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Mini Popes & Magdalene Laundries

The Coming Mayhem
People Commenting
Dear Mr. Guimarães,

Salve Maria!

Let me comment on your words in the last Bird’s Eye View of the News: “This [new reform to come] probably will take place in the ecclesiastical structure we know today - parishes, dioceses, the Holy See. Could it also include a change in the very structure of the Papacy, by establishing not just one Pope, but three, four or five popes carrying out their roles simultaneously in different parts of the world?”

In my opinion, a great storm is forming over Rome, preparing to take the auto-demolition to inconceivable levels. I believe this will happen within the time frame of two years. The precursor and minor demolitions that we are witnessing signalize the inexorability and proximity of the coming great hecatomb. The Temple will fall and some parts of its structure are starting to crack.

While the march of the orchestrated chaos includes staggering movements like the walk of a drunk man, the result of what will happen will be tantamount to a rain of nuclear missiles over the heads of Catholics, who will be completely disoriented.

But the demolition will be measured, promoted by experienced progressivist agents. What will stand when the pandemonium of mini-popes, para-popes and anti-popes will start to interact? Who will be able to withstand the hurricane?

At the present time, not one of the papabile high prelates makes statements without taking into consideration the risks and the cost-benefits of them in the next election. I don’t believe Card. Schonborn is an exception to this rule.

We know that there is a progressivist Vatican agenda to be executed. Joseph Ratzinger was elected for this reason. His disciple and successor knows it and knows which homework needs to be done.

     In Jesu et Maria,

     André Garcia, Brazil
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Novena of Grace
People Commenting
Dear Marian,

In case you do not have this novena to St. Francis Xavier, I thought you might like it.

God bless,

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About Madonna House
People Commenting

You posted a photo of their chapel with the comment:

"No pews or kneelers in the stripped chapel of Madonna House."

Actually, the original liturgical praxis of Madonna House, until the death of Archbishop Joseph Raya, was the Byzantine Liturgy of the Melkite Catholic Church (not "Melkite Rite"), where pews and kneelers are NOT traditional, especially in monastic and religious chapels.

And they were hardly "wild and wacky".

     Have a holy Lent.

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A Kicking Bishop
People Commenting
Dear TIA Staff,

Here's a bishop fighting back. He has an Americanist perspective, not really traditional, but at least he's still kicking! Please take the time to watch & forward to others.

God bless you for your important work.


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Magdalene Laundries
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Your correspondent NM asked for points in support of the Magdalene Laundries, so common in the pre-Vatican II era. I believe these institutions were among the best manifestations of true Catholic charity. Within their secure walls, the sinner was encouraged to move on from her life of sin, do penance and at the same time, perform useful and therapeutic work, while offering up her sufferings in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

She was in fact, given a new start, symbolized by the choice of a new name. She was cleansed of her vanity by the imposition of a coarse, shapeless uniform. Her propensity to gossip and engage in tittle-tattle was disciplined by the rule of complete silence, and, for almost every minute of each day, her labor was accompanied by intense oral prayer. The laundries brought great blessings on the religious communities who ran them and also on the wider society. They provided a deterrent to bad behavior on the part of young girls and women.

Not all penitents had lost their virtue. Some were incarcerated because their behavior was felt to be leading in that direction, and for these foolish girls, the laundry provided a safe, secure and pious environment. On a practical level, the laundries provided a good, inexpensive service to orphanages, industrial schools and boarding schools, helping to reduce, for example, the cost for good Catholic parents of sending their children to Catholic boarding schools.

A proportion of penitents were released each year in to the custody of a responsible male relative, who met the conditions laid down by the Sisters. These young women provided a well trained and disciplined workforce for middle class Catholic families who required servants, or for Catholic institutions such as hospitals, where many former penitents worked as cleaners or kitchen maids.

The treatment of the penitents within the laundry system was in keeping with the highest standards one would expect from the pre-Vatican II Religious. They were securely housed, strictly supervised, had ready access to the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, enjoyed the wonderful example of zealous, pious Sisters and the ministry of zealous Priests. They were completely protected from the outside world, which has proved such a source of temptation for them as no correspondence was allowed. Punishments varied from corporal punishment, to penitential meals, to public humiliation and submission to authority or incarceration in a "punishment room." For the most serious offence of absconding, the offender would also have her head shaved. Punishments always were proportionate to the crime, administered justly and in a spirit of love and motherly concern for the penitent.

In fact this "motherly concern" was at the heart of the laundry. The penitents were the "children" and the Sisters the "mothers," and each addressed the other thus. The criticism of the laundries is based on ignorance and a complete inability, on the part of many brought up in our revolutionary times, to understand the nature of sin and the consequent need for repentance and reparation. We should indeed be proud of the Religious who served in our Catholic institutions and worked to reform fallen women and girls. The lack of such institutions today has left us with one of the most truly immoral societies since time began.

May Almighty God forever bless these Good Sisters, who have been so unjustly vilified today. I have no doubt that there are many souls in Purgatory today, with the hope of attaining Heaven, who without the work of the Sisters would be suffering in the eternal fires of Hell.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 1, 2012

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