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Bumpy Ride, Portugal & Fatkini

Be Prepared for a Bumpy Ride

Dear TIA,

I have read with great interest your articles on the supposed Third Secret of Fatima and also the corrections made to the grammar etc. Naturally, this has to occur in this Centenary of Fatima! Heaven doesn't do things by halves!

Whilst I will neither condone nor condemn the belief that this might be the Third Secret (it wouldn't be all that shocking if it was), it seems to link with this video on the Third Secret. Interestingly, John Vennari (RIP) mentions the Secret having 24-25 lines, which your text does (see at 5 mins in the video).

It also links up with the Apostasy beginning at the top - a Pope leading people to praise Satan!

Needless to say, there are many "coincidences" regarding many things concerning Fatima, like the fact that 33 years prior to the Miracle of the Sun (13th Oct. 2917), on 13th Oct. 1884, Pope Leo XIII had his famous vision of Satan's war against the Church, and then composed his prayer to St. Michael. I don't have to remind your readers that Our Lord died at the age of 33, so we see the obvious connection there.

No doubt you already realize the implications of this situation, if this is THE Secret. You are not only singled out by Our Lady, but also by the Enemy as well. He will stop at nothing to get at you.

God be with you and Our Lady guide you. You're in for a bumpy ride if this turns out to the Secret long awaited!

     Kind regards,



In Portugal the Faith Will Continue

Dear Tradition in Action,

Regarding: Finally, the Truth

In Mr. Sweeney’s article, his criticism of the Vatican released third secret, stating that it does not contain any words that follow up on the last words of Lucy in the second message: “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved”, also applies to your version of the Third Secret.

Mr. Sweeney appears to have overlooked this point in his enthusiasm, as have you.

     God bless,


The Editor responds:

Dear G.D.N.,

I was surprised at your objection. Indeed, both the “Third Secret” TIA posted in 2010 and the new version of it I recently suggested clearly state: “Because the dogma of the faith is not conserved in Rome, its authority will be removed and delivered to Fatima.”

Since Fatima is in Portugal, what is indirectly said in both texts is that the Faith will be conserved in Portugal.

So, the interpretation of the end of the 2nd message – the Faith will be always conserved in Portugal – fits perfectly with this affirmation. The only difference is that many people wrongly understood that this last statement implied that Portugal would not accept the Novus Ordo Missae, as it did. However, the real interpretation seems not to be focused on accepting or not accepting the Novus Ordo, but rather on the future of the Church. The Catholic Church will continue in Portugal after the complete apostasy and destruction of Rome.

It seems to be an historical approach that fits well with the 2nd part of the message in which Our Lady predicts that many nations will be annihilated. Portugal, however, will not, because Fatima will be the seat of the Church in the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For more on the objection that since Portugal accepted the Novus Ordo, the 2nd message has to be wrong, please read our previous answers here, here and here.


     A.S. Guimarães


When the Faith Becomes Relative

Dear TIA,

Re: Changing the mind of Church: Anglican Orders no longer invalid

Good grief, but I am not surprised. Still, if we can't trust Leo XIII's ruling, what decision of any pope on anything can we trust?

The Vatican II Church is reducing the Faith to total relativism. Nothing is conclusively true, nothing is absolutely right or wrong. And we are allowed to do only what the leaders tell us to. Tyranny.



Proposition for a New Holiday


Since the liberals are constantly talking about global this and global that, I think what we need to unite the entire world is a special day set aside each year that would include every human being on the planet. A day that all of us could relate to and celebrate with equal enthusiasm.

It would be the one day each year when the Human Family of Planet Earth would join as one huge family to observe 'The International Day of the Idiot.' Families and friends would get together in a warm and friendly gathering to select from their group the person most worthy of being honored as the 'Idiot of the Year'.

All would participate by 'claiming' dibs on this prestigious award by telling all present about the most idiotic thing they did during the past year. The winner should be chosen by majority vote.

I look forward this day when we celebrate the world's first official 'Idiot's Day.' Cards and gifts are not necessary, but do as you wish.

This special day would be a day to remember for you and your fellow 'competitors.'

I hope to win but of course like so many families, I have to many competitors.

To keep things fair, members of Congress and the news media may not compete. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of us.

Good luck, and thankfully in 2018 this day could fall on a weekend.



The Fatkini

Dear TIA,

Perhaps you have heard of it, maybe not. My daughter told me today that there is a new beach fat (I mean fad) going on, and it is called the “fatkini.”

Apparently, the overly large ladies have too-long felt deprived of going to the beach, where going “out" with all of their "sticking out stuff” makes them feel good about being out, but seriously “out” with the ‘in” crowd. As a result, they are fighting back with the “fatkinis.” You got it, the bikini for the fat girls.

We now have a new excuse for our sloth and gluttony because they should not be left out of the in crowd, and should have just as many “rights” as everyone else.

How much longer with the downward trend go?

     E.S., Ph.D.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 16, 2017

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