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Sickle Crosier, Lesbians’ Children &
Dangerous Loquacity

Sickle Crosier

Dear TIA,

Below, are some photos of the latest papal novelty, this blasphemous no Christ on the crosier. It is the unveiling of the antipope and time of the antichrist. There cannot be any doubt as this says it all. He does not follow Christ. His crosier is empty.

His holding hands with Msgr. Ciotti this past summer was more than enough for his removal: this was why he said, "Who am I to judge?" He is gay. This should call masses to ask for his removal. I have written Rome asking for his removal just five months after his election, 2013.

May the Immaculate Heart soon Reign.

     In Christ,


New papal crosier


Wearing Religious Symbols

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your informative and interesting posts, I've been reading them recently.

I want to ask some questions:

If someone is not a Catholic but he / she wears our symbol as accessory, how should we stand regarding it? For example, a non-Catholic woman wears a Rosary or Cross as necklace, is that considered as blasphemous? I have had this question in my mind since I visited another country (where I'm sure the Catholics are not the majority) and saw some people wearing things like that, and I thought that is some kind of a trend there.

Another question: If a Catholic wears Rosary or Cross as necklace, is that wrong too? Sometimes I have seen people (Catholic) do that.

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear D.C.,

Thank you for your consideration for us in asking these questions on religious items and symbols. In fact, the use of religious symbols and items by persons who are not Catholic was addressed in the article Catholic Imagery in Today’s Fashion. We believe it will respond to your doubts about the impropriety of using Catholic symbols in irreligious ways.

Regarding your question whether or not Catholics should wear religious items, the mentioned article points out that, as a public affirmation of the Catholic Faith, it was always a Catholic custom to wear beautiful religious symbols, medals, images of Our Lady, etc.

However, when either ugly or very cheap representations of these symbols are worn or the symbols are used with immodest clothing, it is inappropriate.

Unfortunately, many good willed young Catholic people today either lack good taste or a sense of propriety in dress. We address many such subjects under the title Manners, Customs, Clothing.

We hope this will respond to your general questions.


     TIA correspondence desk


Lesbians’ Children


Re: Unusual Door Prize for Lesbians Considering Pregnancy

Two problems here:

1. No one has a "right" to children who are gifts from God via the Natural Law, which cannot be bastardized by manipulating the same via artificial means that inevitably lead to problems like this:

Same-sex custody battle could change Florida law, read here.

2. Same-sex parenting is an oxymoronic violation of the aforementioned Natural Law, as man does not have the right to abuse children by prohibiting them from the nurturing parenting of a mother and a father, each bringing their unique gifts to the development of the child in the fullest sense of the word, as understood by the sane.

In a sane world children should not have to ask the following questions: Who is my father? Who is my mother? Why did you selfishly deny me a mother? Why did you selfishly deny me a father?

Read more here.

     Gary Morella


Dangers of Speaking Too Much

Dear TIA,

I found excellent the recommendation you posted recently about the use of mobile devices.

Along the same lines, I recall having a meal out one evening with our family several years ago, before mobile phones were so popular and such a huge part of our culture. A woman several booths away was talking at length on one of them, while her husband and several children of a relatively wide age range were all surrounding her.

It seemed she may have been a physician. Several smaller children needed assistance and her husband was scrambling to manage their needs while she talked and talked, never even noticing her family.

I thought to myself that it was such a shame that the family was basically sharing their meal without her and that she didn't even notice what was going on right in front of her, nor the value of the precious time they wished to share with her ... likely to "help her out" by having the meal outside their home, negating the need for doing dishes after a long day.

In addition to her obliviousness, they had the unfortunate intrusion of her seeming endless chatter with someone they obviously didn't know, or care to know.

I felt sorry for all of them: for her, in that that (hopefully) some day she would come to her senses and realize that the years with small children pass all too quickly and she would be left with the realization that she spent it basically "somewhere else," and for her husband and children, who were receiving the message that they really didn't matter all that much to her, and that they somehow could never compete with the exciting career she had.

I shuddered to think that her marriage might some day be in trouble, given such insensitivity and a lack of compassion on her part.

I also thought to myself that if such behavior were to pervade other mothers or parents in our culture, we were in serious trouble.

What a sad state we have landed in when we tolerate so much rudeness under the guise of being polite.

I have grown so terribly weary of having someone in my family get on their mobile phone when they are in my presence - less than a handful of times a year. There are times when I would like to take the phone and throw it out the window when they are not looking or have put it down momentarily!!

     Best regards,

     E.S., Ph.D.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 7, 2014


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