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Organic Society, Apocalypse & Fr. Margil

Organic Society
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I was wondering if you would be able to recommend further resources for me to study the idea of organic society. I love most everything on your site, but the excerpts from Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira's talks on organic society have come to have special importance to me.

It seems too common among Catholics, even among traditional Catholics, that I see social problems approached as if with a microscope - some people seeing only economic questions, others only questions about sexual morality, some only questions about re-establishing monarchy, and so forth.

While I know of particular authors who offer appropriate answers to particular questions, I appreciate that the articles on organic society show that everything from traditional folk dances to architecture, manners, economics, and anything else that makes up a coherent society all must work together according to common principles.

Can you recommend any books or other resources to help me pursue this topic further?


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TIA responds:

Dear E.B.,

Your words are very encouraging because they show a concern for unity and universality that we share. It seems indispensable for rebuilding a consistent Catholic society.

For your information, Prof. Plinio gave most of the talks on Organic Society that we are reproducing to a group of American friends in Brazil, because he thought that the most authentic and best way to call Americans back to a Catholic Civilization was through the appeal of Organic Society. Your words echo that idea.

The principal book in English we would recommend on Organic Society is Nobility & Analogous Traditional Elites by Prof. Plinio. In it he dealt with the organic process of the formation of elites - both in theory and in concrete cases in Europe and the United States. It is a book to have always at hand if you are interested in the topic.

Other works that give general principles related to the Organic Society, although theoretical, are very good, such as The Ancient City by Fustel de Coulanges, Lectures on Political Law (Lecciones de derecho politico) by Donoso Cortes and Theoretical Treatise of Natural Law (Saggio Teoretico di Dritto Naturale) by Taparelli D'Azeglio. However, it may be difficult to find the last two in English.

On the practical level, there are very interesting books reporting habits and customs of the Middle Ages in Chilvalry by Leon Gautier and others describing organic lifestyles still alive in modern times such as People of the Old France (Gens de la Vielle France) by G. Lenotre, Feudalism and Chivalry by F. Funck Brentano.

In addition to these works referring to Organic Society, we hope that the articles TIA is reproducing will become a reference point on the topic.


     TIA correspondence desk

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People Commenting
Dear TIA,

That Vatican II's objective was to prevent Mary from being honored as Co-Redemptrix would seem to explain a lot.

Solange Hertz, as I recall, noted that Ste. Jeanne d'Arc was universally referred to as la Pucelle (i.e., the virgin) and that her canonization was long opposed and that she is not yet honored as a martyr. Mrs. Hertz speculated, if I recall aright, that la Pucelle's conquering career was a foreshadowing of the triumph of the Co-Redemptrix' Immaculate Heart.

     Yours truly,

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Archbishop Fulton Sheen
People Commenting

I have learned so much about Cardinal Newman thanks to your work. Hopefully, you can do the same kind of work regarding the Fulton J. Sheen.  Some people have tricky talents like those few mice who consistently eat cheese from mousetraps without setting them off.

TIA has more schmaltz than anyone around in my book. You prove time and again truth does not have to be defended but lies do.

The late Rev. Leonard J. Feeney with all his strengths and few weaknesses was no fan of Fulton J. Sheen. He said his program Life is Worth Living could just as well have been called Ignorance is Worth Having, as his program had a strong Americanist twist to it, never challenging the non-Catholic to learn what the Church held and taught.

     Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us

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Third Secret of Fatima
People Commenting
Hello Tradition in Action,

I am a lifelong Catholic. I have devoted over 100,000 hours of my life to my "I Love You, God" book now web site.

The "third secret" of Fatima, as I see it, after all my prayers, searching and study of scriptures, is announcing the near future enthronement of Jesus as Ruler over the earth. I am looking for someone to visit my site, look at the great number of scriptures I have found pointing to this conclusion, and let me know what they see. Any comments, good or bad, would be appreciated.

Could you do this? My site is here.

     Thank you,

     Steven Merten
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Freak Nun
People Commenting

You might wish to check our website, under "Current Issues," our story about the "Freak Nun" the so-called "Sr. Donna Quinn" who escorts young ladies into abortion clinics. Yet, this lady remains a "nun" in good standing with the Catholic Church!

Holy Rosary Chapel
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Fr. Margil
People Commenting

I was reading on Fr. Margil and about his tree of the crosses, and wanted to ask if you can please tell me where I can get one of the thorns that are shaped into crosses. If you have any information can you please send it to me.

     Thank you and God Bless,


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TIA responds:

Hello M.F.,

We would suggest that you direct your inquiry to Mrs. Mary Nell Davis at the The Margil House of Studies, 2321 Peckham St., Houston, Texas 77019 (Phone 713-524-8030 or 713-522-3641).


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 8, 2010

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