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Open Letter to Benedict XVI

Joseph W. Shaara
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Holy Father,

I am responsible for this letter. Blame no one but me. No one inspired me to write this letter except John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II and Yourself.

Until today, I never imagined that I would write to the Pope. However, millions of true Catholics are suffering from your attempts to create a new "ecclesial community" with which to replace the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. You and your predecessors have been fragmenting the Mystical Body of Christ.

I must admit that millions of former Catholics are willing to follow you. These people feel that the Ten Commandments are impossible to follow in our incredibly comfortable, materialistic society. You support them in their apostasy. And why should they control themselves, now that Modern Man has condoms, "the Pill", and abortion? Millions of poor immortal souls accept gladly the heretical betrayal of the Church propounded in la nouvelle theologie.

Deaf to previous warnings

All attempts at diplomacy have failed. For more than 50 years, a multitude of brilliant and devoutly Catholic writers have questioned the Modernist revolution in the Church. Utilizing very respectful and diplomatic language, these writers have written thousands of articles and books, and produced countless sound recordings and films. While most of these Catholic writers are more capable (and holier) than I, very few of them have wished to tell you the truth directly. I'm afraid I must.

The Modernists refuse to listen to Christ, Our Blessed Mother, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, a vast multitude of holy Saints and Doctors, and the 260 Popes prior to the Second Vatican Council. Respectful diplomacy has not convinced the Modernists to abjure the heresies of la nouvelle theologie.

Do you believe that the true Catholic faithful are ignorant? You say that we do not understand the "real" meaning of the Council. Of course we understand. Natürlich verstehen wir! You are trying to replace Christ with Man.

The hermeneutic of rupture

Your "beliefs" represent a hermeneutic of rupture with Trent, Vatican I, and 20 centuries of Catholicism. The Second Vatican Council constitutes a dogmatic rupture with Christ. Some glorious day in the future, a holy and fearless Pope will abrogate that abomination of desolation and its incredibly tragic aftermath.

The Council has caused needless misery for hundreds of millions of Catholics, simply because the conciliar popes have been striving to "update" the Church, to create an organization which will be "relevant" to the Modern World. This is an egregious error. The Church never needs "updating"; rather, the Church needs to be "relevant" solely to Almighty God. Our Lord refused to be "relevant" to the Roman Empire. To become "relevant" to this world, one would need to become "relevant" to the Prince of this world.

The Temptation of Christ

The council fell into the temptation of adapting the Church to the world
When Our Lord said: "Amen I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound also in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed also in heaven" (Saint Matthew 18:18); you know that Jesus meant "bind and loose" according to the eternal Will of Almighty God, not according to human whim, humanist theories, or historical revisionism.

Modernists are afraid to offend - inter alia - "the world", false "religions", the United Nations, and feminists. At first, the Modernists did not fear the children who had been raped. Hopefully, the Modernist pedophiles have learned at last to fear those children, now that the millstones are attached to the necks of those who stole their innocence. Your own inaction has helped to rob many children of the True Faith, with the tragic result that they may find themselves in the same boat upon the river Styx, joined forever to those who polluted them.

Your endless revisions of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are shameful. The Novus Ordo Missae was written to appeal to everyone in the world except Catholics. It is not the "Ordinary Form" of the Roman Rite; it is a non-Catholic abomination, forbidden by the Church. Inter alia, Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci informed the Church, but were ignored by the Modernists.

The Tridentine Mass is not the "Extraordinary Form" (what an insulting neologism)! The Tridentine Mass is the only form of the Roman Rite, the one and only Missale Romanum. The Council of Trent also permitted a few related rites (Dominican, Ambrosian, Mozarabic, et cetera). All of these forms share in common the same, eternally-unchanging dogma; while the Novus Ordo invents new, anti-Catholic anti-dogmas. The "Ordinary" and "Extraordinary" "rites" do not "enrich" one another. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can lead us to Heaven, the Novus Ordo Missae...

How can you discuss a "hermeneutic of continuity?" You know in your Soul that this is not true. Vatican II leads us to the "synthesis of all heresies", as explained by Pope Saint Pius X. Vatican II contains the seeds of every heretical thought in the history of the Church. Paul VI and John Paul II rammed this Council down our throats, incessantly and insensitively. Is this what you call "pastoral"?

Catholic sense does not change

Millions of Catholics believe in the True Church, but they are afraid to speak. Believe me, I myself was hesitant for a long time, and only an imperative of conscience forced me to write these lines. This hesitation is all the more conceivable since you are more interested in worldly power than in the unchanging, natural law of Almighty God. You flatter the Children of the World, and punish The Children of the Light.

Saint Thomas Aquinas could have taught you everything, if only you had not rejected him in your youth. God's unchanging law seems to bore you. Christ is not "dynamic" enough for you. But Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever. Christ cannot change, and neither can I.

Absolutely, positively, you will not "renew" the "mentalities" of true Catholics. The sensus Catholicus cannot be "renewed". You can not make us abandon the Church. You cannot eradicate objective truths which have been disseminated personally by the Holy Ghost.

I imagine that your "associates" will not show you this letter. I pray fervently that you will at least hear about this letter eventually, on the websites where it will be published. In the totally-unexpected eventuality that you do respond to this letter, do not employ Romanità on me. Either invite me to the Vatican to celebrate the resurrection of the Mystical Body of Christ, or slap me down.

Vatican II must be abrogated

Abrogate the Second Vatican Council and all of the poisonous effluvia that has followed it. Enter the Vatican, and take a whip to the heretical dogma-changers in that Temple, and elsewhere. Reveal the Third Secret of Fatima, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, accept the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord, and accept the reality of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Limbo.

To limit the length of this letter. I will need to condense many topics. Here are a very few summaries: All "visits" to the meeting halls of non-Catholics constitute mortal sins (death of the Soul). An ecumenical "pilgrimage" to Assisi is a mortal sin. John Paul II is not a saint. Lumen Gentium is the herald of a new religion; et cetera ad infinitum. In general, if the anti-Christ appears any time soon, he will be very grateful for the groundwork laid by the Modernists.

I am sorry that I do not have the tact or holiness of Saint Catherine of Siena. In spite of my countless sins, I am trying to do my small part in helping you to find "the narrow gate", so that you may save your Soul.

Learn to accept Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus! Let us all be crucified together, if that is what it takes. Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme! As Jesus, Mary and Joseph are my witnesses, I pray for your conversion every day; so that you may guide all of us and yourself to Heaven.

Joseph Walter Shaara, Third Order Franciscan, M.A.Music, Ph.D.Psychology

P.O. Box 383
Imperial Beach  -  California  -  91933


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 26, 2011

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Note from the Editor: Mr. Joseph W. Shaara wrote this open letter on May 5, 2011, Feast day of Saint Pius V; he sent it to the Holy Father on July 13, 2011. Some days later he sent a copy to TIA for publication. The subtitles and the caption on the picture are ours.

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