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Marx, Saints of the Day & Liberius

Card. Marx on Traditionalists

From TIA’s files,

On May 1, 2013, L’Osservatore Romano, the organ of the Holy See, published a news report on a statement made by Card. Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Germany, on the pontificate of Benedict XVI, whose faithful disciple he is. In passing, he came with a blow against traditionalists. This is the part of the news report of interest:

Cardinal Reinhard Marx


Card. Marx, right, one of the "great eight" chosen by Pope Francis, boasts of his antipathy toward traditionalists
“According to the Prelate, Benedict XVI is a theologian who ‘has never stopped being curious about and admiring everything God made.’ in the same way, he stressed, man must continue to discover the Gospel as the novelty by antonomasia: ‘The traditionalists venerate the old, they are guardians of a museum. We must not, however, guard the richness in a museum; we must not look for a restoration, but instead for a rebirth, for a renewal of the faith and Catholic life, a renewal of the Church as a whole and of each individual.’ The Catholic faith is ‘the greatest adventure of the human spirit, but it is also demanding and wants to take us farther.’”

So we traditionalists should keep in mind that Card. Marx and the L’Osservatore Romano are not on the brink of entering our ranks...

     TIA correspondence desk


Manna from Heaven

Dear Dr. Horvat,,

I just love your website. We begin our daily prayers with reading "Saint of the Day." We especially appreciate the comments! They are most instructive and helpful for my children and myself and lead to some interesting discussions and thoughts for the day. We are reminded to do our best to copy each Saint of the Day to the best of our ability. Oh! How I wish I had some of this when I was a child. All the sweeter now, thanks be to God. Manna from heaven!

We are praying the novena in honor of St. Joseph, the worker, Feast Day is 1 may. Can you put a piece of information up for all to read and study please?

While the book, The Great Saint Joseph by Dr. Remi Amelunxen is wonderful, Saint Joseph as a model for workers is not discussed there.

Thank you for all that you're doing in God's holy name.

     God reward and bless you a thousand fold,

     M.W. & family, Ireland


I Love the Saints of the Day

Dear TIA,

I just love to read these articles about the saints! Thank you especially for this one on St John at the Latin Gate.

It is so good to be reminded of the importance of remaining steadfast, at the foot of the Cross when carrying our own crosses they seem so heavy, ugly and repugnant.


Don’t Buy Fatima Shock


You have an article by Edmund Grant (Oct. 19, 2012) about the anti-Catholic book Fatima Shock by Bob Thiel. Did he discuss anything about the Resurrection Miracles of the Saints?

I am asking because I pointed out to him the many resurrection miracles of the saints (ex. Ven. Mother Mariana, St. Vincent Ferrer) and he told me to buy his book, which I thought didn't discussed these authentic miracles. I hope you can give me some light.

     Thanks and God bless.


TIA responds:

Hello D.N.,

The anti-Catholic and anti-Fatima book Fatima Shock makes no mention of the resurrection miracles.

Perhaps the author was just baiting you to purchase his book, because he does not discuss St. Vincent Ferrer, Ven. Mariana de Jesus Torres, or any of the other Saints who returned to life miraculously.

We advise you not to waste your money on this book.


     TIA correspondence desk


St. Nilus


Thank you for your in-depth review of the St. Nilus prophecy (here & here) which my friend sent me. I would have been one of the ones sent astray if I had not come across your research. I will show my friend your findings.

God bless


Fellay Going Astray


Bishop Fellay made remarks about Freemasonry inside the Vatican in a 2011 press conference. So he also believes that Freemasonry has infiltrated the Vatican, and that it is striving for a one world government and a one world religion.

Why, then, does he wish to achieve a “reconciliation” with Masonic Rome? If he knows that the Vatican has become part of the “super-religion,” why does he wish to align himself and the Society with it? And why does he expel innocent priests whose only “crime” is to remain faithful to the mission of Archbishop Lefebvre?

While he certainly is not in an easy position, Bishop Fellay’s handling of this situation has been poor. He knows that the conciliar church is a pawn of the New World Order, yet he is trying to reach a deal with it anyway, which is disgraceful. Even though a deal seems unlikely at this time, the fact that he tried to “reconcile” with people that he knows are striving to achieve a one world religion and the fact that he unjustly expelled priests who disagree with him shows that he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.


Papal Coat of Arms


Pope Francis coat of arms
This is the coat of arms for the Pope Francis. Notice that the 3 tiered papal crown is missing, only a bishop’s miter is included. Strange?

Is this the pope who will destroy the glory and status of the papacy?

Already he does not wear a normal ring of the pope and he wades through crowds without expecting people to kiss his ring. He certainly is not upholding the dignity of the sacred office entrusted to him.


Pope Liberius’ Apostasy

Mr. Guimarães,,

Laudamus Jesus Christe!

In an article about Bishop Rifan intitled Rifan Quo primum and the New Mass, in the caption under St. Hilary of Poitiers, you wrote : "St. Hilary of Poitiers kept records of the official adhesion of Pope Liberius to Arianism."

May I know what are the sources for such an affirmation?

      Thanking you in advance,

      P.M., Canada

The Editor responds:


In the famous 21 vlolume Histoire de l’Église [History of the Church] under the responsibility of Augustin Fliche and Victor Martin, its volume III (published by Bloud & Gay in 1945) has three parts. Part II, La Crise Arienne [the Arian crisis], is written by J.A. Palanque, Professor at the Faculty of Letters in Montpellier. On page 154, referring to the apostasy of Pope Liberius, Palanque’s text reads:

“Finally the Pope submitted: four letters conserved by St. Hilary are the testimonies we have of this submission.”

The footnote referring to this text gives us more data:

“We cannot return to discuss in detail here the authenticity of the four letters quoted by St. Hilary in the Fragments. The first letter, Studens paci, is out of context to the times, appearing to be contemporary to the early years of Liberius’ pontificate. & R.V. Feder has demonstrated well (Studien zu Hilarius von Poitiers, in the Sitzungsberichte of the Vienna Academy, 1910, p. 164) that the only document belonging to this epoch is the letter Obsecro. to Constance, Fragments, V, 1-6.

“The letter Studens paci belongs to the same period as the three others. Cf. A.L. Feder, work cited, pp. 153-183. The letter Non doceo, as pointed out by E. Caspar (Geschichte des Papsttums, vol. I, pp. 589-590), is presented as an extract from the official register of the papal chancellery.

“The recent attempt by P. Battifol (La Paix Constantinienne, pp. 515-521) to demonstrate the apocryphal character of these letters does not offer any new argument.

“Further, the fall of Liberius is strongly attested to in other places. St. Athanasius (History of the Arians, XLI; Apologia contra Arianos, LXXXIX) says that Liberius was terrified by the threat of death and signed a formula [Arian]. St. Hilary (Ad Constantium, III) wrote: ‘You brought war to Rome; you removed its bishop and, unfortunate man, I do not know whether or not you are more impious in returning him than in sending him into exile.’ St. Jerome (Chronic, a 349) wrote: ‘Liberius, conquered by the tedium of the exile, subscribed to a heretic depravity and entered Rome as victorious.’ Cf. St. Jerome, De viris illustribus. XCVII, The gestures exchanged between Liberius and Felix, in Collectio Avellana, I.

“This ensemble of testimonies forms a strong block, difficult to break.”

I hope these references attend to your needs.


     Atila S. Guimarães

Posted May 3, 2013

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