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Synod, ‘Saint’ Bergoglio & Byzantinisms

Nuns in the Bus

Dear TIA,

Re: Your article on the Nuns in the Bus

They don't dress or act like the nuns that taught me in grade school, either.

So they look forward to not taking vows anymore. Why do they want to be called a nun then? They would be the same as anyone else.

     In Jesus through Mary,


Upcoming Synod



Is the Synod, in the name of the Church, going to reinforce a neo pagan mindset that will intensify the upcoming Chastisement?

Pope Francis, Cardinal Kasper & Co. are getting caught up in the dilemma facing the modern Church over irregular sexual arrangements without bearing in mind that Irregular relationships are the norm for those societies who worship false gods.

Just read an account about the prohibitions against these irregular arrangements that were practiced by the Egyptians and the surrounding heathen societies, given by God Himself to Moses, which covers everything from incest to bestiality. I also just read the missionary accounts of the various peoples that were evangelized from the time of the Apostles, whereby the Church had to overcome many cultural and religious barriers to give to these various societies the true understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Are these proposals of the Synod, with its willingness to accept irregular accommodation without condemnation, a clear manifestation that Rome, indeed, has lost the faith?

     In Christ through Mary,


Did Benedict Kneel before Francis?

Dear TIA,

Have you seen this picture of the two Popes? It was an encounter last September 18, 2014. The short video I watched gave me the clear impression that Benedict knelt to pay homage to Francis. Check the video for yourselves. In my opinion, he was seated, stood up, knelt, and then stood up again.

If I am not mistaken, what does this mean? A new type of glorification of Francis? Does this mean Ratzinger is “canonizing” Bergoglio while he is alive?

Let's wait and see.

The video can be watched here.

     Kind regards,


Francis meeting Benedict


Traditionalists Are ‘Byzantinists’


In his speech to the Focolare General Assembly on September 26, 2014, Francis reiterated his vision of a Church that resembles a “field hospital” and condemned what he called “spiritual byzantisms.” The Focolare group, in fact, is composed of people coming from 137 countries: Catholics, members of other “churches,” and some also without any religious belief.

Speaking about evangelization, the Pope told the Focolore members to “go forth like Jesus” to proclaim “the word of love to all.”

To do this, he continued, we must become experts “in the art of dialogue.” Christ awaits us, he continued,”in the cries of our brothers, in the wounds of society and in the questions posed by the culture of our times.”

At this point, Francis left his prepared speech to make some spontaneous comments directed against traditionalists:

“It pains the heart when we see a Church, faced with a humanity with many wounds – moral, existential, of war – making philosophical, theological and spiritual Byzantisms, while lacking a spirituality of action. A spirituality of going forth instead of staying closed indoors. This is not good. This is ‘Byzantinism’!

“Today we have no right to think in a ‘byzantinist’ way. It is necessary to go forth, because – as I have said on other occasions – the Church is like a field hospital. In this type of hospital, the first thing you do is tend to the injured, rather than analyzing their cholesterol levels. You do that later... Is that clear?”

As usual, Francis isn’t clear about what this supposedly terrible ‘byzantinism’ is. The term byzantinism, referring to the political system and culture of the Byzantine Empire, was coined in the 19th century. The term has primarily negative associations, implying complexity and autocracy. In this sense, byzantinisms would be the elaborateness of the Empire’s court ceremonies that covers an authoritarian, imperialist system of decadence.

So, we have Francis again stoking the fire of the progressivist-conservative divide. If a Catholic upholds and respects doctrine on contraception, abortion, divorce, cohabitation, homosexuality, and so on, then he is thinking in a “byzantinist’ way. And, Francis orders, “we have no right” to think in this way.

If a Catholic believes doctrine doesn’t change, and that the commandments and laws of the Church should be followed and enforced, then this would apparently be “byzantinism,’ which, we are told by Francis, “is not good!”

And so we have yet another of the long list of offenses against traditional Catholicism made by Francis.


New Crosier & Synod

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your reply to my question asking about known issues for Western Catholics attending this Rite: in view of the Filioque issue.

Personal private opinion: Their Rite is most uplifting, prayerful and connected to the beginning of the Church. You immediately feel this and are aware of the prayerfulness and humility on entering the Church and during all the Divine Liturgy/Mass. Their Liturgy dates to the early Church Fathers, St. Basil or St. John Chrysostom.

I have really liked their Liturgy, which I have found to be vastly more spiritually prayerful than the modern Western Rite and its clergy or overall lay Catholics. I have noted especially the humility of their prayers and Office so necessary for salvation and needed today in the Church. More so since Vatican II, with the priest facing the laity, communion in the hand, etc. Especially with Pope Humble the Usurper.

New papal crosier used at the Mass at Gesu 

Pope Francis used a new crosier in his Mass at the Church of Gesu on January 3, 2014

Regarding changes that are being planned and to be announced at the liberal led Synod on the Family – the supposedly planned changes in the Church referring to divorced Catholics projected to be allowed to receive communion without annulment and other changes, I have to ask what you believe will happen? Especially in forecasting the fallout effects of the proposed changes from this Synod on the Family in Philadelphia - changes that go against Christ's teaching and the Commandments of Almighty God entrusted to His Church?

Here is the new sickle papal crucifix with which Bergoglio sadly is culling victims by his papal "role" - these many victims culled or being betrayed by Him for martyrdom – death – and the vast number who suffer eternal loss of their souls. The leaves on the bottom half of the papal sickle are reminiscent of Revelation and the wine press of Jesus' followers, Catholics, being culled out – killed by the Jews (noahide laws soon in effect full scope) and antichrist forces.

Thank you for all the news/articles/links posted and the commentary showing pictures of trees, phenomenal!

I believe this Synod will usher in the last schism before the antichrist enslavement and new world order. Before Christ returns.

     In Christ,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 2, 2014

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