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A Not So Great Russia & Tattoos

Dialogue Mass Objector


About the dialog Mass and singing the responses.

Who said it’s a “Bad Custom” to sing and respond to the liturgical prayers during mass, and WHY?

Wasn’t Pius XI and Pius the XII just as much a Pope and Vicar of Christ as Pius X? And they both wanted the laity to participate more actively in the Mass.

Why does Pius X have precedence over the other two Popes?

In the Bible it tells us to raise our voices in song to give honor and glory to God and here we have a great Pope telling us not to. I don’t understand.


TIA responds:


If you are really interested in knowing who said this and why, you should read the thorough analysis of the reforms being introduced in the Mass in the series by Dr. Carol Byrne. The first article is here.

She is in her 50th installment on the topic; most likely you will find answers to your questions in this series.

If your mind is already made up as an opponent, we can assure you that it will take you more than 5 rushed lines to undo what she has magnificently done.


     TIA correspondence desk


Russia Is Not So Great

Dear TIA,

I watched a three-part-series on Russia and Putin. The perspective the gentleman from Freedom Alternative takes is similar to yours on Communism. He shows what Russia actually is today and criticizes the propaganda spread among conservatives presenting Putin as a great man.

I believe the three parts of the series are worthy watching – about 13 minutes each – for the enormous amount of reliable data it presents. Allow me to warn you and your readers that, unfortunately, the speaker resorts to bad language two or three times.

If I were you, I would recommend these videos to your readers – with the mentioned restriction about language.

Additionally, these videos may give you a good amount of data that can be useful in your daily endeavor of answering readers and objectors.

The three parts are here, here and here.

I first knew this material reading the blog Call Me Jorge.

Keep up the good work.

I go to TIA website every single day.

     In Jesus through Mary,



Holy See Promotes Gramsci


Re: L'Osservatore Romano celebrates Gramsci

This is absolutely disgusting! [and diabolical]





I'm sure you've written about this before, but I'd like some feedback on Traditional Catholics and tattoos. I'm trying to get my son and daughter in law to stop mutilating their bodies with this but they keep arguing that it isn't a sin, so it's okay.

I know that the Biblical reference to this is in the Old Testament, but does that mean that it is irrelevant for our time?

They both claim to still be Traditional, but their behavior has gone down hill ever since they started going to the Fraternity of St. Peter. There doesn't seem to be any true guidance there.

Thank you for any information you can provide.



TIA responds:

Hello A.C.,

We are sorry to know that the Fraternity St. Peter is giving a lax orientation to your children. We expected them to be better in this regard.

You may find our perspective on tattoos here.

We also posted some comments by Fr. Stephen Somerville that can be read here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Degrees of Mind Control


Suggestion, Influence, Indoctrination, BrainWashing & Hypnotism.

The Marxist Left has been using these 5 levels of control for 100 years, since they took over Russia and created the Communist International (ComIntern).

Their main venue of delivery has been, Entertainment (Hollywood-Radio-TV etc), News Media, Government infiltration and their most successful venue are schools and colleges. We have finally arrived at the level of 'hypnotism' of their master plan. This is proven by the number of 'zombies' who actually voted for Hillary Clinton.

The college campus of 2017 is proof of a major victory for the Godless Atheism of the Marxist Left.

Although I pray the daily Rosary, I may start wearing my beads around my neck. A word to the wise.



Mason Day in Brazil


In a complete and utter destruction of the Catholic faith, the Church in Brazil has chosen to celebrate Mason Day with a Mass.

Our Lady warned us that these things would happen because of sin and disobedience.

How much lower can we go?

Lord have mercy on us,

     Viva Cristo Rey y La Virgen de Guadalupe,



Church and Islam

Dear TIA,

Here is how Church leaders address the problem of Islam.


Church leaders regarding Islam


Some New Images of the Face of Christ


I came across the thoughtful writings on your website. I wonder is the shroud image a good image for the promotion of something so great; it seems rather gothic and, perhaps, austere for a young generation today.

I’m a professional artist, based in Dublin, Ireland, and have spent 3 years producing a new image. The process of production is documented on my website: www.reedeemer.com .

The new images align well with the shroud image. And I have used the images to explore, by way of a short allegory, why an image is necessary.

Anyway, I thought it might be of interest to you or to some of your contact base.

I wish you well in your work.

     Yours sincerely

     Jonathan Byrne, Ireland


Lesbian to Form Air Force Cadets

Dear TIA,

Here is another problem. A lesbian woman was chosen to direct the Air Force Academy.

What kind of moral formation can we expect our future military to have?


Lesbian with ‘wife’ and two kids selected to lead U.S. Air Force Academy

Peter LaBarbera

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 30, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — An open lesbian has been chosen to be the next commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy, according to a USAF Academy report and other media.

Col. Kristin Goodwin has a “wife” and two children. She will take charge of the USAF Academy pending approval by the U.S. Senate. If approved, she likely will assume her new position in May. That is usually a formality, but conservative opposition to her appointment might make it less so.

Air Force Academy alumnus and former Navy Chaplain Gordon James (“Chaps”) Klingenschmitt, a conservative activist, is urging concerned citizens to call their U.S. senators to oppose Goodwin’s nomination to lead the USAF cadets.

Klingenschmitt, who heads the Pray in Jesus Name Project, told LifeSiteNews that Goodwin’s appointment under a Trump presidency is part of a “deep state problem of Obama’s appointments remaining in office while the Senate drags its feet to confirm Donald Trump’s appointments to replace them.”

“Obama’s bureaucrats in the Pentagon are still running the show,” Klingenschmitt said. “Obama is gone. Why does he still have this power?”

“Goodwin, a 1993 Academy graduate, was nominated by the president for promotion to brigadier general,” reports a March 23 article by Ray Bowden of USAF Public Affairs. The promotion reportedly is a necessary first step for her to assume leadership of the Academy.

Full article here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 9, 2017

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