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Greetings & Thanks from Readers

Thanks from a Prisoner
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I received today the free copy of the book Will He Find Faith? Thank you so much, both for the book and for the very important work that you are doing. Thank you.

I hope and pray that you have a wonder-filled Christmas. Please say a prayer for me at Mass on Christmas Day (as I'm unable to attend the Mass of All Time).

Very sincerely in Christ Our Savior,

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Blessed Christmas to TIA,
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Dear TIA,

Have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas Season!

We all hope that you and your families are doing well, and we pray for all of you before the Crib that you gain the grace of perseverance in these days that can be so very difficult, even for people of great faith.

May we all look to the examples of Jesus and Mary to learn how to suffer well, and find great joy in the truly important things!

     J.P. & Family
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A Step Closer to Sainthood
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Pope Benedict XVI moved two of his predecessors closer to sainthood Saturday, signing decrees on the virtues of the Pope John Paul II and Pope Pius XII. Beatification is the first major step before sainthood.

It looks to me like another double beatification like one we saw not too long ago with Popes Pius IX and John XXIII, the canonization of relativism, as Mr. Guimaraes so aptly noted in one of his Bird's Eye Views. Only this time, legitimate doubts could be raised about both candidates, if only we still had a devil's advocate in these cases. Well, at least TIA plays the role of devil's advocate for Catholics who are still wanting to fight for the Church.

     Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Courtesy Calls Again
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I recently finished your book Courtesy Calls Again by Judith Fife Mead and Marian Therese Horvat. It is an extraordinary book.

Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this critical book. I plan to purchase it for newly engaged or newly married women. I wish I could afford to purchase it for all my friends and family for Christmas. Perhaps on Mother's Day.

I wish I could have found a book like this when my girls were younger. Fortunately, they are still at home. My husband is now reading your book.

     Warmest regards,

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In Defense of The Tidings
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Dear TIA,

I still get free copies of The Tidings sent to where I Iive, even if I'm not a subscriber. I no longer even thumb through its pages, knowing a priori that it would be filled with intelligence-robbing secular utopianism and third-rate filth like the one aptly demonstrated in your recent piece over a school ad.

However, I must say that The Tidings makes for an excellent year-round supply of all-purpose paper around the household.


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Canonization of John XXIII
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I have read your article on the beatification of Pope John XXIII and your questions regarding this matter - do you know where this process stands and why it is taking so long for a decision to be made.

Many thanks for your help and I send my regards to you for a Blessed Christmas


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TIA responds:

Hello J.D.,

Thank you. We also wish you a Merry Christmas.

The processes of beatification and canonization are dealt with by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, which is one of the many dicasteries that compose the Roman Curia.

We have no conditions to help you resolve your doubts. You may direct your questions straight to this congregation.


     TIA correspondence desk

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No Donation from a Sede-Vacantist
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I enjoy a lot of your articles and appreciate your work, but I cannot donate to you until you take a step back and realize your unmistakable material sede-vacantism and realize the gravity of just what you say...

You are a constant contradiction and until you realize this you scandalize everyone on your website into this rhetorical position of they are not the Church but they are... he is not Catholic, that is not the Catholic Church but yet he is the leader of the true Catholic Church, that refutes itself.

Merry Christmas, sorry I am unable to conscionably financially help you out.

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Your Seal & Logo
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To whom it may concern:

Good evening,

For the first time ever today, I came across your website and love it. I am a Traditional Catholic, passionate about medieval history, especially about any book written by Mme Regine Pernoud. I own several of her books - among many others - and have requested a few more for this Christmas.

What I am interested in at the moment is your website's seal or logo: La Plus Belle Aventure Du Monde C'est La Notre *TIA*. It is magnificent! [C'est tout a fait magnifique!]

Would it be possible to obtain such a seal or card? I'd love to glue/frame it next to my pile of medieval history books.

Continue the great work. How wonderful OUR history is!

     Awaiting your reply,

     H.D., Canada

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TIA responds:

Mrs. H.D.,

Thank you for your kind words regarding our work. We also have points of affinity with Regine Pernoud and admire several of her books.

Regarding our logo, it was a work by our artistic desk based upon photos of a magnificent bronze statue of Charlemagne placed in the square of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Those photos were taken by A.S. Guimarães on a trip to Paris. One of them that inspired our logo is the second photo down illustrating this posting.

The words we adopted as our motto - La plus belle aventure du monde c'est la nôtre - were taken from the Templar Knights. This was one of their principal mottos. We thought that since today we have to fight to reconquer a large part of Catholic Church, and not only the Holy Land, this splendid motto would apply still more properly to our crusade than to the original fight of the Templars.

You may download the pictures of Charlemagne on that article. The photographer gives you his permission. Unfortunately, regarding our seal and logo, our policy is not to sell them or allow reproductions, we keep them only for the TIA website and publications.

     We wish you a Merry Christmas.

     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 22, 2009

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