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Saints of the Day, Videos & Objections

Every Morning a Saint of the Day


Thank you! Every morning I have a Saint of the Day. It is like when I was 11 waking up at 6 AM to deliver newspapers I heard the Angelus on the AM radio broadcast by the local seminary in Erie, PA, 55 years ago.

     God Bless you and thank you for doing God’s work in such a beautiful way.



Talented Artists

Dear TIA,

The video of the introduction to In the Murky Waters of Vatican II is superb. It is good to have this clarity.

Will you be, perhaps, making DVD's of this for possible future purchase?

I would like to add a compliment to the talented artists and cultured people you have surrounding Mr. Guimaraes and have contributed to the videos of the Eli Eli ...Collection.



TIA responds:

Dear E.H.,

Thank you for your compliments and encouraging words. They are much appreciated.

It is our plan to have DVD and Blue Ray copies of the videos for complimentary distribution. We will let our readers know when our office will be ready to fill the orders.


     TIA correspondence desk


Very Exciting

Dear TIA,

Congratulations on the video [In the Murky Waters Explained].

I’m very excited for this new venture!



Consecrated Virgins

Dear TIA,

Please, read this news report on three women who vowed their lives to live in perfect chastity but will not enter a convent.

They match perfectly what TIA has defended as a vocation of lay celibacy fighting for the Counter-Revolution in the world.

     In Our Lady,



Lesbian ‘Wedding’


Re: Catholic University Advertises Lesbian 'Wedding'

This only goes to prove that this "Catholic" University, like so many others masquerading as "Catholic," in the blasphemy advertised here is about as Catholic as a cockroach!



Praises & Objections

Hello TIA,

After reading the several-years-old article: “Why Shouldn’t the Pope Apologize for the Inquisition?” by Marian Horvat, which I thought was excellent, she asked at the very end “why?”

"The Symposium’s report helped to affirm this. Why didn’t the Pope?"

With all that has occurred with “Jorge’s” ongoing anti-Catholic dialogue and ambiguity and considering all that Vatican 2 has done, which I consider diabolical – how can the question be asked? As if it were worthy of asking.

Perhaps the phrase – you can’t see the forest for the trees – can be applied here. The obvious evil’s of Vatican 2 which have poured forth from almost the beginning go ignored. Well, not quite ignored but treated as if the “popes” are not in fact “intentionally” undermining the Catholic teachings of Jesus Christ and his Church.

The in-your-face mockery of Christ, BVM, dogma, doctrine etc.... the way they persecute the Church’s teachings and articles like this lead one to think an honest error was committed, obvious to so many who have eyes to see and ears to hear through the Grace of God and thus recognize an evil council without blinking an eye for what it actually is, evil and diabolical. I hope Mrs. Horvat has by now found the answer.

Unlike Bergolio’s “who am I to judge,” I, J.W.M., a baptized Catholic from 1945 will clearly shout from the rooftops, as we were told to do: Sin is sin, mortal sin is mortal sin and sodomy is one which calls to heaven for justice and I clearly see the Vatican 2 Council which prefers to put its hope in the UN instead of God and call Vatican 2 a sham. A brilliant coup took place and the communists that Bella Dodd stated in her book, The School of Darkness are and have been in control of the top positions in Vatican including the stolen “seat” of the Papacy since 1958.

Why deny the obvious? They now almost daily crucify Christ afresh in their words and deeds which they spew forth with a vengeance only Satan himself could think of. Rot and filth and twisted lies have replaced the good and holy.

Mild mannered writers are afraid to correctly say – you are wrong and if you do not amend your thoughts, words and deeds you will well... just go to Hell... plain and simple.

Jorge did not affirm the Symposium because he is an imposter who, via Vatican 2, usurped the “chair of Peter” and now leads the Catholic world astray. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are not merely words but warnings we are supposed to pay attention to.

No reason to respond, I just wanted to express an opinion of the average man in the pew. You do a great job on your website.

     Thank you for your due diligence in protecting our faith.

     Mr. J.W.M.

P.S. – Try to get your hands on the Masterpiece by Fr. Denis Fahey – The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World – it is indeed prophetic regarding today’s apostasy. On CD available through Catholic Action Resource Center Orlando FL. I do not know if they are still available. I can make a copy of mine if you wish.


TIA responds:

Hello Mr. J.W.M.,

Thank you for your message and words of praise as well as for the “corrections” and threat of Hell you sent us.

We agree with almost everything you said, except for the interpretation you gave to the question with which Dr. Horvat ends her article: “Why didn’t the Pope apologize [for the Inquisition]?” You considered it as if she were expressing a real doubt; however, this is not objective. It was just a rhetorical question, a teaser to invite the reader to open his eyes to see how the Popes have compromised. We are sorry you did not grasp it. You are the first person in 14 years to miss the point of that question.

When she wrote that article in 2004, Dr. Horvat knew perfectly that the Popes apologize for the Inquisition not because there are facts proving it was wrong, but because they follow an agenda, which is the agenda of Progressivism that has infiltrated the Church. She was fully aware of the influence of Vatican II in this process, since she was the translator/editor of the Collection on the Second Vatican Council by Atila Guimarães.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 24, 2018

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