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New Evangelization & Woman’s Dress

Example of New Evangelization


Here we have an example of the “new evangelization” practiced by all the Conciliar Popes, including Benedict XVI. He was a close friend of an Austrian lady, Sigrid Spath, who worked for many years in Rome for the Vatican as a German translator.

“It was Cardinal Ratzinger who, according to her own testimony, advised Sigrid Spath to remain a Protestant and not to convert to the Catholic Church, as she had considered doing in a moment of crisis. She could do more for both churches if she remained a Protestant, said the Cardinal.”

She listened to Cardinal Ratzinger and died a Lutheran on February 2, 2013.

This excerpt comes from a Vatican Radio article on Sigrid Spath.

     Mark Stabinski



Modernism is intellectual pride gone wild.

Recall, it was Lucifer who fell because of his pride.

Recall that pride is the most serious of the seven cardinal deadly sins. and intellectual pride is by far the most deadly kind of pride.

Recall it was the periti at Vatican Council II who were most responsible for the false teachings and the periti were all “intellectuals’.

It is no wonder Pope St. Pius X called Modernism the syntheses of all heresies.

Modernism is also rightfully called Lucifer’s sin.

Go to amazon.com and read the reviews of the books Intellectuals and Society and Political Pilgrims. The former is by Thomas Sowell and the latter by Paul Hollander.

     Robert Banaugh

Name of a TV Show

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your intelligent submission on “How Hollywood Prepared for the ‘60s

I have searched for the TV show - a certain plot that I never forgot was on- all I can remember is that it was in black and white, and it was a family TV series/drama. Maybe “Mayberry RFD” or something along those lines. I even did a google search on the topic, but instead of finding the show about that topic I found many others with the same plot. What it was promoting was contempt for morals, tradition, the Ten Commandments and capitalism. Basically, it was promoting the Leftist ideal.

The story centered around children, ages around 9 or 10, in a classroom complaining that their brown bagged lunches were being stolen from the lunch room. The students were angry. They found out that the new immigrant student, a young girl maybe Spanish or ? was the culprit. Instead of punishing her, the entire school set up a collection for the thieving girl and her family!

The little girl was sullen and her excuse was “I was hungry...” ugh. Instead of being taught that stealing is wrong, the child was rewarded for stealing, her entire family received gifts and everything, also making the white/American/traditional families feel guilty for “having more than the poor family”. Talk about communist agenda!

I have asked friends if they remember the show, they remember that very episode but we can't for the life of us recall the TV show or even the stars! If any of you do, please post it as a comment on your site, as a remark on the Leftist propaganda. I do remember seeing a lot of it as a child growing up, but I was keen enough to realize I was being bamboozled with a bunch of nonsense. Not everyone does see it, and when we watch it enough hours year after year, it gets to us eventually.

In Jesus Name I pray for your website and hope for success


TIA responds:

Dear K.M.,

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Unfortunately, we don’t recall either the name of the TV show you mentioned. But we hope some of our readers remember and can send us this information, which we would forward to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Man’s Guilt for Woman’s Dress


I check your site every day and have prayed the novena to Our Lady of Good Success three times. To one of these novenas I attribute the complete cure of my godson.

The topic of women's fashions, which your writers address so eloquently, always seems one-sided, however, with women being given the total responsibility for provocative dress, leading the poor, helpless men into sin. I realize that no one can make us sin against our wills, but the curse of Eve has far-reaching consequences.

Not enough has been written about the man's responsibility for women's fashions. Women dress to please men. It is our nature to please men because of Eve's curse. When men have no consideration or training about their roles and responsibilities, it is very unfair to blame women totally for provocative fashions. When a husband/father/brother/boyfriend admires our provocative dress, it is no wonder that daughters/wives/sisters/girlfriends dress accordingly.

I do not think it is feminism at all. Just as Adam failed in his duty to protect Eve in the Garden, his sons continue to fail in their watchfulness down through the ages. The original sin was his.

I am a 60 year old wife of 42 years. I grew up in the ‘60s-‘70s. I am sure that human nature hasn't changed an iota since Adam and Eve. The men who should be guiding our lives and giving example of God's will--our Church men--have done, and are doing, what Adam did: They take the path of least resistance instead of guarding and tending the Garden.

Thank you for your fine website and publications.



New Option for Monthly Donation


Thank you for the work you do. This year I have decided to make an automatic monthly contribution via Paypal. You will receive $50 each month.

May I suggest you provide other regular readers and donors with an option on your Donations Page to make a monthly donation? I would hate to see your site compromised or closed down for lack of funds, and I for one am doing my part to support you. Hope others follow suit.

     In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,


TIA responds:


Thank you for your kind words, monthly donation and excellent suggestion.

We have set up a monthly payment button (SUBSCRIBE) on our Donations page. Our supporters can choose an amount to donate monthly and these funds will be withdrawn automatically from their credit card accounts each month. A donor can change the amount or cancel it at any time.

We hope many of our readers will follow your kind example and help us by subscribing to make a monthly donation.


     TIA correspondence desk


Five Dollars

Dear TIA,

I read in the “comments” section of TIA, my email regarding the $5.00 monthly donation idea. I immediately put it through PayPal as suggested.

It is my hope that a thousand other Seniors out there will do the same thing and TIA receives some well earned support.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 6, 2014

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