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Madiran vs Lauriers & Burke Back in Grace

Jean Madiran vs Guérard des Lauriers

Note from the editor:

We received two weeks ago a letter from a reader alleging that Fr. Guérard des Lauriers was wrong when he stated that Msgr. Marcel Lefebvre said the New Mass for a period of time and called him a Pontius Pilate.

The alleged proof for this affirmation is a May 1980 16-page article in French by Mr. Jean Madiran defending Msgr. Lefebvre and attacking Fr. Des Lauriers.

Since we did not have time to read the piece, our reader is coming to the conclusion that we at TIA do not care for the truth and are biased in attacking Msgr. Lefebvre.

To show our good will – although without time to translate the whole debate –, we are posting the letter by Mr. Madiran for those who are interested in knowing his version of the events and can read French.

Shortly, we will be placing a link to this explanation on the articles of Fr. Lauriers we posted on our website so that any reader who understands French may take into consideration the arguments of Mr. Madiran.

The article in PDF format can be read here.

     A.S. Guimarães


Putin, a Poisonous Snake


Thank you, again, for your position and stance concerning Vladimir Putin, who many consider a murderous thug.

A poisonous snake is gentle and mild when and while it is eating.

During the Soviet Union's War in Afghanistan in the 1970's the soldiers were known to booby trap girls dolls with sticks of explosives that went off when they were handled causing death or loss of limb to children.

You guessed it, there was no call in mainstream media for war crime trials.

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.



Burke’s New ‘State of Grace’


Curiously, after the dissemination of the Filial Correction, a statement by 62 scholars against Francis supporting the Dubia of four Cardinals, Pope Francis told Card. Burke the most vocal of the four Cardinals to re-assume the position of head of the Apostolic Signature, from which the Pope had dismissed him.

Does this punishment/award not reflect a mafia-like dispute behind the scenes? To me it does.

By the way I commend your serene and objective analysis of the Filial Correction.

     Keep up the good work.


P.S. – Please, read the news report’s teasing below.

Saturday the Vatican announced Pope Francis’ appointment of Cardinal Raymond Burke as a member of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura – the Holy See's highest court – which he previously headed for six years. Burke, 69, is currently patron of the Order of the Knights of Malta, which he was appointed to in 2014 by Pope Francis...

Read more here.


Filial Correction & Courtesy Calls Again


62 leaders, clergy and otherwise, including Bishops, have signed a "filial correction" to Pope Francis, using uncharacteristically honest words like "heresy" in their letter written to the Pontiff. Although it is written with a tone of respect, it is also firm. Pope Francis is a material heretic, and has caused scandal and confusion for the faithful.

The first link, which has the full letter is here.

The second link, a news article is here.

Also, I recently received the book Courtesy Calls Again by Dr. Horvat and Mrs. Mead, and read it very quickly. It is a superb book, with excellent practical advice.

Please, congratulate Dr. Marian Horvat and Mrs. Mead for such an excellent book.

     God bless Tradition in Action!



A Beautiful Anthem Especially for Our Time


A fine Good Morning to you all.

We must NEVER FORGET that many Americans in more than name only fought and died for this flag in our history! We owe that to them by our respect for it!

A beautiful national anthem especially for our time!



Edifying Humility


Re: Objection to a book review

I just wanted to say that I was edified by the humility of Father Sretenovic's response to a valid criticism of a book review he provided to TIA.

Well done sir, well done!



Wonderful Books

Dear TIA,

Last week I learned there is a first class St. Philomena relic in the Mary altar here. They asked for her 'special' help when founding 20 years ago. It worked. And a charming statue depicting her right behind the 'ambo', will send photo.

Dr. Horvat, you and your books receive much applause here, especially from Mrs. M.S.

I met her as I was working on the Lourdes shine enhancement I started when I came to this area. I asked on hearing her name, Dr. Marian, if she read your work or visited traditioninaction.org.

She closed eyes, put hand on heart and sighed: "Oh! Dr. Horvat! Her writings on modesty are wonderful! Do you think she would come and help us?!? I have so many of her books..."



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 3, 2017

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