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Orlando Slaughter & Clandestine Immigration

Orlando Slaughter


There are four sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance. Two of them – sodomy and willful murder – met head on early Sunday morning in Orlando. Most are aware of the biblical line, 'the wages of sin is death', yet, no one in the Media or politics had the moral courage to, shall I say, "Go there." Satan's minions promoting both of these horrid sins must have had quite a celebration during and after the slaughter.

Both of these crimes against God are being dealt with in a secular fashion by the Media and our government so we can be certain that no progress will be made. Islam is a political cult totally opposed to Our Lord and His Catholic Church. The fate of Sodom and Gomorrah is proof of God's anger at the lifestyle of homosexuals.

To add to the onslaught of immoral living in our Nation and the World, Godless politicians are even invading the privacy of the girl's restroom to further enforce sexual deviancy. 'Gender Identity' education is planned for children in schools beginning in kindergarten. I need say no more regarding the evil which has soaked our society like a torrential rain.

Our Lady of Fatima said, "More souls are lost to Hell by sins of the flesh than any other sin." Pray the Holy Rosary every day. Especially for your children and grandchildren who have to grow up in these times.



Clandestine Immigration Encouraged by the Government

Dear TIA,

I remember some time ago you posted a news report showing that the government was soliciting airplanes of the UPS to bring Muslim immigrants to America bypassing customs control.

I believe this is evidence that the administration is flooding us with potential terrorists.

I ask you the favor to bring back that news; it is incredibly timely.

     Keep up the good work.


TIA responds:

Dear M.C.,

The video covering this issue is here for you or anyone else to watch.

You are correct. The pictures provided by the video and the words of the New Jersey governor seem to be first class evidence of the Obama government's involvement in clandestine immigration.


     TIA correspondence desk


Obama Is Causing Islamic Terrorism in the U.S.


An article I found on the Internet tells us the whole history about what is causing increasing threats of Islamic terrorism in America. It is Barack Hussein Obama, who is promoting a massive entrance of Muslims into our country.

I am sending the article below for you and your readers.


Mr. President, You Disgust Me

Wayne Allyn Root

Jun 13, 2016 - I’ve known for eight long years what a poor excuse for a man we have as a President. I’ve known for eight long years what a deep dark hole he is leading this country down. I’ve known for eight long years that he is either mentally unstable, incredibly ignorant, or an extreme Muslim sympathizer like we’ve never seen in the White House.

I hope other Americans are waking up after the pathetic Presidential address to the nation about the Orlando Islamic terror attack.

It’s time to talk frankly.

Obama’s speech was the most insulting, revolting & embarrassing speech EVER by an American president. It made me sick to my stomach. Obama is the commander-in-chief. He certainly knows far more than an average citizen like me… certainly far more than the journalists on Fox News or CNN. Obama knows what the FBI chief knows… what the Orlando Police Chief knows… what the CIA knows… what military intelligence knows.

His press conference was even pushed back by 30 minutes. Obviously he wanted the absolute latest intelligence.

Yet at the moment he walked to the podium I already knew…
  1. The mass murderer was Muslim;
  2. He pledged allegiance to ISIS;
  3. ISIS itself warned publicly 3 days earlier about a pending terrorist attack in Florida;
  4. The murderer called 911 to give credit to ISIS before walking into the gay nightclub;
  5. He yelled “Allah Akbar” before opening fire.
Only minutes after Obama was done with his pathetic address to the nation, it was reported that ISIS actually took credit for the attack.

That was also undoubtedly known to him when he walked to that podium too.

Yet with all of those facts at hand… Obama still did not mention the words “Islamic” or “Muslim” or even “Radical Islam” in the entire address to the nation. No mention was ever made of the religion or background of the worst mass murderer in United States history.

Obama still would not say the words “Islamic” and “terror attack” in the same sentence.

Obama still would not assign blame to Islam, or radical Islam, or Jihad.

He knew exactly at that moment in time what this attack was. But he could not bring himself to mention those words. It’s just impossible for our President to ever assign blame to Islam.

But he was certainly angry. Steam was clearly coming out of his ears because he had to admit the attack was in fact “terrorism.”

We’ve been through this so many times before – he’s always quick to blame guns or Republicans, but the word “terrorism” rarely ever comes out of his mouth.

But this time was different. All the facts were in. This was 100% ISIS verified before Obama walked to that podium. So he had to admit it was a “terror attack.” Even Obama knew he couldn’t avoid that. That had to burn him. He looked so angry and shocked that I half expected a Muslim prayer to end his speech. I could almost hear “Salaam Alaikum” rattling around in his brain.

I know Obama, my old Columbia college classmate, like the back of my hand.

I waited for the old tried and true liberal attack on guns. Obama didn’t disappoint. He had his usual hissy fit about guns being to blame. It was the gun’s fault. It had to be.

The man who picked it up was a Muslim. We are under attack by radical Islam, most of the time by lone wolf attackers like this one – where one law-abiding American citizen with a gun could end the attack and save many lives.

But amazingly, Obama’s only impulse is to disarm us. Obama and his socialist cabal want to disarm the innocent victims, leaving us helpless to defend ourselves.

Just absorb a few of these facts about Obama and his Muslim connection:
  • Obama is a man who wants to rush the process of importing more Muslims refugees into the USA (even military age males from war zones), even though his own Homeland Security Chief warns we cannot vet them.
  • Obama’s not just purposely importing Muslims, he’s bringing them in at a record pace.
  • Obama refuses to secure the border, even though Muslim terror cells are surely entering the USA hidden amongst the hordes of illegals from Mexico and Central America.
  • Obama is a man who brings in twice the number of immigrants from Muslim nations versus European nations.
  • Obama is the man who cut $2.6 billion in funding for U.S. veterans, while at the same time adding $4.5 billion to the budget to relocate Syrian refugees to America.
  • Obama is the man who is obsessed with disarming Americans, at the exact same time he arms Muslim terrorists- remember he recently handed back to the terrorist state Iran $150 billion PLUS interest to buy weapons that will be used to murder Americans, Israelis and other Westerners.
  • Obama is the man who has claimed that terrorists have “legitimate grievances.”
  • Obama is the man who refused to use the word “Muslim” at a terrorism summit. But remarkably he opened that summit with a Muslim prayer.
  • Obama is the man who claimed “Islam” has been woven into our country’s fabricfrom the first days of America.
  • Obama is the man who refused to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister during a U.S. visit, but found time to meet with head of a Muslim country (Qatar) that supports terrorism during that same week.
Let’s never forget this is the man who refused to place the U.S. flag at the White House at half-mast for almost a week after a terror attack at a U.S. military base. But on Sunday after a mass murder of gays, Obama ordered the White House flag to be lowered almost instantly.

You couldn’t make this stuff up in a fiction movie. You’d be laughed out of Hollywood.

Obama’s actions are revolting.

His address to the nation on Sunday was both embarrassing and insulting. But more importantly, it was telling. No true American could or would EVER give speech like that. Mr. President, you disgust me.

It’s time for Obama to resign from office, or be removed forcefully by a United States Congress with character.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 14, 2016

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