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Nativity Scene, China & Feminism

Permission for Nativity Scene
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The Springfield Nativity Scene Committee has been granted a permit again to display a Nativity Scene in the Capitol Building Rotunda. It is Fontanini marble figurines.

What is sad is that in the announcement the Nativity Committee states “it is grateful” to announce that this permission will be given again. That tells us how far we have traveled from being even a semblance of a “Christian” country. What was once accepted as normal and good – displaying Christ an His Blessed Mother at Christmas – has now become something we must beg and gravel to do, and then express our “gratitude” when “permission” is given.

So the good news is the Illinois Capitol will have a Nativity scene again, the bad news is the maze we have to run through today to do something that should require NO permission.

See the Nativity scene here.

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Same Sede-Vacantist Song
People Commenting

Congratulations on your condemnation of the Vatican in its recognition of China' s Patriotic Catholic Church. But it would appear from your comments that you still recognize Ratzinger as a legtimate Pope. In fact, Ratzinger together with Roncalli, Montini and Wojtyla were all anti-Popes who denied the Catholic Faith by being members of Masonic sects and by propogating the 18 heresies of the Vatican ll Council.

All of this was of course predicted by Our Blessed Lady of La Salette in the mid-19th., century and Our Blessed Lady of Fatima in 1917.

I trust you will not take offence at my remarks but consider them in the cold light of day and align yourselves with the Catholic Faith and its teaching.

We did in fact carry out a secret mission to China in 1999 and delivered proof of the Vatican' s departure from the Catholic Faith to members of the Underground Church in Beijing.

     Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

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Heart versus Mind
People Commenting

Recently I watched The Hours a second time, and now better understand it as far as the characters are concerned and the story line goes. I too was disgusted by the passionate kissing of the women. And what was with Virginia kissing her own sister like that??

However I did enjoyed the characters and the acting until the kissing scenes came into play. I kept wanting Meryl Streep, in the movie, to wake up and get her life right!! But there was no God in this movie, or morals. However there were some scenes that totally touched me very deeply because of my own life experiences. So I cannot discount it all as disgusting.

But yes my heart cried out as I watched the movie, “but what about God??!!” But see, that is the difference between the saved (us) and the unsaved (them). We, being the enlighten ones, must never forget and always hope that we carry and hold the very compassion of Jesus within our hearts too. Remember how he (Jesus) wept for mankind and pursued sinners with a love so strong, that like Apostle John said, could “cover a multitude of sins”?

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Pilate against the Law
People Commenting

[On your answer to my previous objection]

 I agree it was the decision of Pilate, but not his judgment. He judged Jesus innocent but sentenced him anyway. In doing this, how could he be acting according to law? I am not disputing that Rome gave him authority, but whether he was acting according to law that he was to uphold. He knew he could get away with it because the crowd favored it.

I request that you print this reply.

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Accepting Vatican II
People Commenting
To whom this may concern,

[On the article Feminization of the Church and Vatican II] I need to say this, probably more than you want to hear this. We come from a tradition that is passed down orally. A culture of people who shared their wisdom with all. That wisdom was received as valuable and part of a person’s life story. It was held as a sacred.

One of our local priests, J.H., asked our confirmation group what they thought might be the most important word from the first line of the creed. Our students chose every word and were then left with "in". J.H. told the students that this word was the most important. His reasons were that when we believe in something we do many things. We take ownership of it. It becomes part of who we are and what we do. We make a commitment to that which we believe in, learning more about it and making it a priority in our lives, no matter what.

Faith is lived. It is lived inside of us. It is also lived outside of us, in our communities. We strive to find a balance between our inner selves and the person we have the potential to be. We journey to who we are. God wants that for us. God also challenges us to "live our faith" (through the "Catholic Social Teachings",) being mindful and open. God wants us to meet the needs of others, care for those who are in distress, be stewards. At no point in time did God gender specify who could become active in that journey. In fact, God provided us all with this wonderful opportunity. We are all called. If we truly accepted this calling, we'd know that it comes from the core of our being. It's that soulful part of us that just knows we are loved, we have a purpose... a reason for being.

That's why I truly accept Vatican II.

Very wise people knew it was time to get rid of the barnicles and get back to who we are called to be. That's where the guidance of the Holy Spirit comes in. We are called to be priests, kings and prophets. What a wonderful chance for us!!! We can get stuck or we can "let go and let God". It is invitational. Perhaps with time, you too will choose to accept.

Thanks for receiving my story.

M.L.L., Canada

PS - Try getting involved in the "Courage to Serve" program. You may find that to be the light you are looking for to guide you. Also, if you happen to be in the diocese of Edmonton, ask about "The Emmaus" program. It's an informative, life altering lay formation program. We as Catholics NEED to be involved in more programs like this. It really helps to shed the fear and anger presented in your article.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 20, 2011

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