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Soviet Agents, Bagnasco & English Parliament

American Betrayal


I want to share an interesting article/video link with you. In the recent past, several books have come out confirming the thorough Soviet penetration of the Roosevelt administration. One book takes this a step further and connects with present events: American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.

The Daily Caller interviewed the author, Diana West. The video/ text (43 minutes) can be accessed here.

One quote, "Americans have been betrayed by our leaders going back to FDR’s administration in the 1930s because we were penetrated by Soviet agents to such an extent that our policies and, indeed I argue, our character as a nation was subverted."

In the video, the author also points out the timidity among conservatives regarding discussing this and related topics.

     Toby Westerman

Is the Pope Refusing His Office?

Dear Editor,

Let me first state that I am not a sede-vacantist. Nevertheless, I am having doubts that Francis is actually Pope, mainly because he continuously refuses the authority and responsibility of his Office.

pictures showing Bergoglio never changed his hat 
In the two photos on top, we see Bergoglio as Archbishop; on the bottom, he  wears the exact same miter as Pope. Does he consider himself invested with the Papacy?
My understanding is that one of the requirements for becoming Pope is that the newly elected pontiff must voluntarily accept the position. It appears to me that Pope Francis refused to accept the Papacy the very moment it was publicly conferred upon him, when he appeared on St. Peter's balcony without the red papal cope. As the BBC widely reported, he explicitly refused the cope when one of his aides attempted to place it on his shoulders, to the point of insulting the aide with a mocking reply, "No thank you, Monsignore. You put it on instead. Carnival time is over!"

We have read stories of Pope Francis urging people to, "Call me Jorge", and constantly referring to himself as the Bishop of Rome, as if that were his only and most important title. He is also reported to sign his name as simply "Francesco", without the papal "PP", on official documents.

Now I have read a report that the Annuario Pontifico 2013, just issued by the Vatican, refers to Pope Benedict XVI as "Supreme Pontiff Emeritus", whereas Francis is listed as merely "Bishop of Rome". A casual reader of this publication might inadvertently assume that there is no longer an office of the Pope, that Benedict was the last pontiff, and that an administrator called the Bishop of Rome is now the top official of the Vatican.

It seems that Pope Francis is trying very hard to justify the position of the sede-vacantists!


The Vatican II Express


The conciliar Church is navigating ever more reckless in the "murky waters." As can be seen by the video below, "conservative" Cardinal Bagnasco of Genoa is giving communion to a transgender, cross dresser, communist, homosexual politician.

It is beyond description how many Catholics would actually defend this cardinal's action and how many more would keep their heads in the sand.

Do not hold your breath, because I don't believe the authorities at the Vatican will do anything about this sinful and scandalous action.

Watch the video here.

     Viva Cristo Rey y La Virgen de Guadalupe!


Bagnasco Supporting LGBT


Below you can read and watch about the conservative Cardinal Bagnasco of Genoa who gives Holy Communion to an activist LGBT

During the funeral of Don Andrea Gallo in a Carmelite Church, Card. Angelo Bagnasco, president of Italian Bishops Conference and Archbishop of Genoa, gave communion to former parliamentary member and president of the Italian transgender movement Vladimir Luxuria. During the Mass, the now ‘Miss’ Luxuria spoke and thanked the Archbishop for making all ‘transgenders’ feel like “daughters of God, willed by God, loved by God. We hope that many will follow your example.”

You can read an Italian news report, watch two videos and see many photos here.

Card. Bagnasco was a disciple of Cardinal Siri…

During his sermon, there were boos and protests from disgruntled parishioners.

     L.D., France

Contorted Cross

Hello TIA,

The usual name for the Scorzelli's cross (which you call "Contorted Cross") is "Broken Cross" and the article should have that usual name in its title.

I wondered why the Scorzelli's cross is usually called "Broken Cross" when its horizontal bars are bent, not broken.

Here you can find the following explanation why the Scorzelli's cross is a Broken Cross (by the way, the condemned Servaes' cross is not a Broken Cross but (only or "only") an ugly cross since its horizontal bars aren't broken (bent):

"It is an ancient and powerful symbol of Antichrist. During the dark ages it was used in Druid Witchcraft and by Satanists of all sorts during the initiation of a new member to their order. They would draw the magic circle and give the initiate a cross. The initiate would then lift the cross and turn it upside down. He would then renounce Christianity in all three dimensions (sic) of time (past, present and future) and break the horizontal pieces downward forming the design of the 'Raven's Foot.'

This ugly symbol is nothing short of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. For one to wear or display this symbol is to announce either knowingly or unknowingly that you have rejected Christ. Remember, symbolism is a picture language, and a picture is worth a thousand words.".

One doesn't have to be a genius to see that together with an upper part of the vertical bar the two bent horizontal bars of the Scorzelli's cross form a Broken Cross (Raven's Foot), although slightly bent, without turning the cross upside down.

TIA, "what concord hath Christ with Belial?" (2 Corinthians 6:15). To paraphrase it for you: TIA, "what concord hath Christ's Body, the Catholic Church, with Belial's disciples Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Francis, etc.?".



Queen Opens the English Parliament

Dear TIA,

In the link below there is an extensive footage (40 minutes) of the opening of the English Parliament by Queen Elizabeth this May. For us who love the remains of what the Catholic Church inspired in society, this video is a stimulant.

Some narrow minded trads will complain: “This is Protestant! How dare you tell us to watch it?” The answer is quite simple. Yes. It is Protestant. In the past the Anglicans stole buildings and ceremonies from the Catholics. However, they still maintain many of those things as they were.

If all those things were Catholic today, unfortunately these ceremonies most probably would have been transformed into a Charismatic Carnival, like what we see in some of the Vatican ceremonies with the Pope. Or, still worse, they would have been transformed into a leftist-communist manifestation demanding social rights for “minorities.”

Thus, if they were Catholic today, we would not have an idea about what the good influence of the Catholic Church can generate in society.

So, I invite my trad fellows to leave aside this not-so-clever objection and watch this video. It takes a few minutes to download; the link is here.

Keep up the good work.

     Kind regards,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 28, 2013

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