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Hugging Priest & Paul VI Beatification

Our Lady of Guadalupe


This is a fascinating presentation! Stuff I had not known here (and yes, it's in English). I might even venture to say after reading it that Juan Diego's tilma is a kind of living icon…

Hope your day is a little brighter as a result.

     In prayer for you and yours and your intentions,




In view of the posting on the three floods, I thought it interesting to recall the prophecy of Theresa Neumann, the 20th century German mystic.

When asked in 1946 by an American GI at the end of World War II if America would experience war on its soil, she replied, "No, but at the end of this century America will be destroyed economically by a series of natural disasters."


“Dia duit” from Ireland


Well, how are you all keeping yourselves over in Los Angeles? Hopefully, the weather is good out there, thank God, the weather is lovely here.

During Christmas, I read your book: In the Murky Waters of Vatican II. It is brilliant! It is pure! As Dad says 'there is meat and drink in it'. Keep up the good work!

I am praying/reflecting about going into Maynooth (seminary) in September. Would you have any advice or guidance on this? (e.g. reading material, discipline, etc, any inspiration that comes to you)

Always welcome to Ireland, you can stay in Leitrim!

     God bless with Mary,


TIA responds:

“Dia is Muire” F.M.L.,

The weather is rainy and cold over here. We wish we were with you in Ireland to enjoy more beautiful days.

Thank you for your amiable words on the book In the Murky Waters. They will be reported to Mr. Guimarães.

Two bits of advice at your request:

1. Read the other books of the Collection on the Council by the same author;

2. Be vigilant regarding those who look like conservatives and traditionalists, but deep down are hooded progressivists. Keep in mind that warning of St. Peter: The Devil is like a roaring lion that goes about seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet 5:8). Replace the word Devil in this phrase with Progressivism, and you will have our advice.

Thank you for the offer of a place to stay in Ireland. If you visit Los Angeles, do not hesitate to knock our door. We would be glad to drink a glass of wine with you.

May Our Lady protect you.


     TIA correspondent desk


Another Hugging Priest

Dear TIA,

I have been meaning to send you the "vision statement" of a Novus Ordo Catholic Church that I read a while back. On their website, it states: Our Lady of Grace Parish celebrates God`s presence, grows in God`s grace, welcomes all people and reaches out with God`s love. Below is their vision statement: "To be a vibrant community of faith where all people feel they belong."

No wonder so many in the new Church are lost, with little more than their emotional feelings to guide them. The priest there makes it a habit to hug all the women at funerals, no matter how awkward it may be for the woman who do not wish to be hugged by him. I can't help but wonder what the definition of "holy" is to a priest such as he, given that he is one of many, many who engage in this kind of seriously unholy behavior...


Opening the Flood Gates


A traditional Catholic newspaper recently suggested that Catholics should be long past simply defending their positions against the architects of destruction but to fight back. There is really no choice.

* Apocalypse 3:16 - "But because thou are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth."

* St. Thomas Aquinas warns us when he said, "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."

* Sister Lucy of Fatima told Fr. Fuentes, "Each person must not only save his own soul but also all the souls that God has placed on his path." There is currently a tremendous opportunity for Catholics to express their anger and mistrust since the Conciliatory Church has opened the flood gates for questioning and criticism with the proposed canonization of Paul VI partially because he seems to have a knack of fulfilling the prophecies of Our Lady.

* In the 17th century Our Lady of Good Success prophesized that at the end of the 19th century and especially in the 20th century that Satan would reign almost completely through the Masonic sect.

a stone relief carving of Paul VI
The late Fr. Luigi Villa's book Paul VI Beatified? offers this historic fact. There is a bronze door in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome called The Door of Good and Evil, which was put in place by Luciano Miguzzi and blessed by Paul VI on his birthday on September 26, 1977. In panel number 12, there appears the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council four councilor fathers between John XXIII and Paul VI.

The Fathers were sculpted with the faces looking forward, Paul VI was sculpted instead in profile with his left hand bearing the engraving of the Masonic insignia, the five-pointed star. The five pointed star is the symbol of the hatred for God and Religion. The star was observed by Fr. Villa who notified the Vatican and soon the star was scraped off the hand. Since that time a new panel 12 has been installed. Isn't it the Missal of Paul VI that is used in the Novus Ordo Service?

* In Her 1858 message Our Lady of La Salette warned, "The heads, the leaders of the people of God, have neglected prayer and penance, and the Devil has darkened their minds, they have become those wandering stars which the ancient Devil will drag with his tail to destruction.

It was soon after Vatican II when Paul VI eliminated the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel which was said following all low Masses. This prayer was originally composed in a longer form by Leo XIII in 1886 to protect the ‘Chair of Truth’ and mankind from Satan and his demons.

The consequences of this action were acknowledged by Paul VI himself when in 1971 he announced, “through some crack the smoke of Satan has entered into the temple of God.” On December 10, 2012, the Cardinals of the Church agreed unanimously to the beatification of Paul VI, signifying that the smoke has exploded into a raging inferno.

     Homer Sweeney


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 15, 2013


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