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AIDS, Errors of Pius XII &
Weakland's Apologia for Homosexuality

AIDS Pandemic in Africa
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Dear TIA,

Here and here you can find more confirmation of the incidence of male homosexuality in spreading AIDS in Africa. I imagine you would like to have this in your files.

Keep up the excellent work you do for the Catholic Church and society.

     In Christ,

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Errors of Pius XII
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I see that you offer the most interesting information.

I wish to have some substantiation for the seeming errors of Pius XII. Did he promote Roncalli and Montini, and were they both freemasons as I suspect?

     Thank you.

     D.L.K., MD

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TIA responds:

Dr. D.L.K.,

Perhaps this text taken from one of our answers to readers may help you to objectively understand the tendencies of Pius XII:

"Actually, it is not a secret to anyone that, in the last phase of his pontificate, Pius XII paid tribute to Progressivism. It is known that during his reign he vacillated between the anti-progressivist influence of Fr. Robert Leiber, SJ, his personal secretary, and the progressivist influence of Fr. Agostino Bea, SJ, his spiritual director. This fluctuation continued until around 1950 - Humani generis ï - when the anti-progressivist attitudes of Pius XII practically disappeared. With Pius XII's approval, Fr. Bea became the main precursor of ecumenism and one of the chief architects of Vatican II." (see context here)

Under this influence of Card. Bea, many progressivist attitudes can be attributed to Pius XII in a variety of fields. They include:
  • the start of Ostpolitik with Communism by means of Msgr. Giovanni Batista Montini in his contacts with either Italian communist Palmiro Togliatti or Stalin representatives;

  • the lack of firmness in his condemnation of Darwin's theory of evolution in the Encyclical Humani generis;

  • the opening of conjugal Morals to evolving "advances of science;"

  • innumerable concessions in the application of the historic method to interpret Scripture and even Dogma;

  • the first experiments in liturgical reform by Fr. Annibale Bugnini;

  • the introduction of liberalization into the rules of Religious Orders by means of reforms conducted by Fr. Arcadio Larraona, etc.
Regarding your last question, Pius XII promoted both Msgr. Montini (to the post of pro-Secretary of State and then Archbishop of Milan) and Bishop Roncalli )to be Nuncio in Paris, a Cardinal, and then Patriarch of Venice).

We don't know of any unequivocal fact proving that either of the mentioned ecclesiastics belonged to Freemasonry. We have general evidence that they promoted the same ideals of Masonry and prepared the Church to come increasingly closer to that enemy organization. But, so far, we lack serious evidence that they were formally initiated in any of the Masonic lodges.

We hope these answers may help you to see more clearly.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Weakland's Apologia for Homosexuality
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This story of Archbishop Rembert Weakland publicly defending his own homosexuality is sickening. You may read here the editorial by George Neumayr to be published in the next issue of Catholic World Reporter on Weakland's recently released memories.

I agree with Neumayr, it is very hard to ignore the 'elephant in the room' due to Rome's inaction to date in cleaning up this sordid mess once and for all. Why not exorcise the homosexual rot from the priesthood via sending out papal legates with the teeth to do it, instead of going through the motions via investigations that are a joke. We have seminary directors masquerading as orthodox so long as the investigator is on campus, only to revert back to their normal 'pink palace' mentality as they wave goodbye to the investigator with limp wrists! The elephant is the fact that the percentage of sodomites worldwide in the priesthood, the episcopate and Rome itself is much higher than what is pretended by the Vatican party line!

Sodomites like Weakland should never have come close to being admitted to the seminary. And those who reared their ugly heads post ordination should have been summarily defrocked and sent packing, instead of tortured excuses being made for their retention as priests! Sadly, that didn't happen, and the result is that the Weakland story has been repeated with a frequency that makes Lucifer howl with laughter!

I find it unbelievable that Weakland's vice was unknown in Rome over the years that he was allowed to needlessly cause grave scandal to the Church. Per my experience as a Catholic activist since 1996, it is a huge RED and PINK flag that there has always been a direct correlation between priests who promote dissent from Church teaching on Faith and Morals and homosexuality! How could there not be when that dissent serves to set out the welcome mat for sodomites in the pews! Where that has occurred, you can bet the farm that the welcome mat has been out for a long time in the sanctuaries!

Where is the clear condemnation from Rome of the moral murder of the faith that Weakland and his buddies in the episcopate have committed? I certainly haven't seen it! And please don't tell Catholics in more than name only that all of what is reported in this article was only recently revealed to those in power. We weren't all born yesterday!

Weakland evinces nothing of being a Catholic, much less a priest and a bishop. His purported contrition doesn't even come close to being perfect, since not only has he not repented of his ways, but also he has the unmitigated gall to try to excuse those vile acts in his biography.

For what he has done, Weakland should be consigned to wearing sack cloth and ashes for the rest of his days, repenting of the grave scandal that he has caused Holy Mother Church and what's left of the faithful! Weakland is not the only one, however, who should be fitted for sack cloth and ashes! Those who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to his perfidious destruction of the faith - that had an impact on so many souls, not the least of which is Weakland's - also deserve the same fate. What they did is far worse - giving the Weaklands of the world carte blanche to try to destroy the Church from within with impunity!

Neumayr is right on in his article in talking about the 'Weakland way,' which is to make excuses to the end for grave sin in the hope of justifying it, in total disregard of the risk of final impenitence, which is the unforgivable sin against the Holy Ghost! Memo to Rembert: You ought to think about that before you draw your final breath instead of writing a biography that only the devil would find pleasing! Memo to Rembert's superiors who did nothing: You need to dust off the work of Garrigou-Lagrange and meditate on the final things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

The great theologian of the 20th century, Father Garrigou-LaGrange, reminded us repeatedly that each day we either move closer to God or farther away from Him. There is no standing still in the spiritual life, and every act of the will has its effect on our relation to our Creator and our prospective salvation. He uses a powerful metaphor to drive home this truth. He describes a steady rain falling on a great mountain peak, with each drop rolling down either one or the other of the two opposite slopes. One slope leads to a river running to the south and the Mediterranean; the other, to the north and the North Sea. So it is in our spiritual life, he says, with every act either drawing us in one of two ways: either toward or away from God. [Edwin Faust, Ecumenism: Time to Stop the Insanity].

     Gary Morella

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 23, 2009

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