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Pacelli, Viri Probati & Aping Protestants

Film on Pacelli

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I came across this video on the life of Eugenio Pacelli accidentally and found it very interesting. I thought of you, and I send it with my compliments. Perhaps you have seen this before?

     In Maria,


Kingdom of God

Dear folks at TIA,

Thank you for the articles on The Kingdom of God (here and here). The fight for the sanctification and salvation of souls for God's honor and glory must go on as never before at the present hour.

In St. John's Apocalypse, heaven often means the Catholic Church, according to saints and scholars from centuries past. Where mention is made of the dragon entering heaven Hello Vatican Council II ! - the understanding is striking - darkness and light mixed together.

I need to steal someone else's thunder for a moment, because there has been much talk about apostasy in the Church for the past five decades and counting. Yet that is incorrect for many of us. There is only the apostate church posing as the Catholic Church. The true Mystical Body of Christ, those in the state of sanctifying grace, no matter what the size, will last until the end of time.

Blessed and Happy Easter to all of you at TIA.

     Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.


Francis Opens Doors for Ordaining Married Men

Dear TIA,

A report out of the London magazine The Tablet entitled “Francis: Married men could be ordained priests if world's bishops agree on it,” written by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt, is causing quite a stir.

It reported that on April 4, 2014, in a private meeting with the Pope, Brazilian Bishop Erwin Kräutler discussed the shortage of priests in his large Diocese.

Here are some pertinent excerpts from the interview of Bishop Kräutler:

I told him that as bishop of Brazil's most extensive diocese with 800 church communities and 700,000 faithful I only had 27 priests, which means that our communities can only celebrate the Eucharist twice or three times a year at the most.

The Pope explained that he could not take everything in hand personally from Rome. We local bishops, who are best acquainted with the needs of our faithful, should be courageous, and make concrete suggestions.

A bishop should not act alone, the Pope told Kräutler. He indicated that “regional and national bishops' conferences should seek and find consensus on reform and we should then bring up our suggestions for reform in Rome,” Kräutler said.

Asked whether he had raised the question of ordaining married men at the audience, Bishop Kräutler replied:

The ordination of viri probati, that is of proven married men who could be ordained to the priesthood, came up when we were discussing the plight of our communities. The Pope himself told me about a diocese in Mexico in which each community had a deacon but many had no priest. There were 300 deacons there who naturally could not celebrate the Eucharist. The question was how things could continue in such a situation.

It was up to the bishops to make suggestions,” the Pope said again.

This report from the conversation between Pope Francis and the Bishop from Brazil has once again raised the issue or married men in the priesthood in the public eye.

It almost looks as if some bishops may accept it as a fait accompli - as they did with contraception before the “surprise” encyclical of Paul VI. Many are already saying that Pope Francis has made another innovation “inspired by the Spirit” - that of opening the possibility of ordaining married men to the priesthood.

My question is what kind of “spirit” is this that has been “inspiring” so many changes since the Council? I do not believe it is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, but a spirit of darkness that has infiltrated the Church and hopes to finish the work of destruction of the Church with Francis.

     Margaret Galitzin


Why Do Protestants Ape the Church?


Could you please explain to me why the Protestants are always hating the Catholic Church, but they are also always imitating us? They now are using the following, and have been for a long time.
  • The Word Traditional in their advertisements for their services;

  • They do not believe in the rosary, but they wear them.

  • They now have Maundy Thursday services;

  • Ashes on Ash Wednesday;

  • Midnight services at Christmas;

  • They say the Apostles Creed but change one word - One Holy Christian Church instead of Catholic Church;

  • They add more words to the “Our Father”;

  • They love to hear the Ave Maria at weddings and funerals. If only they knew what the Ave Maria really was;

  • Stations of the Cross, but you will never see a Crucifix in their home.
So, they say the Apostles Creed, Our Father, and love hearing the Ave Maria; if they just said the Glory Be, they would have said the Rosary!

They are always mocking us. They do not believe in good works, but do a lot of charity work.

It angers me to no end to see them imitate us, and it was our saints that gave their lives to preserve the faith, not a protestant. I live in the south and Oh! the churches we ride by and you read their signs using OUR WORDS. I know to pray for these people, but sometimes the anger still rises. Catholics go through so much in this day and time just to have the basics of their faith. We are persecuted by our own flock and priests. You can just take so much.

     Thank you.


TIA responds:


You asked us to explain to you why Protestants imitate Catholics. It is because they are thieves. Their sects do not produce anything that has authentic life, so they need to steal from the Catholic Church. They do not produce life, but death; they are like a cancer that lives from a living organism – the Catholic Church from which they seceded.

The creative things they generate are calumnies against the Catholic past of their countries and the institutions of the Catholic Church. If you analyze Anglicanism, you will see that it is the source of most of the calumnies against the Church and the Catholic past of England. Nonetheless, the Anglicans draw breath from the churches, liturgies and ceremonies they stole from the rich Catholic past of England.

The same thing happens with the other Protestants sects around the world. They are followers of their father, the Devil, who imitates God by trying to compare himself with Him, and blasphemes against God as much as he can.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 22, 2014

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