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Anti-Gay Protest in Paris & Paul VI’s Clone

Anti-Gay Marriage Demonstration

Dear TIA,

I am quite confused about the message of the recent anti-gay marriage demonstration in Paris, May 26, 2013. Simply speaking, it was an anti-homosexual demonstration, which is a very good thing that deserves all the support of Catholics, particularly of traditionalist and counter-revolutionary Catholics like us.

Then, when I took a closer look at it, I realized that it is not so simple to say that it was anti-homosexual, since the rainbow banner was often seen among the demonstrators. Further, the color adopted as an official color of the whole event was pink, which is also known as being a color often identified with homosexuality. The flags, banners and placards were either in pink or blue.

What I wonder is whether the organizers of the manifestation intended it to be an anti-homosexual act per se, or just a public act specifically against the homosexual marriage law. Thus, if any homosexual were against that law for any reason, he would be welcome and could march hand-in-hand with Catholics or others. If this were the case, we would be facing a completely relativist action from the moral point of view.

This would change the position of Catholics, as well, who could not support such a movement.

Since I don't have enough information to answer this question, I am passing the problem on to you. Perhaps you can provide me with an answer or ask your French readers to clarify the picture for us Americans.

I am sending you a series of photos taken from different internet sources that make my point. Below first row, you see the rainbow flag partially covering the banner of the marchers; second row, at right, again the rainbow flag with the symbol of a man, a woman and two children printed on it.

From the third row down to the end, there are several photos showing the official flag-symbol of the event in pink and groups of youth wearing pink. Some of them with clear homosexual mannerisms.

I wish you good success in your important endeavors.

     In Jesus through Mary,


rainbow toting anti gay protest in ParisParis anti-gay manifestation

TIA responds:

Dear M.C.,

Thank you for your question and for sending us this expressive ensemble of photos.

We do not have the background information to clarify whether the real goal of the organizers was to make an anti-homosexual manifestation or if they joined with pro-homosexual groups.

We are passing on your question to our French readers.


     TIA correspondence desk


Paul VI’s Clone


Since TIA did such an outstanding and persuasive job of exposing the imposter Sr. Lucy 2, I am very much surprised that you have not done a similar expose' about Paul VI, who gave us Vatican II with its very damaging consequences for the Church... or did I miss it?

A simple internet search of the words "Paul VI Imposter" will bring up several photos that clearly show two different men claiming to be Pope Paul VI.



TIA responds:


Thank you for your amiable words regarding Dr. Marian Horvat’s forensic analysis of the two Sisters Lucy. We are passing on your compliments to her.

The presupposition for having an impostor, as in the case of Sister Lucy I, is that the first person was good, and that later he or she was replaced by someone bad. In the case of Paul VI, this presupposition does not apply. Msgr. Giovanni Battista Montini had always been bad, even a long time before he became Pope Paul VI.

His progressivist ideas as well as the landmarks in his ecclesiastical career are very easy to track far back for many years. In neither of these realms can we find any time when a rupture took place and he became a good prelate, thus presenting the need for the progressivists to replace him with someone worse. Montini's revolutionary pathway revealed that in each phase of his life he was as bad as he possibly could be until the end.

Thus, we are sure you did not miss anything on our website regarding an impostor replacing Paul VI. We never dealt with this because we do not believe the need for such an impostor existed.


     TIA correspondence desk


Wishing You Success


Praise be to Lord Jesus!

I was checking your website. Info is superb and wonderful. Wishing you all success, may your website reveal the truth and lead the Church to purification.



Francis & Judas


Merci beaucoup for the wake up call with Francis I and Judas, for those who need it, concerning Francis I and what is and is not happening to the Papacy. We needed the alert that his first letter was to the Jews.

Additionally, the Vatican has made so many efforts and overtures to placate them during the past 50 years, including many syncretistic religious services in churches and synagogues that these events make a powerful public statement.

He, Francis I, may just wind up with the "Pontius Pilate Problem." Pilate found out too late on Good Friday that if God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity could not please the Jews, not only he but no other man can please them either.

St. Paul spells it out perfectly in his first letter to the Thessalonians: chapter 2 verses 14-17

     St. Paul, pray for us.


Telling the Truth


I liked this post - John Paul II & the Augean Stables - that tells the truth like it is and should be told.

It is remarkable the total disregard of John Paul II for the eternal welfare of souls in complete contradiction to the purpose for which Christ established the Catholic Church,

And to think Pope Benedict XVI was pushing strenuously to have Pope John Paul II declared a saint.

It is no wonder the Church really is in deep trouble. With such behavior by the conciliar Popes, the fact that the Church still exists is proof that God is still watching over it.


Maximillian Kolbe


This is beautiful! It is a bit lengthy but worth the watch.

He is a 'modern-day' saint for you...

The link is here.

     Pax et bonum,


Following TIA's Postings


Is there the possibility to follow your news and get informed via email automatically if there is a new post?


TIA responds:

Hello M.H.,

We do not have Twitter to inform our readers of our postings. Neither do wet have an e-mailing list that automatically sends notices to our readers.

The only way to keep informed on our postings is to place our website in your Favorites and visit our Latest Updates page often. It is updated daily between 6:00 and 9:00 pm, Pacific Western Time.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 4, 2013

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