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Que Así Sea & St. Philomena’s Protection

Vatican Praising Blue


It is not surprising that Vatican Radio would praise the disgusting immoral film Blue is the Warmest Color. The general spirit of the Vatican is one of tolerance toward homosexuality, even after the priest pedophile crisis that has rocked the Catholic Church.

Consider that retired Belgian Cardinal Danneels recently praised the more modern “nuanced” teaching of the Church on morals, affirming the Vatican Radio Position. He told the media on June 5 in Brussels that “gay marriage” laws are a “positive development.” His words follow:

I think it’s a positive development that states are free to open up civil marriage for gays if they want,” the cardinal told the Dutch language newspaper De Tijd, adding that he thinks such unions should be given a different name than marriage.

According to Danneels the Church today has developed a more “nuanced,” position without being “fixated” on moral principles. “How can a man not identify with his orientation? I think there is a clear evolution in the thinking of the Church.”

He compared the situation to the treatment of suicides, who at one time were denied burial in a Catholic cemetery, saying the Church now looks at the “totality” of the person.

The French language paper L’Echo, also quoted the cardinal saying that the French people should “obey the law” and not oppose “gay marriage.” France just recently passed a gay “marriage” law after a heated debate that saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the street in protest
(original here)

So, don’t expect any apology soon from the Vatican, is my advice.

Keep up your great work.

     Viva Cristo Rey!


Obama & Memorial Day


It’s amazing that a piece with no vulgarity like theses comments can be one of the most powerful messages to Obama that I have seen to date.

Not racist... not violent... just not silent any more!

Check it below, and keep this one going! Send it to all your friends.

     Dr. Frank Joseph

Obama and Memorial Day


Protestant Popes


I read with interest the column from a secular publication of a Protestant minister sent to TIA for us to read.

He suggested that Francis could be the first Protestant pope. Perhaps this minister is too young to remember Paul VI, who gave us, according to a Protestant Theologian, Luther's Mass. This is quoted in the book Iota Unum.

Ergo, Paul VI was most likely the first Protestant pope.

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.

Celestial Voices

Dear TIA,

I am sending to you a video of the singer boys of Regensburg. These are celestial voices!

I hope this will give you solace in the hard every day fight for the restoration of the Church and Christendom.

The video is here

     In Christ Jesus,

     P.H.M., Brazil

Que Así Sea

Hello TIA,

Thanks for your untiring efforts in defense of the Faith.

Recently I came across a blog post which described Pope Francis's choice of words in his speeches and homilies. It seems that he quite often emphasizes his points or ends his talks with the phrase "Que Así Sea" or "Così sia" (in Italian).

Doesn't this correspond directly to the prayer ending formula of Freemasonry "So Mote it Be"? I don't want to be sensationalist but I am curious to know if there is a correspondence between the phrases.

The relevant information can be found out the bottom of the blog post:

For those who've been reading closely these last six weeks – and, perhaps for a few, into the Buenos Aires archives – the preach's closing words are well familiar. But for the benefit of those for whom that hasn't been the case, it seems a scrapped piece from this house's cutting-room floor, scribbled out in the days just following the election under the headline "Que Así Sea," can help explain it....

You might want to get used to these words – odds are you'll see them a lot going forward.

Reading through then-Cardinal Bergoglio's homilies, you'll find the term over and over at the close of practically every one – and even at his first Pope Mass, albeit in Italian, there it was again:

Que así sea... Così sia.

In English, we'd translate the phrase as "So be it" or "Let it be so." Even that doesn't convey the full meaning, though – whatever the language, the term is more often expressed in faith as "Amen." But it seems the use of it offers a glimpse into the mind of this new Francis – perhaps that in a culture which has lost the shared reference-point that comes with belief, even the understanding of "Amen" shouldn't be taken for granted; that it's better to just break it down and express it without pretense... that is, to make the "confession" of faith so unmistakably accessible and clear that it might be received.

And even without a single word in English, that sense of communicating clearly seems to have taken hold over these weeks.

Even if that's the case in Rome, though, may it be so for us... so be it. Amen.

     Thanks for all your work,


TIA responds:

Hello S.B.,

Thank you for your amiable words regarding our work. Although we undertake it without human interests for the Reign of Mary and the glory of God, it is always encouraging to realize that some readers recognize the effort it takes to keep a website like TIA’s going.

Regarding your question, as far as we know, in Argentina as well as in other Latin American countries, it is quite common for a priest, Bishop or Cardinal to finish a homily with the words Que así sea. It is a pious ending formula equivalent to Amen.

Probably this is the reason why Pope Francis kept the same way of ending his homilies.

It seems to us a little contrived to try to link this to a Masonic practice. It runs the risk of being called an exaggeration, whose probable result would be to discredit those who oppose Francis for solid reasons.


     TIA correspondence desk


St. Philomena’s Protection

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

Here is a modern Saint Philomena miracle:

While my family's vehicles carry Saint Christopher medals and we always invoke him upon entering our travels, we also include Our Lady of Good Success and Saint Philomena.

The following miracle ought to be attributed to the intercession of these saints and Our Queen of All Saints, but most particularly to Saint Philomena, for the following reasons.

In this particular situation, the vehicle was not carrying a medal nor invocations were made, yet my son is a member of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena and he wears her Blessed Cord. Members of the Universal Archconfraternity were called by Pope St. Pius X "St. Philomena's Family on Earth," and the Blessed Cord of Saint Philomena was approved by Pope Leo XIII, who attached special privileges and indulgences to all who wear it. …

Douglas accident
My son is an EMT and was riding in the ambulance in this photo on the way to assist at an event when a horrific traffic accident happened. Several vehicles were involved and four persons were airlifted to the hospital in this collision.

My son wears the Blessed Cord of Saint Philomena, and our family daily recommends ourselves to her protection for us in any means of travel.

All who see the damage to the vehicle are amazed that both he and the driver walked away from it; the driver with bruises and two cuts needing stitches, and my son - who was in the passenger's seat -  with no marks except for muscle soreness and one small cut at his elbow.

Saint Philomena is powerful with God and protects those who are devoted to her. I repeat that a sure sign of devotion is in the wearing of her Blessed Cord, which is especially recommended for our children to wear, for it is a marvelous protection in the many mishaps which threaten them in daily life.

Gratitude for favors and protections received is necessary for true devotion to any Saint, especially Saint Philomena; in thanksgiving for this wonderful miracle, Masses will be offered in her honor for so great a favor as my son and our family have received.

Saint Philomena, powerful with God, pray for us.

     In Maria,

     Catherine Croisette


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 13, 2013

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