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JPII Beatification, Matrix, Feminist Nuns

Model of Virtues…
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I think I will celebrate the beatification of John Paul II with a week of meaningful activities. Sunday after attending a Catholic Mass with a naked-breasted woman reading the Epistle, I will run over to catch the Lutheran service. On Monday I will join the Dalai Lama for a prayer service. Tuesday will find me pouring out water to the spirits of the ancestors with the snake-handlers down the street.

On Wednesday the American Indian witch doctor will give me a blessing in the morning and my friend the rabbi will bless me in the afternoon. Thursday the Hindus will show me how they are on their loving, trusting flight toward God. On Friday, of course, I will be praying at the mosque, and Friday evening I'll be at the synagogue with bowed head, listening to the Jews sing a hymn about the coming of the Messiah. That leaves Saturday for my Fatima devotions.

     Always keeping in step,

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Deep Cause
People Commenting
Dear Folks,

As I've pointed-out before, "it's déjà vu all over again". The silence of the Catholic Church (specifically, its leaders) decades ago - around the time that abortion was legalized in the country - helped immensely to entrench the Culture of Death in our society. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, when asked how the U.S. could've ever legalized the slicing 'n dicing of little boys and girls said "It's very simple. It was due to the silence of the bishops and the priests".

Now the sodomite forces have the Catholic Church and her leaders so scared into silence that the evil one is able to go about freely and unhampered in destroying marriage, recruiting otherwise normal and heterosexual children into their ranks ("Gee Mom - maybe I'm 'gay' after all"), seizing the educational system, and now the military, etc., etc. - all because of the near-total silence of the Church's leaders...

     Praying without ceasing,

     Fr. Joseph Klee
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Feminist Nuns
People Commenting
Dear TIA

I am outraged, but not completely surprised at the antics of the "feminist nuns" of Goa. This type of inculturation and corruption of the religious life is rampant in parts of the so-called developing world. The duty of the female religious is first and foremost to be obedient and to accept fully the Will of Almighty God, as it is manifested in the world. Her "authority" derives not from her position but rather from her example: her piety, her modesty, her purity, her obedience.

Society is not "male dominated" as the feminists would have us believe. There is in fact a balance in society between the God given authority of the male and the influence of the female, which again derives from her example of virtue. In similar fashion there is a balance in society between rich and poor, strong and weak, virtuous and wicked, educated and ignorant.

The role of the True Church is to save souls, not to change society. Injustice in our world inevitably derives from sin and disobedience to the Commandments of Almighty God as taught to us by the Holy Catholic Church. A "feminist nun" is of course, a contradiction in terms and an outrage in the sight of God. May God forgive these "daughters of Eve" and may He show them the light, where there is now only darkness.

There is, however, good news from India, where the Society of Saint Pius X is carrying on the faithful missionary tradition of old. Assisted by the Consoling Sisters, the Society has established schools and orphanages. A Sodality of the Children of Mary is flourishing and we are now seeing the first of the Indian vocations bearing fruit. Needless to say, the Society has faced a great deal of opposition and attempts to frustrate its work, but there is no doubt that it has established a couple of bastions of traditional Catholicism from which future growth can be expected.

We can only contrast the good fortune of those Indian children in the care of the Society with the lot of those unfortunate enough to be trained or influenced by these wretched and misguided feminists.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland
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Gnostic Meaning of the Matrix
People Commenting

I am going to give you some answers because of your KEEN observations of this movie series [The Matrix]. You can call me the creator of these movies.

First of all, the reason why you see Neo wear all black when he is in the matrix, and ONLY when he is in the matrix, is because this is where you have to discover the SHADOW side of your soul! The shadow side that you have to explore is your path to liberation and freedom in this world!

During the first movie, you can notice many references to Jesus - you really have to pay attention though and understand what you are watching. The matrix IS REAL if you haven't figured that out yet. You are literally living in a PRISON FOR YOUR MIND. This is because, as Gnostics would say, the Demiurge (I will use these terminologies because I do not know how advanced you are; once you let me know I will explain much more!) - the Demiurge, or evil, imperfect creator god is the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS!

Because you are born in a human instrument or human body, than you are tied to this Collective Consciousness of Humanity, which literally CONTROLS you because of the majority of FALSE BELIEFS and LIMITATIONS that people have given away to the CONTROLLERS of this world. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THIS! People give their POWER away too much to these false beliefs created by your Controllers, thus enslaving you deeper in this world or matrix.

Secondly, I will explain the location of Zion in the movie. The location of Zion is at the center of the Earth because this is where people who AWAKEN need to ground their energy. Your energy needs to be grounded with the Earth's to complete your transformation of AWAKENING within what we will call for now The Matrix, because this is what you understand. This is also symbolic of Shambhala as well.

Also, to get to the center of the Earth, you have to qualify or be an initiate; to be this initiate you must have conquered your world, or Matrix, once conquering the Matrix, i.e. SEE THROUGH IT AND KNOW SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT OR ITS JUST NOT REAL ENOUGH! Once you complete this, the Portal will open for you to see YOURSELF! Much like Neo did in the movie, he FOUND HIMSELF! This is what we ALL need to do in this world.

And the ships in the movie are references to becoming Christened! If one is to become a brand new ship than the ship will be Christened! Do you understand? LOL! The ships are dingy looking in the movie because the people on the ship have not FULLY realized WHO THEY ARE YET! They stopped when they found their other self, and didn't know how to look deeper, but Neo did! He is the blueprint to the path of self-discovery!

You are wrong about the two gods too. These two gods fighting to control the world is really just a metaphor for YOU! One is your shadow and the other is your soul, but to find your true spirit and soul you need to explore and love the shadow side of YOURSELF! Do you understand? I think you are very confused still because you think some big dark entity CONTROLS you. What you NEED TO KNOW is that this big dark entity that CONTROLS you is YOURSELVES, THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS! This is why no one is going to come and SAVE you, because YOU are the CREATORS of your OWN WORLD, Collective Humanity created THE MATRIX! Do you understand?

Good ,now I think we are getting somewhere in your mind.

Please feel free to email me back some questions if you wish. It has been about four years since I have seen any of these movies so I maybe a little sketchy on some details, but I will ALWAYS give you an answer!


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 18, 2011

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