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Our Lady of Good Success & Signs of the Times


Our Lady of Good Success & Prof. Plinio

Dear Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.,

Please accept my donation for helping to spread Our Lady of Good Success. I first met you (not personally) with a video at our church I picked up. Our Lady then led me to read your books, which I found on Tradition in Action. And when you posted Our Lady smiling in your article “25 Years Later” I was overjoyed for you and myself to witness her smile.

I would also like to thank Atila Sinke Guimarães for all his hard work and research; also for saving Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s writings about the Saints and the Revolution in the Church.

Thanks also to all your staff.

Please pray for my family with health problems and for conversions.

     May Jesus and Mary guide your work,



Mother Mariana & the Beloved Sick

Dear Marian,

Thank you for the picture of Our Lady of Good Success.

I read the books of The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana. I have given two sets (one my own) away as gifts. I always remember “the Captain Sister” at Mass when praying for the poor souls. Lately, I have learned through reading that there are others who will be destined to be in Purgatory until the end of time, so I’ve added them as well.

Mother Marianna taught me some of her own way of charity. I must read the book again because I have fallen back into my own small ways. Such a beautiful soul she was. She also taught me that we must celebrate Christmas. I never really like the holidays because I think I am too lazy to put forth the effort into the preparations. But we must, but not in a worldly way, of course. I’m sure that I still fall behind in this in a major way.

I also loved the part on how important the sick are to a community. A friend of mine had a stroke at the beginning of this year. She was the one I gave one of my sets of books to. She was so happy to receive them. I told her how important she was (we are fellow parishioners) and to read that part about the beloved sick.

Well, that’s it. I wish I could send more than $50, but I’m already “pushing the button.”

God bless you and your endeavors. Forgive this poorly put together letter.

     In Him Who Loves Us,

     D.L. .

Once Upon the Signs of the Times

George Orwell appended The Newspeak Dictionary to his brilliant and overwhelmingly tragic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. The Newspeak Dictionary was attributed to the barbarians who administered the inhuman dystopia described in that book. The barbarians were known as "The Party".

Both in speech and in writing, "The Party" replaced old words with new words, or assigned new meanings to the old words, so that the old words and their true meanings would be forgotten in time. This procedure has been employed for centuries by those who refuse to serve God. For instance, how many meanings have been assigned to the words "faith", or "gay"? What is the meaning of the word "love"? Consider the man who says that he "loves" God, "loves" his wife, and "loves" hot dogs? What then is the meaning of this word?

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, most people became unable to think a "heretical" thought against Big Brother, because the true meanings of the old words had been suppressed. Unfortunately, those who remembered the true meanings of the old words were guilty of "Crimethink". Eventually, every written record concerning those people was deleted at the Ministry of Love (sic). The Ministry of Love was the government office which deleted all written references to specific human beings, in addition to torturing and killing them. Many people thus became "non-persons", and were erased totally from history.

The barbarians who directed the Second Vatican Council implemented the concepts of Nineteen Eighty-Four with a vengeance. The Documents of Vatican II were not only masterful examples of Newspeak, but also a fatal betrayal of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Today, the ruling "Party" in the Church employs Newspeak to imagine itself "The Ministry of Luv". "The (Novus Ordo) Party" continues to pontificate, clinging arrogantly and blasphemously to the satanic Lie that the crucifixion of the Church was not caused by its unGodly Council, but by later "interpretations" of the documents. Black is white, evil is good, objective truth is subjective, et cetera. In the agonizing attempt to deal with this impenetrable labyrinth of lies, the well-ordered minds of true Catholics may be tempted to hallucinate.

The absolute truth is that The Ministry of Luv is attempting to invent an anti-Church in which the members can worship themselves instead of Christ. The "ministers" simply refuse to admit their intentions, so deeply are they under Satan's control. The true Catholic knows that one who is not with Christ is against Him. True Catholics understand that there was absolutely no purpose for the Second Vatican Council except to collaborate in the death of Almighty God.

In their hearts, the bishops had already abandoned the true Catholic Faith, and were aware also that the majority of Catholics throughout the world had abandoned the Church. Living in a worldwide civilization dedicated to materialism and comfort, very few people were willing to sacrifice or to suffer in any way. The people who abandoned the Church were tired of avoiding sin. It seemed much more comfortable to do whatever one wanted to do.

Considering the contemporary materialist/existential Zeitgeist, it has become increasingly difficult to avoid sin and to avoid the downward spiral into barbarism; as innumerable opportunities to sin are offered daily. The Children of the Light are listening to the siren song of the Children of this World. The Children of the Light have permitted the Children of this World to make them feel guilty, to feel shame for the Crusades, the Inquisition, "triumphalism" among innumerable other aspects of the Church. No one dares anymore to state the absolute, underlying Truth: Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus, which means there is no salvation outside the Church. To be clear, this Truth applies only to the Catholic Church. There is no other Church; there is only chaos and the outer Darkness.

As long as so many people have been seduced by materialism, and have been unwilling to develop an informed conscience, they have decided to follow concupiscence to its fatal conclusion. Satan's eternal invitation to disobey Almighty God has become more successful than ever, because Satan no longer needs to tempt against specific commandments and evils. Satan has only to emphasize material comfort, and all the fellow-travellers of "The Party" fall into line.

Many of the great saints were holy because they chose poverty. Poverty drives out materialism, leaving more room for spirituality, and more room for Eternal Light to enter the soul. As Rosetti the Carthusian said: "I shut myself in with my soul, and the shapes comes eddying forth".

To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau: read not the Signs of the Times, read the Eternities.

     Joseph W. Shaara, Ph.D.
     Third Order of Saint Francis

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 23, 2014


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