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Thanking you for your site!!!

I have just returned to the TRC (Traditional Roman Catholicism) a short time ago - SSPX/no priest on site/Mass 2X's month (after 40 years of wandering in the desert with the Novus ordo).

However, the only thing available TN is an SSPX chapel. Since I got Stage 4 cancer as soon as we moved here in 2008, unless God grants me a miracle (which, of course I don't deserve), I will be out of here sooner than later.

Born/bred TRC 1938 Pre Vatican II: Catholic cemetery, consecrated ground ditto.

Fast forward: I asked the SSPX contact person the other day about the above. Answer: You can be buried anywhere, the Priest will Bless/Consecrate (?) the site...

Is this what is going now? Is it OK??

Thanks for your response. It is appreciated, as the only contact I have (TRC) is this small SSPX Chapel ... with a new young priest from Australia, who resides in Kansas City.



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TIA responds:


If you have conditions to be buried in a Catholic cemetery, it is the ideal. If not, the priest will bless your grave in a public cemetery. We advise you to avoid at all costs being buried in a cemetery of another religion - schismatic, heretic, Jewish or pagan.

The reason is quite simple: Your body should have a place of rest until the Final Judgment when it will be resurrected. No good Catholic feels at ease resting among the enemies of the Church in life; so also your body in death.

It is understandable that you are concerned about where your body is to rest, but we emphasize that the most important thing for you is to be prepared to face the judgment of God when you pass away. While you are here on earth, there is still time to make penance and reparation for your sins, which may either prevent you from going to Hell or save you decades in Purgatory.

Be sure of our prayers for this intention.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Gregorian Masses
People Commenting

Regarding your answer to previous readers interested in having Gregorian Masses said for their late family members, I know that the Universal Living Rosary Association of St Philomena offers Gregorian Masses.

The link to ask for Masses is here. I hope this helps.

     In Maria,


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We asked the Living Rosary Association whether the Masses are Tridentine Masses and received the following answer:


The Gregorian Masses are offered by a priest in Ukraine in the ancient Byzantine Rite which has remained unchanged. The priests are poor, old and sick so the stipends for them are a big help to their parishes, and their own personal needs, such as medicine.

     Thank you for asking.

     Patti Melvin, Director
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Irish Priest Says Gregorian Masses
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Those ex-Redemptorists from Scotland, presently in limbo, have a Purgatorian Society. They have at present three priests who may be able to oblige your readers with Gregorian Masses.

From my previous association with them I have an address of one of the priests, which I hope is still valid. Here it is:

Father Clement Mary - email: father_clement@yahoo.co.uk

     God bless,

     N.C., India
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Consecration of Russia
People Commenting
Dear Sirs,

I believe that TIA, like the SSPX, believes that the Consecration of Russia is yet to be done. The SSPX has obtained nearly 20 million Rosaries to present to the Pope to encourage him to undertake this task. Yet, the Vatican website says that this Consecration was performed by John Paul II in 1984.

Pope Paul VI definitively abolished the Old Mass in 1969. Yet, Pope Benedict XVI called it a "treasure of the Church" that never had been abolished. In 2000, the then Cardinal Ratzinger authoritatively stated that Fatima belonged to the past. Now he states that Fatima still has to be completed. So he may consecrate Russia again. But is this behaviour truthful?


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About Freudianism
People Commenting
Dear Tradition in Action,

Thank you for a very faithful and intelligent website!

Freudianism has been key in societal development for nearly a century. However, I see that it is utterly repugnant even despite this virtual universal acceptance of Sigmund Freud's doctrines.

Can you explain why people should reject Freudian ideas on your website and why that philosophy of psychology is dangerous to the soul?

     In Christo Iesu,


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TIA responds:

Dear M.N.,

Yes, Freud is the worst possible. His theory is the application of the sexual obsession of the Jewish Kabbalah to modern psychology.

Your query is an encouragement for us to deal with the topic when we will find a little time.

Thank you for your kind words.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Sede-Vacantist Indifference
People Commenting

Regarding the article and photos of the woman in Costa Rica who shared half of her host with her boyfriend who is divorced, I see no need of reparation from the standpoint of possible sacrilege.

Traditional Catholics realize that the Novus Ordo is not a true Mass and there is no Consecration during this Masonic service. Hence, the host that was deposited in the man's shirt pocket was only bread and not the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Son of God.

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Are All Dances Bad?
People Commenting

In regards to St. John Vianney's famous sermon "Be Religious or Be Damned," he greatly condemns the fornifications of dancing. Does this beautiful sermon imply ALL kinds of dancing are bad?


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TIA responds:


You may read two postings about dances that give the teaching of Cardinal Segura, who specifies which dances are bad. Please click here and here. Also, we wrote a general history and addressed the topic of morality in dance here.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Dangers of the Modern Dances
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I read with great interest the warnings of His Eminence, The Cardinal of Seville on the dangers of modern dancing. Extraordinary, in the light of what is the norm today that this warning came less than sixty years ago.

How prescient was His Eminence in his concern!

I believe this was one of the first issues on which the Church reneged on her duty to teach the truth. The obvious moral dangers in such close proximity of man and woman, young boy and young girl, must have been obvious. Yet the Church authorities allowed such dances to take place in village and town halls and even Church halls. It is true that, in my country [Ireland] at any rate, the Parish Priest or Curate would supervise activity within the dance hall, but supervision of the thoughts of a young immature boy or girl is not, of course, possible.

The dance halls of old were of course, much more innocent places than the dances of today but even so, they gave rise to untold misery. A fallen Magdalen, doing her penance in the laundry, rejected by her family because of the shame she had brought on them, would have wished she had never visited such dance halls. I met many such poor souls while in the Legion of Mary and great was their remorse and suffering. Too late however, as the grievous wrong which had been done could never be righted in this world.

Parents must be firm and resolute on this issue. Your daughter's chastity and purity will be under severe threat if you allow her to engage in modern dancing. Of course folk dancing is a different issue entirely and is a commendable pastime. Like all entertainments where boys and girls interact however, it too must have adequate supervision to protect moral standards.

Those of us who support such views are not "kill-joys." We understand the need for young people to enjoy themselves. We also understand that young people need direction and protection and are not always aware of the dangers inherent in certain activities. There is one thing about which we can be certain. Wherever there is mixed company we also find Satan, simply awaiting his opportunity.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 1, 2010

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