McCain went to the pilot's lounge below decks and watched the men fight the fire on closed circuit TV.

Hours later, McCain took off with a New York Times reporter buddy of his, and went on to say that after seeing the effects of those bombs on the Forrestal, he was beginning to question the morality of dropping those bombs on the Viet Cong. McCain was the direct cause of 133 deaths on his own ship, and was never reprimanded.

He was nowhere to be found as the Forrestal had to limp to the Philippines for months of repair work. McCain was the only pilot shot down in Vietnam out of his entire squadron because he broke formation and like the hotdog he was flew too low! He was treated very well by the Vietcong because he sang, he gave away military plans and recorded anti American propaganda, this he was nicknamed “Songbird”! He committed treason but he was pardoned and all of his military records sealed!

McCain was married then. His wife was stricken with debilitating injuries in an automobile accident. And was hospitalized for more than 5 months. McCain was off gallivanting with anything in a skirt.

Upon returning from Vietnam Nam, McCain found his wife was disfigured by her injuries, which included a shattered pelvis, arm, and legs. In order to save her legs, doctors performed 23 surgeries on her, and had to remove significant portions of the bones in her legs, which left her shorter, and unable to walk, and in a wheelchair, she had to use a catheter.

McCain was disinterested in his first wife's predicament. She had to go through grueling physical therapy to learn to walk again. After McCain left the Navy, he was intent on a career in politics. He and His wife Carol had gotten to know Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and McCain was eager to jump into politics. But he decided he needed a more visually pleasing young woman by his side.

He callously divorced Carol, the mother of his three children, and immediately jumped into the sack with new wife Cindy, who was 18 years younger. Upon learning of this, the Reagans were shocked and angered by how he had treated Carol. While campaigning for congress, McCain used pictures of himself posing with Mr. And Mrs. Reagan, but there was no hearty endorsement offered by the Reagans.

McCain's new young wife was also an heiress to an Arizona Brewing fortune. And let us not forget McCain was one of the Keating 5, who had helped swindle life savings from countless Americans in the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980's. McCain was in it up to his eyeballs. Yet McCain was well-connected in Washington, and parlayed his connections into a seat in the United States Senate.

So before the tearful tributes to John McCain, be sure you remember the facts about this self-proclaimed Maverick. The facts do not agree with that portrait of a heroic patriot and great American.

With due respect to his family, John McCain was never the great man so many portray him as. I do not wish the man any harm or ill-will. But neither should we allow this false narrative fairy-tale about this scoundrel of a man as he faces his eternal fate.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 13, 2018

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