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Losing Jobs & Pro-Marijuana Priest

Fr. Margil’s Relic

Dear TIA,

Greetings of Peace!

I'm O.E. from the Philippines. I just want to know if I can obtain a first class or second class relic of Ven. Father Antonio Margil.

I am afflicted with tuberculosis and want to pray to him to obtain my cure and to intercede for me. Likewise, I'm discerning to enter religious life.

Thank you! God bless!

Hoping to hear from you soon.

     Ad Jesum per Mariam,

     O.E., Philippines


TIA responds:

Dear O.E.,

Unfortunately we do not have any relics of Fr. Margil.

We would suggest you contact Elizabeth Martinez, who is working on his beatification process.

Her contact information is:

Phone: 832-868-9181
Email: elizabethmartinez@yahoo.com


     TIA correspondence desk


St. Augustine against the Protestants


In reference to the note 'Protestants Considered as Christians,' a quote from St. Augustine may be in order. He said: "If it were not for the authority of the Catholic Church I would not believe the Gospels."

He obviously recognized and accepted the Catholic Church's authority as Divine Authority. The Protestants cut themselves off from that authority, which is where salvific power proceeds and originates.

Fr. Arnold Damen (1815-1890) wrote in his The One True Church or The Church or the Bible, Protestants have only human authority and human faith in the Divinity of Jesus Christ; ministers and preachers in Protestantism have not now or ever been divinely commissioned.

The best of men still at best are only men. They have proved this time and again by rewriting the Scriptures, then telling their followers, 'It's in the Bible - go read and study your Bible.'

     St. Augustine, pray for us.



Kosher Fee



I was illuminated on this subject by a federal food inspector who attends a Traditional chapel.

Most of what is labeled as "Kosher" is a joke. Many food manufactures simply switch to "Kosher" on a particular processing day(s) without any changes to the process. A rabbi is present on those days to bless the food and to certify that it met Kosher laws.

In one plant he inspected on a "Kosher day," the prayers were piped in electronically with no rabbi being present. For anything to be labeled "Kosher,' the first and foremost requirement is that the company has to bear the financial burden in a form of a tax to get Kosher certified. This added expense results in higher costs to retail outlets, which is passed on to the consumer.

Kosher does not mean 'healthier," but "more expensive."





Re: Novus Ordo Mass a Flavor of Protestantism

I welcome any attempts to refute this brief article, especially by any priest offering Mass using the Novus Ordo Missal.



Enduring Gratitude


Think of you daily with enduring gratitude.



Childless Governors


Just read an interesting fact today:

The leaders of all of these countries have no biological children - not one among them:


For us Catholics, a consideration about Our Lady of Fatima's prediction that "All nations will be annihilated":

It is often interpreted as referring to nuclear war, when through contraception we're already annihilating ourselves voluntarily.



Help with Diabolical Vexation

Greetings TIA,

After reading your posting regarding Secret Forces Analyzing Reiki & Yoga – XII I ask for help regarding Diabolical vexation.

Since the early 1990s, now going on 22 plus years, I’ve been vexed with consistently losing and experiencing job changes. I almost never leave a job situation, I’m frequently downsized, my position has been eliminated, or I'm given a flimsy excuse for being laid off. I live in the USA, in a “Right to Work” state, which means an employer can let someone go for any reason. So, many times I’m only told “Your services are no longer needed,” and I lose my job.

I’ve wondered why this has been repeating itself time and time again, until I’ve read Secret Forces Analyzing Reiki & Yoga – XII. I believe perhaps, my unemployment experience fits into “Diabolical vexation, where situations repeat themselves, and things continuously keep you [me and my family] from getting ahead economically.” Readers may think, or say, “he’s just a poor employee” and that may be true for a few of my unemployments, but for the majority of my lay-offs it just seems strange that I’m let go.

Before reading this posting, for 3 job situations I’ve sprinkled Holy Water upon my work-station while praying and asking for a blessing upon my employment state, and within weeks, each time, I’ve lost my job and been told, “My services are no longer needed.” Actually what’s bizarre, days before my lay-off, I’ve either been told directly or via emails what a terrific job I’ve been doing. Losing these jobs can’t be coincidence. This last lay-off has caused extreme financial difficulty for myself and my family.

