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Homosexuality, False Conservatives &
More Attacks

Media Promoting Homosexuality
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Thanks for the article by Prof. Plinio on the media influence. It is so true. He used the example of art, a great comparison between the two paintings.

But it made me think of another example, how the media today is promoting homosexuality, especially in movies, ads, etc.

I remember about ten years ago I was shocked at the British cartoon show with the Teletubbie Tinky Winky, a purple fellow who carried a red patent leather purse because of the subliminal message of acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle we were sending to tots. Today that is MILD.

Books for tots OPENLY promote 'two mommies or two daddies'. We see gays adopting children on the news. TV programs and movies are fixtated on the topic. Even commercials are promoting the homosexual lifestyle as something natural - a Pepsi commercial shown during the SuperBowl shows a'good-looking guy' walking down the street with ladies admiring him. Suddenly a homosexual man stops to admire the guy also. I think it's suppose to be funny, but it isn't to me. Sorry, I won't ever drink a Pepsi again, and I hope many people respond that way.

Anyway, it seems that this is where the Revolution wants to go - to make us accept something that is not natural as natural.

I think that's where we're heading in the Church as well. The Vatican II Church still promotes Gay and Lesbian Groups, and gives the welcome to the human person, etc. - pretending that as long as there is no outright sin, everything is okay. Are they that naïve to believe that when homosexual couples come to Mass they are not committing sins? At the least, the sin of public scandal, but I don't think that's the least.

Thanks for your good work. I enjoy seeing what you have to say every day. I really like your answers to questions.

     In the Heart of Jesus and Mary,

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Oakland Diocese Supporting Homosexuality
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Greetings from inside both the Diocese of Oakland and the Archdiocese of San Francisco. I was encouraged to learn that my new bishop, Salvatore Cordileone, was behind Proposition 8, which successfully changed the California state constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Thus encouraged, I went to the website of the Diocese of Oakland to learn more about the bishop. Unfortunately, I came upon questionable homosexual material on that site (see picture below). I notified the webmaster at webmaster@oakdiocese.org, but received no reply, and the homosexual material was not removed.

A rainbow offering different languages to Oakland diocese site users
This morning, over a week later, I noticed that the main page of the website (www.oakdiocese.org) has been sanitized by deleting a link to "Information in other languages," which led to the questionable material. But I see that the link is still present at the bottom left corner of the page [it was also taken off].

I do not know what to think.

     Yours sincerely,

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Lesbian Batwoman
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Hey there,

I found your website by Googling Lesbian Batwoman. I'm looking to interview parents who are outraged and possibly disgusted at the idea that their children will be able to walk into a comic book shop and purchase one of Batwoman's stories.

Unfortunately, I'm here in the Bay Area and you guys are in L.A.. Do you know of any parents or groups similar to yours here in the Bay Area who would be willing to talk to me on camera?

Elisha Rivers - News Anchor

533 Mendocino Avenue - Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 543-5155 direct / (707) 526-5050 main

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Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for your explanation of Halloween.

I have asked my grandchildren (7) to provide some research and give me a presentation on the following three dates: Oct 31, Nov 1, and Nov 2nd.

Your explanation will greatly assist me in providing them with the true picture.

     God Bless

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Expecting a Truce
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Dear TIA,

In your last Bird's Eye View you made a suggestion of how the Vatican should plan to save the New Mass. This is a good receipt for the enemy, and does not help for the confused Catholic who has little chance to be up-dated by the big dangers we are facing ahead.

Such plan will be devastating since a big part of the True Catholics are too tired to fight against the system and are in full expectation of a truce.

This probably will come as you describe. Although your argument is perfectly correct, it can mislead many that are not yet prepared.

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Only the Chastisement Will Save Us
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Dear TIA,

Thank you, Mr. Guimaraes, for your excellent and incisive article "Conservatives by Necessity". You very rightly note that the present hierarchy of the Church is facing a conundrum. They cannot deny the fact that the New Mass has produced desolation but they simply will not renounce Vatican II. They would simply be renouncing their life's work and they cannot bring themselves to do it.

The ancient Jews refused to believe in Christ even though they witnessed unheard of miracles. Their punishment is that they continue to have a veil placed over their eyes concerning the Messiah. The present leaders of the Church also have a veil in front of their eyes as punishment for trying to utterly destroy the True Mass. They really do think that if they reform the reform, people will flock back. How utterly ludicrous!

Nothing short of a total renunciation of Vatican II and a return of the Traditional Mass and to the teaching of the eternal truths of Holy Mother the Church will suffice. I will not be holding my breath for this renunciation. I believe that the die has been cast and that only the chastisement foretold at Fatima, La Salette, etc. will induce mankind to return to the True Faith.

     In Christ,

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More Attacks Coming Your Way
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A young fellow who frequents the Fisheaters.com website has decided to post reviews of your articles on his blog (here and here). I've tried to correct some of the errors he's posted without losing my temper. But in any case, you should be aware of this attack and I'll leave it to you in the hopes that you'll dispatch this fellow's comments.

     God Bless,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 8, 2009

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