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PF1’s Bus, Spring & St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Papal Microbus


Here is one proof of the egalitarian actions of Pope Francis destroying the last bit of decorum and customs of the papal office to make himself appear equal with his subordinates.

Take a look at this photo I received from a friend, with the pertinent comments that follow below.


Francis I in a microbus

Pope Francis Breaks from the Mold!

(This is an actual photo sent to my priest/friend this AM -- taken by an un-named Cardinal and given to a friend of a friend, etc.)

A mobile phone photo of PF 1 on the bus this morning. Refusing a car & driver, he rode with Cardinals on a bus - going the short distance to the new Pope's first formal Mass this morning…

He's setting a tone! Breaking with custom - it all started with his name choice, being the first Jesuit as a Pope… Then immediately after his election in the Sistine Chapel he refused to stand on a raised dais to be greeted by the Cardinals but stood on an equal level with them.

He dispensed with protocol not wearing the red shoulder cape on the balcony. Then he winged it on the balcony to be introduced for first time before the massive crowd. He greeting them informally, with a deep bow as he asked a silent prayer from the people in the Square below to pray for him before he prayed for them with a blessing.

He then returned to his hotel this morning to pay his bill and collect his luggage!! (Technically he now owns the Vatican connected hotel!)

All signs of what's to come… We will see further how this "different" Pope walks the talk… of the ordinary man…


Dialogues of JPII & Fidel Castro


Cardinal Bergoglio was as assistant to John Paul II on his papal visit to Havana in January 1998. He was so enthused that he edited the book “Dialogues between John Paul II and Fidel Castro

Could you please review the book, as it is not in English.



TIA responds:


We have already ordered this book. As soon as we will read it, we plan to post a review on our website.


     TIA correspondence desk


Complicity of the Lukewarm

Dear TIA,

Regarding the article on homosexual cardinals, all of this business is so terribly sickening, one has to wonder how many more of the "holy" leaders of the Church have been caught in this perverse and disgusting devil's laid trap.

I can't help but think how loud Lucifer's laughter is now in the face of our Blessed Mother, and how much we need to do to help make reparation to Our Lord for these crimes against our brothers in the Church.

Turn around, ye who have grown lukewarm, or who were never given the richness of our faith via faithful teachers of the Truth!


Hail to the Spring!

Dear TIA,

Amid all the confusion we are living in - two popes, the new one destroying everything he can... - I want to bring to you and your readers something refreshing.

Enjoy this slide show on Spring, which is just starting.

May Our Lady bless you all for the great work!


Dervishes in Wurzburg


Thanks for your awesome website.

I found these photos of dancing dervishes at St. Augustine Church in Würzburg disturbing… as any Catholic should.

I was just wondering if there were photos of the interior of the church in Wurzburg before the “renovation”?


TIA responds:


In the first row left above you see a picture of St. Augustine’s Church in Wurzburg before World War II.

The picture of the first row right shows the restored Church along with some changes made around 1970.

The picture in the second row left shows the end result of the 1.7 million euro ‘renovation’ made in 2011. The portable altar in the middle of the aisle allows for "the celebration of the Holy Supper at eye level," according to the church's website.

The photo in the second row right shows a modern art work with the title ‘The Heavenly Jerusalem,’ which covered the painting of the Battle of Lepanto that for centuries had been over the High Altar. The latter was the only painting in that church that was saved from the destruction of WWII. Now it is gone, destroyed by the dictates of the Vatican II ‘reform’.

We hope these pictures satisfy your requests.

     TIA correspondence desk


Visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral

Greetings TIA,

I really appreciate your website; you’re teaching me the truth as handed down from Jesus to the Apostles to the historic Catholic Church.

I wanted to relate my experience when I visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

During this past Christmas season I traveled to New York City to see a Broadway show. I had about 15 minutes before meeting up with friends and family so I began walking around, and I came across St. Patrick’s Cathedral in lower Manhattan.

I was impressed by the Gothic architecture, from the outside the church looked like a Catholic Church I remembered as a child growing up before the changes occurred, caused by Vatican II.

I went inside, and I was astonished. The church was packed with tourists. These tourists were not praying but walking and looking around, showing no respect to the church or the Catholic faith. People were talking, not in hushed tones but typical conversation. None of the women had their heads covered and men were wearing hats, most wearing the ever present baseball cap.

A few people were praying at the various side altars, and I wanted to pray from one of the pews but I couldn’t concentrate because of the many tourists, noise, and distractions. Because of the crowds it took me a few minutes to make my way to the Altar and I was surprised, it was not destroyed, but there was the Vatican II table in front of the Alter, and no Altar rail.

I looked in vain for the Tabernacle light above the Altar and there was none. Maybe there is a Tabernacle light somewhere within the Cathedral but I did not find or see it. Not finding the Tabernacle light reminded me of the occasion when Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres was praying before the Blessed Sacrament and the Tabernacle light extinguished itself.

I was sadden upon leaving the Cathedral and prayed “the Hail Mary” many times as I went to meet my family and friends. Being in the Cathedral reaffirmed to me the dark days the Church is in, but I also remembered what Our Lady of Fatima said: “In the end My immaculate Heart will Triumph.

May that day come soon.



Maximilian Kolbe


The article defending St. Maximilian Kolbe’s sacrifice for the Jewish sergeant is masterful and valuable. The fact that the man Fr. Kolbe saved is Jewish is critical to the story of the saint!

I am grateful for the researcher’s work and scholarship and fidelity to grace.


Posted March 21, 2013

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