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Boycott Divine Mercy & Advice to Baptists

In Ireland Divine Mercy Promotes Homo-Friendly Priest

Readers from Ireland asked TIA to help them boycott the talk of Fr. Timothy Radcliffe – a homosexual-friendly advocate – at the Divine Mercy Conference that will take place in Dublin starting  Saturday, February 22, 2014. For this purpose we present a summary of the statement, which can be read in its entirety here. The editor

Catholics: Boycott Divine Mercy Conference in Ireland

Last week the Steering Committee for the National Consecration of Ireland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (SCNCI) issued a formal letter of boycott to the Divine Mercy Conference in response to its refusal to replace their guest speaker Fr Timothy Radcliffe O.P., responsible for publicly promoting pro-homosexual teachings in the name of the Catholic Church.

The speaker in question is former head of the Dominicans Fr. Timothy Radcliffe O.P., well-known for his outspoken progressivist positions on morality and for his public opposition to the Church's teachings on homosexuality. He preaches the legitimacy of homosexual intimacy and finding God in “Gay love”. More recently it came to light that Radcliffe had issued an official thirteen page presentation to the Anglican bishops on sexual ethics which goes much further, stating that the intimacy that Catholics have with Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist can be compared with the sinful and disordered “intimacy” practiced by homosexuals.

“We stand with a moral majority of Catholics in the view that this is a scandalous attempt by a consecrated Catholic Churchman to legitimize the sin that so offends God and leads so many souls to hell” said Mr. Simon Galloway, spokesman for SCNRI, “especially at this sensitive juncture in Irish Catholic history when the Irish government have announced they want to legalize same sex marriage and the Culture of Death and its secular media is so eager to solicit support for ‘Gay marriage’ from dissenting Catholic clergy.”

In his interview with the Irish Catholic, the organizer of the Divine Mercy Conference, Mr. Don Devani, maintains that “Fr Radcliffe is an excellent man and a great spiritual writer.” He adds “Treating him like this is just not acceptable.” ”People can boycott the Divine Mercy Conference,” he continued, “but more mature Catholics will go...”

Mr. Devani also defended the decision by stating that Fr. Radcliffe had been given official permission to celebrate ‘Gay Masses’ in Soho, London, and “was in ‘good standing’ with the then-Cardinal Basil Hume and the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith in Rome.”

Mr. Galloway concludes with a call to action of all Catholics of good conscience. “We thank all of you who have written in to express your support for this boycott and lobbied the DMC for the same” he says “and we would urge all of you to stand firm against the public scandal the organizers and in particular, Mr Devani and Fr Radcliffe, are causing to the Catholic Church with the scheduled event in Dublin this weekend”

Please forward this article on to all your contacts before the Divine Mercy Conference starting this weekend Saturday 22nd February 2014


Am I Going to Hell?

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is A.W. I am a Christian. Born and raised in the Baptist Church. I am of not a member of any organized religion or church and have not been for many, many years. I consider myself a Christian as I read the Bible daily, pray daily and do my best to live a life devoted to serving God and applying His teachings to my daily life.

I am not sure you can answer my question, but I would appreciate your thoughts. Am I destined for hell because I am not of the Catholic Faith? Or because I am not part of Church?

I believe in my heart that the prophecies of Fatima and others (here and here) on your site are absolute truths and that we are all living in the end times. I see clearly the words of so many being played out before my own eyes.

What can I do to ensure the messages are spread? Do you feel I should convert to Catholicism?

Thank you for your time and for this website.

     God Bless you and peace be with you.


What Am I to Do?


I was born and raised Baptist. I have been saved, I KNOW that, but it seems as though you are saying in your article “Please, Don’t Call Protestants Christians” – If what I understand you to be saying is correct – is that there no way to be a part if the Catholic Church if I was not BORN into the Catholic Church.

Quote from article: “To be Christian one must be Roman. One must recognize the oneness of Christ’s Church that is governed by one successor of the Prince of the Apostles who is the Bishop of Rome, Christ’s Vicar on earth.”

So what am I to do?

I have been studying the Catholic faith. Seeking. Any thoughts would be helpful and appreciated.


The Editor responds:

Dear A.W.K. and G.W.,

Thank you for your courageous and sincere words and for the trust you place in our answer.

Today there is a very common error inspired by Liberalism that has infiltrated both Protestantism and the Catholic Church. It is to pretend that we know what God wants us to do because we put ourselves in His place and, then, argue as if we were God. Thus, following this path, many ecumenists say: “God is love and, therefore, he cannot condemn honest people from other religions to Hell for eternity.” For a progressivist this translates as: “I have no concern for religion in my love for my fellow man, so I consider everyone on the same plane insofar as each one is upright in his own beliefs.”

This is a human subjective reasoning that, objectively speaking, has nothing to do with God’s judgment of persons. This is also a manifestation of pride, because one who asserts this imagines God to be the same as himself, without His great superiority, transcendence and unknowable mystery.

The reality is quite different. No matter how learned we may be, we are obtuse people who understand very little of this marvelous and inaccessible Being Who created us and sustains our lives.

Regarding natural life, so far, all the scientists who ever existed in history put together have not been able either to explain or to create the life of a single mosquito, one of the simplest beings of God’s creation. This fact expresses well how little we know and can do.

Regarding supernatural life, things are still more complicated. The understanding of grace and salvation is even less accessible to our small minds than what we can know about natural life.

Therefore, we should stop being proud, imagining we can know, based on our liberal tendencies, what God is and wants; instead, we should humbly see what God really is and wants according to His own words.

Now then, God gave us Revelation in the Old Testament and sent us His own Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us from original sin. He gave us a New Testament. He reopened for us the doors of Heaven that Adam had closed, but He chose the means for this. He founded a Church that is based on St. Peter and gave the Seven Sacraments for all those who want to do His will and be saved. So that these Sacraments would always be available to men, He established a Hierarchy, which will endure until the end of the world. This perfect Church – which has in her all the means to fulfill the ends God gave her – is the Catholic Church.

Taking a humble approach before God – not pretending to know everything He is and does – we must just obey and follow what He told us to do. Just as we must follow the Ten Commandments He gave us, so also we must be members of the Catholic Church in order to do His will and be saved. Therefore, what you should do is convert and enter the Catholic Church. This would be my answer to your questions.

I believe that you should pray especially to Our Lady of Fatima, who seems to be already working in your souls, asking her to show you the best place to go for conversion. Unfortunately, with the apocalyptical apostasy that we are witnessing in the Catholic Church, many priests or bishops, who are infiltrated progressivists, will tell you not to convert. So, you must ask Our Lady to guide you to choose a place where progressivists are not in charge.

This is the advice I have to offer both of you.

I also will be praying to Our Lady to help you to be model Catholics and be with her and her Divine Son for all eternity in Heaven.


     Atila S. Guimarães, editor


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 20, 2014

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