I understand this is only a brief letter of my circumstances and experiences and it may be difficult for you to answer, but can you advise me what I might do to break and halt this Diabolical Vexation I’m experiencing?

     Dominus vobiscum – the Lord be with you.


TIA responds:

Greetings Mr. R.T.,

Thank you for the confidence you reveal in us when asking your question.

It may be a diabolical vexation, as you say. It also may be that your employers do not like your Catholic standards after they know you better. Companies directed by practicing Jews or Freemasons habitually do not tolerate coherent Catholics, no matter how good the work they do.

Our suggestion to you is to pray Our Lady of the Good Counsel of Genazzano to direct you to a job in which you will not find this sort of persecution.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Pro-Marijuana Sirico

Dear TIA,

In the news report below, you see Fr. Sirico advocating the legalization of Marijuana based on the idea that it is good to cut the profits of the drug cartels.

Based on this argument, why not legalize everything that promotes moral vices, since they also bring financial benefits for different types of Mafia? It is a strange criterion used by a priest who pretends to be Catholic and conservative.

     Keep up the good work,



As Nevada embraces pot, priest makes Catholic case for legalization

Claire Giangravè

Rome - July 5, 2017 - Weed dispensaries will exist alongside casinos, strip clubs and 24-hour liquor stores as Nevada joined the growing number of states in America allowing the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes on July 1.

Catholic teaching has strongly opposed this cultural shift, denouncing the use of all drugs as causing “very grave damage on human health and life” and describing their use as a “grave offense,” except on strictly therapeutic grounds.

But this time, what happens in Vegas might not stay in Vegas. Marijuana is already legal in the states of Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon, and an increasing number of people have favorable views on its use and legalization.

“The Church’s concern is always with the human person and with the deleterious effects of addiction and the loss of one’s rational faculty,” Father Robert A. Sirico, founder of the Acton Institute, a Michigan-based think tank promoting free market principles based on Christian and Catholic morality, told Crux in an interview. ...

But Sirico underlined that “there’s a whole spectrum of drug use, and the way to analyze it is to identify principles and not demonize a particular substance,” noting that marijuana itself is not evil. ...

While recognizing the risks of drug addiction, Sirico believes that some form of regularization or legalization can cut into the profits of the illegal drug trade. “What people don’t appreciate about illegal drug trafficking is how it empowers the drug dealers,” he said.

He went on to address the fact that many young people who lack economic opportunities or stable employment surrender to the temptation of making large margins of profit by selling drugs.

“They don’t see themselves as having a future, so this risky enterprise is something that will pay them, and pay them well,” Sirico said.

Another point made by those in support of legalization and decriminalization of drugs is that by acting outside of the legal framework, those selling drugs do not settle their disputes peacefully but resort to violence as well as corrupting the legal and policing system.

“I don’t see how that is necessarily helped by criminalizing the behavior and putting people in long prison terms, giving them a track record that makes it difficult for them to get out and reform their lives,” Sirico said. “I think that’s better handled in a therapeutic and pastoral way than it is in a criminal way.”

Despite being open to considering a legal option for marijuana, Sirico does not believe it coincides in any way with the promotion or encouragement of drugs.

“We should culturally and morally discourage the general use, and the non-necessary use, of chemicals to stimulate ourselves, while at the same time having different attitudes about how we go about minimizing the effect of drugs in the society, both in terms of criminality and finance,” he said.

Millennials for Marijuana

... Sirico himself, before joining the Catholic Church and becoming a priest, says he delved into smoking weed. When he was young, he was involved with the political left, for whom he describes the use of marijuana as “very casual.” On one occasion, he said, he slipped a joint to actress and political activist Jane Fonda, with whom he was working to register voters.

“That’s not something I am proud of, certainly not something I advocate and certainly nothing I would do today, but that’s more than a 40-year-old memory,” Sirico said.

He also added that his personal experience with marijuana use allows him to understand the issue more in depth.

While acknowledging that smoking weed “dulls the keenness of one’s mind,” he also knows that “smoking it once isn’t going to put you in a boat to China to some opium den. The harsh stereotypes of the thing, which are so absurd, really turn young people off, because you don’t know what you are talking about.”

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 18, 2017

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