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Mujica, Birds & Tapes

Who Is Francis?

Dear TIA,

I am passing on to you this indignant reaction of an Uruguayan friend of mine over the mounting support Pope Francis has given to communists, principally at the private audience he granted to the terrorist president of his country [on June 3, 2013]. On that occasion he called the known terrorist Jose Mujica a “wise man”…

     In Jesu et Maria,


Actually, Who Is Francis I?

From the moment I read the news report that Francis I called Mujica [the president of Uruguay] a “wise man,” I had the intention to write something. But now, with the comments of Leonardo Boff defending the Pope and, among other things saying that the Pope accepts Liberation Theology, it is imperative for me to say something.

Indeed, Boff said: “In this sense we can say that Francis is a liberation theologian who follows the lines of Scanone, which was the theology that supported some of the actions of Peronism.” …

To which of the lamentable facets of the President [of Uruguay] did Francis refer when he called him 'wise'?

Was he referring to Mujica tupamaro [a Uruguayan terrorist], murderer, thief, kidnapper and fugitive from prison? Or perhaps to the charlatan who speaks without saying anything; to the vagabond who in his whole life never did any honest work? Or perhaps to the politician who carried out a genocide of innocent children [by approving abortion],  defends divorce and homosexual “marriage” and often exclaims “Cursed be private property”?

Was Francis perchance fooled seeing a dirty, vulgar old man affirming he wants to change the world and people do not allow him to do so?

Mujica and his ilk of the Mafiosi have never repented or asked forgiveness for all the deaths and crimes they committed. This fact Francis must know this since when he held the position of Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he was just across the Rio de la Plata [from Montevideo, capital of Uruguay].

Nonetheless, Francis praised this man who is a state terrorist, a praise that benefited the left in every possible way. How naive is this pontificate…

It takes no account of how many Catholics have died defending their Faith, how many struggle daily to support the Christian ideals of life, to form their children according to the teachings of the Church. It seems that nothing matters anymore…

Undoubtedly we are witnessing a sign of the times. The acceptance of all this and the accomplice and coward silence of the jotajudas [sycophants and blind conservatives] confirm that God blinds those who condemn themselves.

A man who turns out the light blinds himself. From this comes the warning of Our Lord: “Everything can be forgiven men but the sin against the Holy Spirit.” This is not because the mercy of God is extinguished or because man falls outside the love of the crucified Son, but because in his liberty man has chosen not to see. He has no pardon because he deliberately refuses the remedy.

If I am walking blindly at night, my remedy is to welcome the light someone offers me. If I discern that light but choose to continue without it in the night, I voluntarily become blind.

May Our Lady, Star of the Sea, enlighten us, as this wise advice says:

“With her as guide, you shall never go astray; by praying to her, you will not despair; by thinking of her, you will avoid every error.

“If she sustains you, you will not fall; if she protects you, you have nothing to fear; if she walks before you, you will not grow weary; if she shows you favor, you will reach your goal."

"And so you can know by your own experience all the treasures that are contained in this phrase: 'And the name of the Virgin was Mary.' (Lk 1:27) [The complete text can be found here one posting before the bottom of the page]

May her name never leave our hearts and, as the Mother of Mercy, may she forgive our miseries. May she, by means of the Grand Retour, transform us into the faithful disciples we should have been.

Asking your apostolic prayers, I promise you mine.


Pope Francis embracing Jose Mujica

Pope Francis warmly receives ex-terrorist Jose Mujica, President of Uruguay


Holy Beach Ball


A video of Pope Francis placing the Holy Beach Ball on the altar of St. Mary Major in Rome is available here.

Ask your pastor to introduce this meaningful rite in your parish.


Parade of Birds

Dear TIA,

This is a beautiful display of rare birds, made by a French lady. It is very worthwhile to watch it. I am sure you and your readers will enjoy it.

The link is here.

Thank you for the good work you do. I go to your site every single day.

May Our Lady reward you for your fidelity to the Church's traditional teachings.


A Highway Metaphor


We are all aware of tragic accidents caused by an unwary or intoxicated driver entering the 'exit' ramp on the Interstate and driving in the wrong direction, usually at night when their vision is lessened. This seems to me an excellent analogy of the Church today. The Modernists of Vatican II skillfully got us to go in the wrong direction and so few realized it. There were collisions after collisions as the liberal vehicles collided with the vehicles of Faith, Dogma, Doctrine and Tradition. Yet, excuse after excuses were given for the decline in vocations, Mass attendance and lines for Confession.

Every failed liberal novelty was replaced with another liberal novelty. It didn't take long for a 'few' to realize that all of the road signs were facing the wrong way. These few brave souls, Bishops, Priests and Laity, got off the Conciliar highway, found the right entrance, and got back onto the Interstate and headed in the right direction. It is these folks that the Conciliar Catholics deem as 'lost'.

Well, at least we are trads.

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.

What Is a Tape?


I was looking at your items for sale on the Tradition in Action website and I notice that it gives the purchaser the option of a cd or tape. My question is whether “tape” means a DVD or VHS format.

Thank you for your time,


TIA responds:

Hello C.U.,

an audio cassette
We are supposing that you are under age 30. Until some years ago, persons used tape recorders, which played cassette tapes, also called audio cassettes or simple tapes – as we designated them on our website. A photo of it is at right.

This is the format of a magnetic tape for recording sounds and playback. It consists of two miniature spools, between which a magnetically coated plastic tape is passed and registers the sound-track.

We still have customers who request these ‘tapes’ although this system is becoming increasingly rare as other ways of recording are replacing it.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 1, 2013

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